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Entry Comments posted by Mark

  1. 7 hours ago, openfire said:

    Suppose there are dozens of clubs in a small geographic area, will the map use "clusters" as currently featured in the members map plugin?

    We debated this, but the current implementation is just pins. For this, and a few other things related to the map (like how to choose what displays by default) we thought we'd wait to hear what feedback we get from you in the beta, once people get a feel for how they'll use Clubs :)

    5 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

    Possible to ban a member from clubs that doesn't require invitations?

    Yes, Club Leaders can ban a member from the club which will remove them and they will not be able to rejoin.

    1 hour ago, Maxxius said:

    I wonder if such Club function may have something like a Facebook wall on the front page of the club page where members can post stuff on it and people can comment. Or it is just strictly topics and replies?

    The homepage is a feed of all activity in the club including topics, gallery images, etc (including content from third party apps if they add support). It will also show when people have joined the club. We haven't done status updates.

  2. 2 hours ago, The Old Man said:

    I also feel not having this report as a routine feature would be an oversight. 

    I was also wondering about the existing facility to sign in as a member via the AdminCP to aid troubleshooting. 

    Is there protection in place to prevent a member from effectively blocking an Admin from doing so again in future via the 'block device' function?

    Would the admin's device details actually be shown in the list of devices used to access the member's account?

    The admin's device is not logged and the user does not receive a notification nor will see a log.

    The "Disable Automatic Login" button also doesn't block a device, it just means you have to log in again if you go back to that device.

  3. With this approach, they're removed from view immediately (unlike hide, or 3.x's "soft delete") - they only show in the ModCP and are automatically removed from the database after some time.

    Unlike other approaches which are variants on hiding content from the public, this is intended to be a safety net in case you want to undo a delete.

  4. On 24/01/2017 at 9:29 PM, RevengeFNF said:

    Is there any master key in this system in case the person lost/formated the phone? 

    The admin can choose what options are available for recovery:

    • Send the user an email with a link which will allow them to reset the system
    • Contact the admin to reset it from the AdminCP

    You can offer both or either (or neither) option.

    If the admin themselves locks themselves out, there is a constants.php constant you can set to turn the whole system off to let yourself back in.

  5. 5 hours ago, Knight22 said:

    Is it possible to add more then one token for Google Authenticator?

    Each user will set up one token with Google Authenticator. If you lose your phone or whatever, you can generate a new token, which will replace the old.

    5 hours ago, Knight22 said:

    And is it planed to add U2F Support?

    We're looking into some different alternative providers. The system has also been written in such a way that third party developers can relatively easily add custom ones.


    4 hours ago, KT Walrus said:

    It would be nice to be able to select the groups where 2FA is optional. As presented here, it appears that all members have the option of setting up 2FA if they are not in the "2FA required" groups.

    I don't want my users (other than admins/moderators) to use Google Authenticator for 2FA. I prefer that a 2FA service implements the sending of One-Time Passcodes via SMS/email for general users. SMS message is the way most sites provide 2FA feature to its users and I don't like requiring normal users to install an app on their phone to use 2FA.

    So, I will probably just use this feature for admins and no one else, until you deliver an SMS solution.

    For each group it can be required, optional, or not available. You can enable it for staff and not regular members (this how I expect many communities will configure it).

  6. So will the delta updates be available for normal download too? An official git repository would be the best idea, but I guess I can make my own.


    No, the update that is downloaded depends on the applications installed so there's not a single update between versions (we have 7 applications and you can have any number, plus the zips are different for hosting customers, because they're encoded, so between two versions there's 254 possible different zips).


    The system can also download what you might consider "combined" delta updates - for example, if you're on 4.0.0 and you want to upgrade 4.0.2, it will create an update for you with all of the changed files between those two versions.

  7. So all my tables are utf8_general_ci and need to be modified using the UTF8 converter script to utf8_unicode_ci. Two questions:


    1. How lonq will i typically take to change collation on all tables?

    2. Will it create new tables or will it just modify the existing tables?


    1. It should be very quick, as your data is already UTF8, it's just changing the collation.

    2. It will modify the existing tables.

  8. Not ready ? Just for problem with utf_8 ? It's exact ? (I have not the last version Mysql but it's work with ips 4.0, yes ?).




    Like it says, you need to convert your database :)


    What to do, if the php-requirements are shown, but the mysql-requirements are completely blank? (no results)


    Submit a support request and we'll take a look.

  9. Hm... such a script is a good thing, but is there any list available which shows the minimum requirements? I am missing something like there is for v3 in the FAQs – http://www.invisionpower.com/support/faqs




    • PHP 5.3.0 or above will all the extensions that are enabled by default not disabled
    • mbstring PHP extension
    • PHP memory_limit of 128M or above
    • MySQL 5.0.3 or above
    • For IP.Nexus, either Zend Guard Loader or ionCube Loader.


    • PHP 5.4.0 or above
    • cURL PHP extension
    • OpenSSL PHP extension
    • Zip PHP extension
    • Suhosin PHP extension is not recommended
    • MySQL 5.6.0 or above


    Find it interesting you aren't leveraging PDO for 4.0. 


    We realise that people don't always have total control over their server environments on shared hosting and so particular PHP requirements can be difficult to meet. Therefore we try to only use PHP features which are enabled by default, and the PDO MySQL driver isn't.


    We make an exception for mbstring as our experience is that most shared hosts do have it enabled and there are some difficulties which are impossible to overcome without it.



    I am running hosted ip.board. Should I use this script too? I want to use version 4.0 as soon as possible.


    Yes. While we will of course make sure the servers meet the minimum requirements, you may need to convert your database.

  10. Just ran the script. Says I'm ready to instal, but has this message 



    I contacted my host about this and here's what they said:



    That's fine. We know IPS 4 does work with 5.6 and has some benefits (the big one being that can use MyISAM with fulltext indexes) - but it'll be just fine on that version :smile:


    WOW DOM library is required?



    if i can ask you, where it is used or how much is it?


    The dom extension is enabled by default in PHP, but can be disabled, which is why the check is there. It handles some XML imports (languages and themes) and is also used for post parsing - using the dom extension allows post parsing to be more reliable, especially for BBCode parsing - no more preg_replace('/epic-regex/')   :tongue:

  11. Overall UI looks really nice all though i don't understand why some Nodes are displayed on Profile entrance page while others are not.  

    I understand Node is a holder word however can you please explain what is the difference of Blog Post , Gallery Images vs.. forum topic, ip.content article 


    I am kind of surprised with the node usage also. Instead of that i would personally would use Activity Stream which will display users last activity.


    Stuff you post is under "my content" (including topics/posts, blog entries, gallery images, downloads files, calendar events, content articles, comments on all of those).


    Blogs (not the entries in the blogs, but the blog itself - Rikki's screenshot is possibly confusing as there's several listed whereas usually there'd only be one or none) and albums in Gallery (again, the albums, not the images), which are containers for things show on the profile. Those are the only two in the suite.


    The main difference is that a blog or an album is "owned" by it's creator - they can decide to rename it or delete it or whatever, unlike with the other things - it belongs to them as opposed to is something created by them. On Facebook, it's a different paradigm where you own everything you create.


    Wouldn't it just be easier if these oEmbed-services were managed in the ACP with a simple "Add URL"-interface and then you could provide the option for making the PHP-file if you wanted it more advanced? 


    Not that it bothers me really, I like that stuff go into PHP files, but just would like your thoughts on it and why you didn't do that.


    Because it would largely be pointless. Everything we could find that uses oEmbed we've put in the pre-built list, LaCollision has created something specific for his site which he's done using oEmbed, so he can add that with a bit of PHP - but unless you've also done that, having the list of sites editable wouldn't really be useful.

  13. Please tell me it will let me change the word 'content' wherever it appears


    Yes :smile:


    and where are the active users on board index?


    I have that block turned off on my test install.



    Does this work with text shown by JavaScript?


    Can I replace text with HTML?


    Can text be erased (not shown) by changing to empty string?


    Yes to all those :)

  14. Hi Rikki,


    Small and quick question: on my website, I have news on the front page, that support oEmbed.


    Can I extend your system to be able to have the same behavior in the forum for my news pages?


    Thanks! :smile:


    You would need to write a plugin, but yes, it would be a very simple thing to do :smile:


    The hook would look like this:

    class myHook extends IPSTextParser
    	protected static function oembedServices()
    		$return = parent::oembedServices();
    		$return['mysite.com'] = 'http://www.mysite.com/oembed';
    		return $return;
  15. I assume you won't paste here a list of all the files inside of IPSContent just to get an idea what else we'll see in the next weeks:D

    A lot we've already blogged about but here you go :smile:
    Abstract classes:

    • Content
      • Item
      • Comment
        • Review


    • EditHistory
    • Embeddable
    • Featurable
    • Followable
    • Hideable
    • Lockable
    • Permissions
    • Pinnable
    • Polls
    • Ratings
    • ReadMarkers
    • ReportCenter
    • Reputation
    • Searchable
    • Shareable
    • Tags
    • Views


    • Controller
    • ModeratorPermissions
  16. The external sites supported are:

    • YouTube
    • Flickr
    • Hulu
    • Vimeo
    • College Humour

    Which are oEmbed providers.



    If you're a developer and wanted to write a plugin to support additional services, it's really easy - there's a single method you'd just need to overload with a hook:

       * Convert URL to embed HTML
       * @param   string      $url  The URL
       * @return  string|null HTML embded code, or NULL if URL is not embeddable
      public static function embeddableMedia( $url )
          // ...
  17. As I believe Best Answer won't have a specific blog entry, I'll ask here: will best answer shows the whole post content as it happens on 3.4.X?


    Yes, but it's not so out of place. See the 3rd screenshot in the blog entry :)



    Nothing about posting permissions per group members. I think it would be very useful a setting that would allow members to only reply to question/topics that they have created, but still allow them to see other question/topics in that same forum and these restrictions to apply only in a specific subforum (section), not the entire forum.


    You can set it so users can see only questions they asked - but not see all and only reply to questions they asked.


    Can more than one forum use the Q&A feature? I have a consumer/DIY category of forums for different types of flooring - one for carpet, one for hardwood, etc. This feature might be good used in each of those forums, leaving the other categories and forums as regular forums.


    Absolutely :)

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