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Entry Comments posted by Alex

  1. Pretty much the same question I asked Brandon aswell :-) He said to go about adding things to the middle of functions, you should really use the template hooks. But as for your overloader question, that (as far as I am aware) would only work well for the beginning and ending of functions

    function overwrittenFunction()
    hook stuff 
    hook stuff
  2. [quote name='backdream' date='Aug 28 2008, 04:04 AM']I think the "[AH23] Report Manager " is more good than the Luke's mod. It can auto hide the reported post when it's reported, and it has more other features.

    Please see:

    They're not going to change it at this stage. Anyway, I think I need to make myself clear as in why I was disappointed in this announcement, and no, its not simply because Luke was chosen over me, I couldn't care less about that, its the way you've gone about it this time.

    Recently Luke announced that he may make his Report Center open-source, and it seems that the was the reason you wanted it in on the main product, you didn't bother to check any other modifications, you saw Lukes was open-source, and you took the chance, thats what I am annoyed about.

  3. [quote name='GaVrA87' date='Aug 26 2008, 05:00 PM']Hmmm this is ah report system? Or some other? :D

    Anyhow, i found out that the simplyest way for me and my mods is some mod that open topic for every report in specific forum. :)

    But i cant w8 to see how will this turn out to be... :)

    No, it isn't ours.

  4. [quote name='bfcrew' date='Jul 31 2008, 02:03 AM']Is this for free? Why can't you make something free as a giveaway for your customer? :(

    http://resources.invisionpower.com/index.p...p;showfile=1578 - All active license holders can download it from there, but if you don't have an active license, you won't be able to download it.

    [quote name='bond10bc' date='Jul 31 2008 01:37 PM']how can i install this sb :ermm:
    Upload all the files and visit the installer which will sort the installation process out for you :) http://your forums.com/shoutbox_setup/

  5. Jack, I think that comment was a tad unnecessary, its what the community wanted. A shoutbox happens to be one of the most popular modifications around, so it happened to be the first suggestion that popped up when we were discussing new community projects. We wanted to make a shoutbox using IPS standards, and a easy install (which we have done).

    Personally, I have no need for a Shoutbox, but I'm still all for one, because it is what the community wants.

  6. [quote name='ysun' date='Jul 16 2008, 03:50 PM'][quote name='bfarber' date='Jul 16 2008, 09:23 PM']Considering we intend to release IPB3 by the end of the year, I'd suggest betas should be out long before Aug 2009.....
    Could you please check that you didn't write 2008 as 2009? >_<

    He intentionally wrote 2009, highly doubt betas will be out within 14 days, do you :lol:?

  7. I don't think many people realise, Deans modification is a base, we wouldn't release it if it has loads of CPU issues, trust us, we will reduce those issues, we're going to revamp most of us.

    Have faith in us and it will be fine :)

  8. Thats what I said the other day :P Its better to put hold on a product which currently generates no income, and work on products that do earn them money. Seeing no one has actually bought Nexus at this stage, it doesn't affect IPS when it is released as such, whereas holding of on IP.Board3 would, because they have the competition actively updating their products.

  9. Please note that it is based on D22-Shoutbox, however the whole thing has been rewritten from scratch with new code etc. It is highly likely that it will be very different from D22-Shoutbox in its first release in terms of code, feature-wise, it would probably be similar.

    Please remember the two developers are working very hard getting out a beta with fresh code and all bugs fixed, after this, features will be added or edited.

    We thank you for your comments so far and will be looking into more community projects in the future

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