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    Breadfan reacted to Tom Irons in How do I assign members to post articles?   
    Your permissions for the database may not be setup properly.

    I hope that helps!
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    Breadfan reacted to opentype in Pages - showing whole article (without the preview)?   
    This part:
    <section class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsType_break ipsSpacer_bottom' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='7 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove'> {$record->truncated()|raw} </section> Should become something like:
    <section class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsType_break ipsSpacer_bottom'> {$record->_content|raw} </section>  
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    Breadfan reacted to opentype in Pages - showing whole article (without the preview)?   
    It’s actually in the HTML already anyway. You would have to edit your article listing template though to remove the part that hides the additional lines. There is no setting for that I’m afraid. 
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    Breadfan got a reaction from joelle in Kinda questionable IPB   
    IF there's an option (without having to edit template) to permamently disable this notice on the front-end, then I don't have any problems with it.
    IF this can't be done and the message pops up on its own every now and then on the front end of the forum, then, to me, this would be an issue.
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    Breadfan reacted to SJ77 in Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal   
    setting the max size of an image is NOT a substitution for a proper thumbnail structure.
    People who run image boards need small thumbnails to both keep the thread readable and to keep bandwidth in check.
    We also need full size images that users can see once they click on a thumbnail.
    It's bad enough that image "download (view) count " was removed from the image attachments in 3.4.7 but now there is no thumbnail system in 4.0.
    Are we trying to make IPB totally unusable as an image board?
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    Breadfan got a reaction from sobrenome in Custom forum icons as a default option (in 3.2.0)?   
    Wouldn't it be cool if he had this as a default option (without having to install it as a mod) ie. be able to assign a custom icon to each subforum? Just thinking out loud. :)
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    Breadfan got a reaction from Bethanyrayne in Best Answer - Community option   
    Not too crazy about the whole idea. There is "Like" and there's "Best Answer". Adding anything more to that would just make things more confusing and complicated..
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    Breadfan reacted to Michael in Is it safe to uninstall SEO (standalone app) after 3.4.0 upgrade?   
    It should already be uninstalled by the 3.4 upgrader. You can remove the files once you've upgraded.
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    Breadfan reacted to AndyF in Forums not adding to user post counts?   
    A 'test' area is a good use for having no post incrementation.

    Regarding general use, there are a few sites that have it, I can remember posting a post here a while back explaining how to skin it out from everywhere as the client required it to not show (they had turned it off)

    Perhaps the value of post counts will slowly fade away as forums evolve more.

    On a slightly different note, social sites such as FB as you know do not have any form of (visible at least) post count. I think its just a tradition to have post counts on a forum.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from TSP in Warning points : how to correct a mistake?   
    The warning points can be edited in Admin CP -> Edit Member.
    As for editing warnings, yeah, I don't think you can right now. Would be cool if you could.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from Makoto in 3.4.0 beta?   
    It's alive!!! It's alive!!! :D
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    Breadfan got a reaction from Marcher Technologies in 3.4.0 beta?   
    It's alive!!! It's alive!!! :D
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    Breadfan reacted to bfarber in 3.4.0 beta?   
    We specifically limited the changes on the front end to reduce the number of skin changes. The ones that will occur should be minimal (and semi-optional, in that your board will still function if you don't do them).
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    Breadfan got a reaction from Brett L in 3.4.0 beta?   
    Good to see not too many skin changes, at least on the first glimpse.
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    Breadfan reacted to Creaky in 3.4.0 beta?   
    There's no beat available at the moment

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    Breadfan got a reaction from Aiwa in Regarding posting in IPS blogs and new licence changes   
    ^^Aiwa, I am 110% sure there was no "Reactivate" link on the right 15 minutes ago when I was trying! Now it's there.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from *José Antonio in Members Online Today   
    ^^It works.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from DChiuch in Suggestion: Chat while you browse forum (1 window, not 2)   
    I use Cometchat. I agree making ip.chat better integrated into ip.board ie. being able to browse the forum and chat all in the same window, would be cool.
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    Breadfan reacted to DChiuch in Allow guests to write posts/comments before registering   
    I was using a blog with comments powered by Disqus, and I really love how they handle guests-- I would love it if IP.Board did the same. Basically, as a guest (eg. http://www.siliconera.com/2012/05/12/fight-old-gym-leaders-like-brock-and-misty-in-pokemon-black-white-2/#disqus_thread), you see the box to make a post as if you're a member and everything. You're allowed to, as a guest, write the post, and then when you click the "submit" button, they make you sign in or register before the post is actually submitted. This system is beautiful, it really encourages people to contribute and become members! Please implement something like this, IPS!
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    Breadfan got a reaction from tahongtrung in IP.Portal for IPB 3.2.0   
    Dear IPS Staff (insert your favourite boyband music here),

    I'm wondering if ip.portal will get updated for the 3.2.0 version?

    I would also like to ask more experienced members, if it's possible to have all the stuff Unreal Portal offers in IP.Portal as well? (Custom blocks, links, custom pages)

    I would be happy if at least I could setup a News forum which would export news topics to the portal end of the site.

    I know there's IP.Content but right now I don't plan on purchasing it and it looks like Unreal Portal has reached his EOL.

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    Breadfan reacted to Feld0 in Tell warned users how to acknowledge their warning   
    This has turned into quite the issue on one of my communities since we started making use of the revamped warning system in IPB 3.3. My moderators and I love being able to force a warned user to acknowledge their warning before they can post again.

    But... warned members seem to be almost unanimously confused when the quick editor disappears, and very few of them think to try the "Reply to this topic" button at the top of the page.

    The inherent issue here is that our users are so accustomed to using the quick reply box, they don't know what to do or what's wrong when it vanishes upon the receipt of a warning. Cue a private message to a moderator or a status update proclaiming "I can't post anymore! Why?"

    I see two ways to address this:

    1) Completely block off the user's access to the community until they have acknowledged the warning. E.g.: whenever they try to access anything, put the warning in their face and ask them to acknowledge it. Has the major advantage of being impossible to miss, and keeping users from submitting content to any area of the site until they acknowledge it (what's to stop user warned for swearing excessively on the forums from swearing in the comments of a calendar entry, with the current setup?). And frankly, if a user received a warning, I want that warning to be the very first thing they see next time they visit my site.

    2) Display something in the quick editor's place upon the receipt of a warning. Ex.: "You have recently received a warning. You must acknowledge it before you are able to post again." Might work, but it would require a template modification which could prove a hassle for all the skin designers who just updated their 3.2 skins to 3.3. From an administrative point of view, I think this is also less desirable than effectively giving the user a ban that they are able to lift themselves (that's what option #1 accomplishes, in a nutshell).

    This seems like a simple UI/UX oversight, but it creates unnecessary work for moderators that can easily be handled by the software with one of the above changes.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from Misi in Admin Posts "Reported"   
    I agree with Kenichi. We admin gods are not to be reported. If a member reported one of my admin posts..I'd unleash a fury of angry smilies upon him and slap him a 4567544678 years ban. Additionally, we would find out where the member lives and send him a man with a hockey mask and a chainsaw to tear down his doors and leave a dead cat hanging on one of the light bulbs (we would stick our board logo on the cat to avoid any confusion).

    If we feel like it, we would call him late at night and just breath on the phone, moaning untill he goes crazy.

    Other then that, we're a nice little community always welcoming new members for chat and socializing, meeting new people etc.
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    Breadfan reacted to Alfa1 in Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   
    I have been using post edit history for a decade now (in vbulletin and other forum software), and I would not even think of migrating to software that does not have this functionality.
    There are so many instances when this function is vital.

    Here are some examples:
    A member breaks all the rules in the most extreme ways, gets members upset, and edits his posts. No evidence is left. You can do nothing without post edit history.
    A ranking member gets upset and blanks out 600 very important posts, and thereby destroys hundreds of important threads. You can do nothing without post edit history.
    A member complains that he received unwarranted negative reputation. The post has been edited. Without post edit history, you have no clue what happened.

    Migrating my big board to IPS means significant data-loss.
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    Breadfan got a reaction from svit in Create private events and share it with certain members   
    Right now, you can create a private event for your eyes only or to select certain groups. I believe it would be useful if there was an option to create a private event and invite certain members to it by typing in their names. I don't know if someone already thought of this but just in case, here it goes. :)
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    Breadfan reacted to 3DKiwi in 3.3.0 SEO seems to be doing its job! :)   
    If you're getting crazy high guest counts, go through the on-line user list, filtered to show guests only. You'll almost certainly find many of the guests have the same IP address. Look up the IP at http://whatismyipaddress.com/ If the IP is not a search engine then I would suggest blocking the IP at server level if you access to cpanel. That way they don't even make it to your forum to slow it down. I occasionally find 100 or more and block them this way. Obviously you'll want to leave the likes of Google. You might want to ban Baidu as many people do.

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