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  1. Stupid question (as usual with me, really), but is the memory limit required to be 128MB, or is that again just the advised limit, with anything lower causing issues entirely our fault?



    I only ask because one of the sites I help out with has a host that won't raise this above 64MB for some reason (annoying, but things work fine unless installing a mega language pack), and wondering if I should be on the lookout for some other hosting for them?

  2. STEAM.


    Please consider adding native support for Steam login too. It's the de-facto game platform on PC and I see more and more gaming sites popping up with IP.Board as their 'CMS'. Many gaming orientated forum visitors do not like linking their online alias with their real-world identity (i.e Facebook, Google+, Microsoft or Twitter).


    It's for a gaming niche though - I doubt that IPS will have it built into the software, but Steam use OpenID... would be easy for a module to be made. ;)


    Not saying I wouldn't like it built in, but I can't see it happening.

  3. I fully understand the no time limit , however it maybe good for us board owners if a possible targeted time frame is supplied like beta targeted within 12-18 month.

    We are investing a lot on our boards development and it will be nice for us to plan for upcoming future. 


    I can't speak for IPS... but with 3.0, I believe there was about 7 months from first blog post to first beta release.... If you work on that, we should have a beta beginning of November - perhaps final at the beginning of next year.


    Speculation, of course. ;)

  4. Apples an oranges.  IPS is talking internal (coding) vs front end (URL) folders.  I think the end result will be the ability to do the same on the front end, but I think they're referring to something more like the way it is now, where there is an applications folder and within that folder is a folder for the app, and everything for that app is within that folder.  Which leads me to believe that there may be more use of the core for delivering content (like css/js/etc).  At least, that's what I'm understanding from it all.


    I know.... I was on about the FURLs. Would be great for app-independence.


    I wouldn't expect every app to be inside it's own folder in the root directory... I'm not that stupid. ;)

  5. There have also been rumors that there will be some fundamental changes in the URL structure to bring IP.C and other apps into a more consistent format that helps admins in building a more sensible SEO optimized format.  There are currently some "baked in" limitations that we're hoping may be addressed in 4.0.


    Yeah. Having IP.C (or whatever you want as your default app) at domain.com with everything else at /forums /gallery /downloads would be amazing. But this is straying off topic. :p

  6. [quote name='Hendry' timestamp='1327946988']
    Matt, Google automates most of its task. While a human may see it as contextual interface. I hope Google's algorithm may decide that the page is different and not flag it as cloaking.

    It's hardly any different to hiding the post box from Google, really.
    I think it's more intelligent than blocking a site because it has less content for it to see than a real user would.

  7. [quote name='Rikki' timestamp='1327689266']

    That is our long-term goal, but it is not a small undertaking. I wouldn't expect to see it for quite some time.

    Not quite related.... but will jQuery only be loaded if needed? For example, only if IP.Content is installed, or will it always be loaded alongside Prototype and included within IP.Board itself now?

  8. [quote name='Rimi' timestamp='1325724176']
    Hello.Overall, I do not mind and feel that it's a good feature. But the regular member doesn't know that you can read their PMs in the database. If they knew you could log into their account it affects the trust members have for their administrators.In the end though it's a change for the best. But only for admins. For example I know from now on that I will never share anything private in a private conversation on an IPB forum. I am just explaining myself. It's not a big deal.

    Oh no, I totally understand where you're coming from - just stating my personal opinion. :)

  9. [quote name='TSP' timestamp='1322761142']
    If no javascript is detected will there still be a dropdown in the bottom for doing moderator actions on posts or topics?

    I doubt it. Since 3.2.3, there has been the no script warning at the top of the forum if you have JS disabled anyway.

    It's simply not viable anymore to offer a full experience with JS disabled - nor is there any sense in having it disabled in the first place!

  10. [quote name='Ikadon' timestamp='1322058729']
    Which you don't get unless you wait another 4 months (although they are marked as "fixed" in the bug-tracker)

    Well... you do get them. I've never know there to be no updates in a 6 month period, so you have at least had one update made available.

    For example, if someone was to renew their license today, then they will most likely get IP.Content 2.3 in that renewal period.

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