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  1. I am basically asking for re-adding a feature which was present in IPB 3.4 and not present in IPB 4. In the moderator control panel it is no longer possible to filter the approval queue according to the content type. In the old moderator control panel it was possible to list all the posts in a single page. However in IPB 4 it isn't possible to filter according to content type and it shows only 1 item at a time.
  2. Banner Ads in 1st Post

    The demo link is not working. Will the plugin add the ad for the first post in every topic pages or in the first page only? If anyone is using this plugin can you post (or PM me) your forum link?
  3. Admin Posts "Reported"

    I wish to edit that text in my forum. Can anyone tell me where do I edit that text?
  4. I've paid what happens now?

    Are orders processed during the weekend? A friend of mine ordered yesterday evening but the order was flagged for manual verification probably since he ordered when connected to his work VPN. So I was wondering if he can get the license during the weekend or have to wait for Monday?
  5. Thanks a lot Adriano! will try it out.
  6. Yes, that is the modification that I was referring to in my first post but unfortunately the developer is not going to support it further. See: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/313238-download-sos31-block-forums-from-view-new-content-v200/page__view__findpost__p__2006435 It works with the current version of IP.Board but worried about future version compatibility.
  7. That is a global setting. The feature request or the modification above is for adding an option for the member to manage the forums to be blocked in View New Content through their User Control Panel.
  8. This is a new feature request. There is a modification available for this however unfortunately the developer said that he is not going to support it anymore: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/313238-download-sos31-block-forums-from-view-new-content-v200/ Can this feature be added inbuilt with the next version of IP.Board as many larger forums will find this feature very useful?
  9. BBCode in Comments

    Would it be possible to make a similar modification to show emoticon images in Recent Status Updates bar?
  10. Please allow members to modify (remove) the vote later. For example if a member accidentally use the wrong button or if the member gets an explanation later and realizes it shouldn't be given a negative point, the member should be able to remove the vote given. Please consider this feature request for IP.Board 3.2
  11. Edit: Its working fine on IP.Board 3.1.1!
  12. (NG31) Google Adsense Ads v1.2.2

    Is it compatible with IP.Board 3.1?
  13. Members Online Today

    ^^ glad to know that! will try it out when I upgrade
  14. Topic of "Block Forums from 'View New Content' v2.0.0" for IP.Board 3.1 is here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/313238-download-sos31-block-forums-from-view-new-content-v200/
  15. Can anyone who upgraded to IP.Board 3.1.1 confirm here that "Block Forums from 'View New Content' v2.0.0" is working fine?