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Entry Comments posted by Mark

  1. My question is, with all these features IPB4, I'll be able to run it on a shared host (just as my forum is still starting)?


    Of course.



    What about Gallery ?


    Wıll we be able to define different storage locations for gallery like images and video's on separate location ?

    This is kind of very critical because on CDN configuration we need to define different zones for Video storage.


    Yeah - so Gallery stores files (rather than cache data) so you can set that to use it's own storage engine separate from say, attachments uploaded to posts.


    We haven't got that far into IP.Gallery to be able to confirm if images and videos will have separately configurable storage locations, but yes, that's a good idea and the system certainly provides the possibility for us to do that.

  2. Will the cache support tags/events?



    Is there only 1 Cache instance? (e.g. it wouldn't be the best choise to put EVERYTHING into memcached,right? ;)

    ATM we're using 2 different cache mechanisms for our page => memcached and filecache(filecache for big, not often changing data, which we need to fetch daily from other pages

    Will this be easy to implement?


    As the blog entry explains - there are 2 instances. One has the option of filesystem or database (for the large, infrequently changing stuff) and the other has the option of memcached or shared memory caches.




    If you have multiple server , i can agree that Memcached is the best but if you are on single server on most of our benchmark tests Memcached is outperformed by APC & xCache 


    couple questions :

    Will we be able to define different cache for apps , like store core on Memcached , store board cache on APC


    And will there be an option to define custom cache prefix ?


    So we agree then ;)


    All apps will use the same cache system. The keys sent to the cache system are hashed with data unique to an install to avoid conflicts, so a prefix is unnecessary.



    Can we define different location for each file storage?


    For example (on a local server ):

    Attachments: /uploads/attachments

    Emoticons: /uploads/emoticons

    Gallery: uploads/gallery



  3. I must say that I don't really start to like the IPS Admin CP anymore, I miss the simple IPB 1.3 Admin CP. Not first needing the get to my System, the System Settings and then finding what I need to do on the tabs. I find it to complect.


    Well there is a lot more in the Admin CP than there was in 1.3 :)


    I do agree with you though - in 3.x, some areas of the ACP are a little difficult to navigate and sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for - all of this we'll be revising in 4.0 :)

  4. This is all absolutely fantastic! I'm so glad IPS is hearing the pleas of us multi-language communities.  A couple of suggestions:

    Before implementing a flags-as-languages system, please read this: http://flagsarenotlanguages.com/blog/why-flags-do-not-represent-language/
    It is really better not to use flags to represent languages.  My site has mostly North and South American users.  English is spoken by people in US, Canada, and some Caribbean nations.  Spanish is spoken by many countries. And several countries (e.g. Canada) have multiple official languages.  Please don't make me choose an inappropriate flag to represent my language options!!


    These aren't actually representing languages, their representing locales. For example, the US flag is used in that screenshot is for "English (United States)" and when you're in that "language" it will do all the things Americans do like put the month before the day in dates and use a 12-hour clock.


    They're only displayed in the ACP anyway though - it's just a way to indicate which input field is which once they've actually been filled in.


    Hello. First of all, thank you for internationalization/localization enhancements. It's really needed features and i hope it's only beginning.
    I have some questions and requests:

    1. So, if we will have one category(forum) with different languages in title we will get users who want to make posts in this forums in their native language. But some users will want to see topics only in their native language or only in languages that they understand. The filters for topics(by language) will be available?
    2. The user will be able to specify the language of the topic (where default language will be current language)?
    5. Furl of categories will use text from default language (i hope)?



    1. You (as an admin) can give a forum names in multiple languages, but all user-provided content can only be how they provide it.

    2. As above.

    3. That specific example is no longer relevant in 4.0, but generally yes, that sort of thing is translatable.

    4. Within the ACP, we use flags to indicate each language - it hasn't been decided if that'll be done on the language selector yet, but they're there and could be included in the skin. The appropriate flag is detected automatically.

    5. No, as this is bad SEO practice.

  6. I got one more important question/suggestion.


    - will it be possible to search for a phrase within a certain word pack instead of all of them?


    - and how many strings per page will it have? will it be configurable?


    basically what I'm saying is that this mod http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5550-acp-manage-languages-improvements/ improves translation progress to some degree and you should copy what it does if you believe what it does is usefull.


    also a dumb question perhaps, but is Visual Language Editor a part of ips suite or is it external like visual skin editor and available only to active clients?


    The concept of "packs" doesn't really exist any more. When you search, it searches everything - but it's an AJAX search (the table updates as you type) so it's quite quick to find what you need.


    25 per page but again, it's AJAX pagination so moving is very quick... although perhaps this is an area where infinite scrolling would be a good idea.



    It's part of the suite and does not require any external services.



    I'm extremely excited about IPB 4.0 and seeing that better language functions are being implemented but I only have one concern. Will there ever be an official language pack for Japanese & Korean in the future for IPB?

    It's been over 7 or 8 years (I think) since I've started using IPB and even though my site main language is English, waiting for someone to bring a language pack for these two languages has been one long wait with nothing shown or such so I'm just wondering.


    Regardless of that, things looks to be shaping up really well with the new version. Keep it up!! ^_^


    There are no plans for us to distribute anything other than English, but the Marketplace is a great place to find other language packs.

    Pretty much the only thing I can say in Japanese is "kagi wa teberu no ue ni arimasu" :p


    What is a non UTF-8 site? All I did was switch from iso to utf in charactor conversion set, I assume you don't just go by this as my database isn't utf, it is latin swedish and I haven't been able to convert it successfully.


    In that case it possibly will fix your old data. It's difficult to say for sure though at this stage.

  8. I'm still trying to get how this syntax works but is it possible that these plural phrases will be okay? I give example of Lithuanian language word atsakymas which means reply/replies.


    1 atsakymas

    2-9 atsakymai

    10-20 atsakymų

    21 atsakymas

    22-29 atsakymai

    30 atsakymų

    31 atsakymas

    32-39 atsakymai


    and so on. possible?


    It is now :)


    {# [%1:atsakymas][%0:atsakymų][?:atsakymai]}
  9. Thank you for that. Pluralisation is much needed and the Visual Language Editor is awesome too. 


    One question, I know that interface will change and many of the current language strings will be different. Still, quite a few will be the same. Have you thought about a way to transfer those same strings from 3.x language pack to the 4.x. Or we will just have to start translating from scratch?


    From scratch. The language pack will be so different, it really isn't worth it.



    I'm wondering, what if it's 1 = one word, 2-4 = another word, 5-99 = a third word, 100+ = yet another word?  Are there ways to group the numbers like [1:word][2-4:another][5-99:third][?:fourth]?


    Not presently, though if this is a requirement in a particular language, we can change it.



    More arbitrary-looking syntax, yay


    It looks like your constructive alternative suggestion after your pointless sarcastic comment got cut off, could you post it again?



    for me as a translator this is extremely pleasant news! visual editor, plural stuff are great. however, please tell me more about these two things:


    - if an old forum which has non-utf8 charset in tables will this upgrader do the same as http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/2929-character-set-converter/ file does? Will UTF-8 conversion extend to third-party tables/columns somehow? Will there be a process for us to accomplish that?



    We haven't quite fleshed out the details but yes.

  10. I suppose it would be pushing our luck to want to be able to import an application via XML...  Practically eliminate the need for FTP and such, just import everything. :X  (Don't hurt me, you know it would be awesome.)


    It would be pushing your luck to get that much out of me from this blog entry ;)

  11. I really think this announcement is far too vague.  I previously hosted my board with you guys and once my board got to a certain storage level your prices sky rocketed to insanely high levels that were nowhere close to being competitive in the real hosting world. I always got the feeling that IPB's approach was if your clients didn't mind overpaying for hosting then you would be willing to accommodate them.


    With the above being said, if you guys are really interested in hosting as being part of your bigger picture business strategy then you need to throw out a far bigger olive branch on your sales approach. Here is what I would suggest:


    Far starters, do a 360 degree spin and realize that you are getting in late to the cloud game and it is already very quickly becoming a commodity business. In order for you to compel clients to make a hosting switch you NEED to provide a "value added" service approach.


    For example, why not provide a free RFP analysis where a client can provide you information concerning their current hosting package (CPU,RAM,Disk Space,Bandwidth,Price paid etc) and you get back to them outlining why the move to the IPB Cloud should be made. Obviously, to get someone to switch you will need to show them that there will be both a Servicing and Pricing advantage as compared to what they currently have.


    And please ditch two things:  Most hosts already offer free migration to help attract a client so no need to put a time limit on that offering. Also, ditch the obsession with users online until maybe a site exceeds 1000 users. (BTW, Where in the board stats do I find my average users online ?)


    I would definitely be interested in a turn key package for my sites if the advantages unique to my situation were clearly articulated.


    Drop us an email (sales@invisionpower.com) and we'll be happy to discuss your situation and see if our services might benefit your community :)


    My point more so is that it'll be used in the core IPS apps too, so with Nexus you'll sharing financial data with Google servers, not like they're notorious for data mining....


    It doesn't work like that. It's not like a PHP API where you post the data to a third-party server - the code and data are processed and rendered in the browser without data being sent to their server. There are a few theoretical exceptions (for example, if you use a GeoChart and specify the place as "United States", that will get sent to Google to be geo-coded into "US") - naturally such things will be considered when writing any actual feature that are impacted by that, and those circumstances are well documented by Google.


    The class itself though does support a graceful table-based fallback (which is primarily intended for use if JavaScript is disabled).




    Or is this just for developers of hooks?  I was thinking this was for use in forum posts..


    This blog (as opposed to our main blog) is for talking about underlying code and APIs as opposed to specific features or implementations.



    With so many APIs out there that are unlikely to be deprecated this century, it's nice to see IPS taking advantage and integrating with more third-party stuff.  


    With graphs though I hope some good thought is put into choosing *WHICH* graph to use to represent a data.   A smooth curved graph representing visitor signups is about as pointless as you can get.   As much as I love having 7.5 registrations completed..  ;)    Granted, I know this is a demo but so far so good.


    I only bring this up because of the graphing choices in Nexus, which aren't all that useful for actually using the data.


    Yeah, that's a completely random example which obviously would make any statisticians out there cringe :p


    Nexus was designed so that you could choose which way you wanted to view the data (depending on how you filtered the results, all the different types may have been appropriate) - it has proved a bit too abstract though, I agree.

  13. What a waste of time and effort, don't see the need for this at all.


    Blog entries in this blog are about programatic changes, so unless you're a developer, almost everything we post here will seem pointless. You may be more interested in our main blog where we'll actually be talking about new features :smile:


    Of course, the clever clogs out there will probably realise that the fact we're spending effort on a decent graphing library might hint towards improved statistical and reporting features throughout the suite :ph34r:

    And the really clever ones will realise something like this is hardly any effort as we're using a 3rd party service, but you need a major version like 4.0 to do it.

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