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  1. The visual language editor is amazing, I can't believe how easy they've made it. Thanks all who pointed it out. I have one last question about Commerce regarding Purchase Benefits. If i'm changing the group for a user when they purchase, there's an associated option called: Return to previous group when purchase expires or is canceled? How does that work for Products that don't have a renewal set up? Is there any way to set an expiration for products that don't have an option to automatically renew? EDIT: Nevermind, the answer is No, the setting doesn't have any effect on products that don't renew.
  2. Oh, wow, look at that. Yeah, file that under "I was missing something". And it supports multiple renewal options so I can allow people to choose between annual/semi-annual/monthly options from a single product. Thank you!
  3. I would like for them to all be in one location, but I require an option for both a One-time donation as well as a Recurring donation, so unless I'm missing something, that tells me that I have to use Products or Donations in addition to Subscriptions. I agree it's more confusing to have them separated, but I don't see any other way to offer both options.
  4. By magic, of course. No, I didn't even know that Language interface existed. In fact, I expected that if I really wanted to change the wording, I'd have to edit theme files. I'm relieved to find this isn't the case. I think between the language settings and some custom menus, I can get to where I need to be. Thanks!
  5. I think I may regret purchasing Commerce, it doesn't seem flexible enough to do what I need. The only reason I purchased it was to collect donations and recurring donations. I don't sell anything. Commerce doesn't support recurring donations, so I have just created Products for the one-time donations and Subscriptions for recurring donations. As a result, I'm not using the Donations feature at all. I don't need the Goals feature anyway. Here are the issues I have at this point. The "Store" Menu item and Title doesn't make any sense for me, since I'm not selling products. I'd prefer if it said Donations. I don't see any way to change it. Going to the Store only shows my Products, it doesn't show Subscriptions I could create a custom menu structure that would help with the disjointed organization, but that doesn't solve the problem of everything being named in a way that will be unintuitive to my members. I doubt there is any workaround, but I figured I would ask for suggestions before disabling Commerce on my community.
  6. Does this support recurring / annual donations?
  7. Perhaps an effort to support unicode standard emojis that people are used to seeing on mobile devices / social networks. The unicode standard has 5 skin tone modifiers: Light, Medium-Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark. https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html
  8. Well that was easy. I tried a hard refresh, expecting that to be enough, but apparently it wasn't. Clearing the cache did the track, thanks for the tip!
  9. Did you get the editor button issues straightened out? I've got the same problem. It looks fine in the Admin, under Customization > Editor > Toolbars.
  10. Is there some way to delete or clear your notifications in 4.x? I don't see any way to remove them at all, either in bulk or individually.
  11. I don't have an 4.0 beta installation, so I was hoping someone who has it installed would be able to answer a simple question for me. Have there been any changes to the Post Editing/Hiding/Deleting features in 4.0? I believe in 3.x there was a time limit option for editing, and Hiding/Deleting was simply enable/disable. Have the configuration options expanded at all, for example, allow editing until new post is created? I guess what I'm interested in is keeping the continuity of the discussion in place, rather than just setting a time limit.
  12. To explain further, I would personally use such a feature to build a community where there are distinct types of users. For example, the community might provide a place to connect buyers and sellers of a specific type of good or service. The sellers might have full profiles and examples of work, while the buyers would have no need for such a detailed profile. It would be useful in any case where there are distinct types of users with different profile needs. JomSocial is an example of software that includes this feature, but I would love to be able to switch from Joomla/JomSocial to Invision Power, which otherwise has much more robust community features.
  13. Title pretty much says it all. I'd like to be able to make certain custom profile fields available only to specific member groups. I'm not sure how much interest there is for such a feature, but I figure I'd put it out there.
  14. Does IP.Board's Lost Password feature still use the term "instigated" a couple times in the default email? I think it should be changed to "initiated" Instigated comes across as being slightly offensive... definitely at least has a negative vibe to it. <#NAME#>, This email has been sent from <#BOARD_ADDRESS#>. You have received this email because a user account password recovery was instigated by you on <#BOARD_NAME#>. ------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT! ------------------------------------------------ If you did not request this password change, please IGNORE and DELETE this email immediately. Only continue if you wish your password to be reset! ------------------------------------------------ Activation Instructions Below ------------------------------------------------ We require that you "validate" your password recovery to ensure that you instigated this action. This protects against unwanted spam and malicious abuse. Simply click on the link below and complete the rest of the form <#THE_LINK#> (Some email client users may need to copy and paste the link into your web browser). ------------------------------------------------ Not working? ------------------------------------------------ If you could not validate your registration by clicking on the link, please visit this page: <#MAN_LINK#> It will ask you for a user id number, and your validation key. These are shown below: User ID: <#ID#> Validation Key: <#CODE#> Please copy and paste, or type those numbers into the corresponding fields in the form. ------------------------------------------------ Is this not working? ------------------------------------------------ If you cannot re-activate your account, it's possible that the account has been removed or you are in the process of another activation, such as registering or changing your registered email address. If this is the case, then please complete the previous activation. If the error persists, please contact an administrator to rectify the problem. IP address of sender: <#IP_ADDRESS#>
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