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  1. IPB bridge to WordPress

    Hello Yes there are a couple of options in our Marketplace - you can check them out at https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?&q=wordpress
  2. It was done via a CSS class so that people wouldn't need to edit the template to show it again if desired.
  3. Disable GZip Compression?

    It isn't possible to disable gzip within Invision Community I'm afraid. If HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING specifies gzip, it'll be used.
  4. IPB Chat

    Unfortunately the Chat app was retired a while back - sorry about that!
  5. IPB Clubs

    Hello Clubs is part of our core application, so it's included with all plans. Which club features your members can use will depend on which apps you have, e.g. if you have Forums, clubs can have forums, if you have Gallery, galleries can be added to Clubs, and so on. Hope that helps
  6. Is 4.2 out?

    Hello Yes 4.2 is officially out - 4.2.4 is the current release. Hope that helps
  7. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    That's not a standard behavior - I am intentionally very cautious of any sticky menus because they're quite a bugbear of mine! Feel free to submit a support ticket if you aren't able to figure out where that behavior is coming from, and we can take a look.
  8. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    Could you clarify which menu bar you mean? Our navigation (if it's the one I think you're referring to) isn't 'sticky' and should remain at the top of the page.
  9. IPS 4.2 observations

    R.E the logo in the AdminCP, note you can also just click the 'Settings' tab to go to the Dashboard too, just below the logo.
  10. Don't care for the new look

    Whoops, that's fixed now
  11. Don't care for the new look

    What in particular don't you care for? Specific feedback is helpful in cases like this
  12. Clubs - a different use

    This is actually the reason we have the 'public' privacy option on Clubs. What you suggested came up during development, and we wanted a way for clubs to be used as knowledge containers, rather than something people had to specifically join. It'd be a huge undertaking to turn the whole platform around to a subject-based structure but hopefully this is a good starting point.
  13. Hello, To answer your questions: We don't offer transcoding right now unfortunately No - if a user can see the post, they'll see all the content in that post They would need to create an account within your community, and whether they are required to supply an address depends on the payment processor you choose to use Yes you can configure tax rates; users can't bypass tax by supplying a tax ID unfortunately Since you're familiar with PHP, you'd likely be able to do so. They'd need to have a suitable API of course, and then you'd need to build a small extension for our software that interfaces with it. We don't have documentation on this since it isn't a common task, but you'll be able to follow the source code of one of our built-in methods. I am not familiar with XF2's code but I would assume it's a similar structure (as an MVC app). You can check out our developer documentation at https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/general/enabling-developer-mode-r23/ We have around 20 staff
  14. How is data exported?

    Hello, When you say exported, do you mean if you wanted to switch away from software? If so, that'd be a question for your new platform to answer - from our side of things, you'd have an SQL file containing your data, and a folder containing all the attachment files. How that data gets into whichever platform you decide to move to would depend on that particular platform. Hope that helps - sorry I don't have a more definite answer!
  15. Test installation with Hosted Plan?

    Hi Evan, Unfortunately not - our Cloud plans don't include a test installation. Sorry about that!