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Entry Comments posted by Mark

  1. 1 hour ago, Aiwa said:

    The limited SSD drive I have is cringing at the 4.3 upgrade.  Honestly, offloading the file storage and bandwidth burden from video files to someone else, e.g. YouTube, was something that was appealing about the IPS limitation to play videos.  

    Amazon S3 users, get ready for a usage increase.

    Naturally, any restrictions you have on file space still apply, and you can always specify what types of files users can upload and exclude videos.

    Pretty much all this does is change what gets shown when a user uploads certain types of files from <a href="video.mp4"> to <video src="video.mp4"> - I'm quite impressed anyone managed to find a downside to that ?

    1. Just because a feature isn't in this version doesn't mean we don't think it's important :) We can only do so much in any one release. Clubs in particular is a very new feature and has both been used by more people than we expected, and in ways we never thought of. It will take a few releases to add everything everyone wants. I'm really glad you love the feature so much!
    2. The vast majority of our customers do not come to these forums. We get a lot of ideas for features through support channels (either explicitly or by asking "how do I do this?" for something you can't do). So don't assume "nobody has requested" something. We wouldn't waste our time adding features nobody is requesting!
  2. 22 hours ago, bpn said:

    Will it be possible for closed-club members to send invitations? In current release only the leader can do it.
    Will it, as in normal forums, be possible not to count members club-posts?

    Out of curiosity, can anyone give an example of what kind of sites that can charge money for club access? Only I can think of is adult or dating..

    Gaming clans, local clubs/sports groups where each Club is a local chapter, software distribution where you use Clubs to provide both the downloads and the support forums in one container... there's a few ideas :p 

  3. 16 hours ago, gabs007 said:

    So, Admin can't decide which forums appear and which ones do not. It's all or nothing, all clubs a member has joint already or none, right ?

    All or nothing, yes.


    On the other hand, just a small doubt ...,  have you improved the block template in the system tab so that we can show specific clubs in the main body for example, below the "ad block" ?  and I mean a nice block template similar to the club main page and no that "simple" list of clubs that block displays when you add it to the forum section.

    There has not been any changes to the clubs widget.

    12 hours ago, goldmorphin said:

    Any REST endpoints? Really no?

    Not for 4.3.

    8 hours ago, The Old Man said:

    Superb update, thank you for these improvements! Nicely done!

    I'd been holding back on enabling Clubs to one day bring in some possible revenue, so paid clubs is so welcome. You've clearly thought this out in terms of potential revenue for both site owners and members, great for member engagement and to give a little something back.

    As many have said, Commerce just wasn't worth the outlay previously for just paid subscriptions only for many small communities.

    Will there be any promotion available for Commerce (as 4.3 Clubs is bound to drive up demand!), will there be a more affordable 'Light version' of Commerce released supporting just paid subscriptions and Clubs or should we just buy now in preparation?

    We're not planning a light version, no. The majority of Commerce's functionality, or at least it's most complicated stuff (the orders, payment gateways, managing customer data like billing addresses and stored cards, handling tax, etc.) is shared. The "storefront" is one of the less complicated parts of it.

    40 minutes ago, Optic14 said:

    Club improvements are nice.

    Regarding this:

    This sounds like it will also apply to Gallery? i.e. you will see Club Gallery content at the bottom if you're in the Gallery main tab?

    Yes. All apps.

    1 minute ago, Beatrina said:

    Oh yes, I hope Mark just forgot it to mention.

    If not ... please add this. PLEASE. A page "tab" option.

    Or just a tab "free site" (editor).

    Sorry, not in 4.3.

  4. 7 hours ago, SammyS said:

    Nice improvements and I hope them to be useful for many users here!

    Question: stripe isnt available in my country... do I need it to process BTC payments? would be really great for my site

    Yes, Stripe is the only processor we integrate with which supports Bitcoin transactions. Stripe is currently available for businesses in 25 countries.

    3 hours ago, Aaron M said:


    Chargeback and Radar handling is amazing, been after those for a while now. Please tell me Commerce also has functionality for PayPal in regards to chargebacks and not just Stripe!

    Stripe only for now, but PayPal also has APIs for chargebacks which we may add support for in the future.

  5. 5 hours ago, All Astronauts said:

    Groovy. Those of you configuring your MySql server to use character limits less than three (i.e. 2 or 1) for search indexing can now flip to Elastic and remove that performance hit from your database server.

    Query: You say Pages, and yes, I've asked this before, but would really like clarification. Does this mean plain vanilla Pages or are we talking about Pages database fields now being searchable beyond the Title and Content flagged fields? Having just two searchable fields in Pages databases has been a serious roadblock for sometime now.

    Just the actual pages in this update.

    1 hour ago, Ocean West said:

    will it allow for searching on things like PHP, SQL or other 3 letter acronyms? And do the searches also search the tags?


  6. 7 hours ago, Aaron M said:

    Sorry, to clarify, I was referring to existing configurations - are these automatically ported to OAuth or will it need setting up from scratch?

    You'll need to set it up after upgrading (because there's no way for the two installs to share the information that's needed automatically). The upgrader will remind you to do this.

    5 hours ago, LukasGr. said:

    Sounds awesome!

    Does this mean I can now link IPS easily with mediawiki so only one login is necessary?

    I've not tested it, but it does seem that Mediawiki has an OAuth 2 extension.

  7. 2 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    Lets say an admin currently has or inherits a client with Wordpress for the main website CMS and news blog articles, and IPS Forums, Commerce and Gallery.

    Will the admin (and registered members) finally be able to log in and out of both Wordpress and IPS out of the box (once configured) without expecting members to register and log in twice with 2 separate accounts, as per current limitation? 


    2 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    You mentioned Wordpress needing an oAuth plug-in, does that mean it won't easily integrate out of the box or will still require a hideously expensive 'bridge' to achieve the one account scenario?

    You will need to install a free plugin on the Wordpress site.

    2 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    Will it mean comments comments can be displayed on Wordpress articles as well as forum topics or Pages articles, Gallery images can be displayed in Wordpress? Or will such integration beyond membership accounts require additional add-ons and plug-ins?

    OAuth only covers account authentication.

  8. 4 hours ago, Kirill Gromov said:

    @Mark, field "Login button text" must be translatable.

    Great news about OAuth 2.0 :thumbsup:

    Yes it is. I only have one language set up on my test install but it's a normal "translatable" field.

    14 hours ago, Ilya Hoilik said:

    Finally we can set up VK auth without any external plugins! Thanks IPS Team for this improvement and special thanks to Mark for the detailed documentation!

    I thought you might appreciate vk.com being the example ;) 

    3 hours ago, jair101 said:

    Lets see if I understand this correctly. 

    If I setup IPS as an Oath server I can login from a wordpress site and I will get access to some Rest API endpoints, which can make me, for example, setup different access features in a wordpress based on IPS member groups?

    Will it be possible to clone member database, lets say, for all IPS members to have a local account in wordpress too, so that after initial setup both sites can work independantly, i.e. if my IPS community is down, the users will still be able to login in wordpress?

    Yeah - for Wordpress there are plugins available to add OAuth capabilities either as a server or a client, so you can do it in either direction (users log into your Wordpress site using their Invision Community accounts, or the other way around).

    If you're able to write custom code then yeah, you could use the REST API to get whatever information about the user who has logged in that you like.

    I'm not sure how Wordpress has the ability to create passwords for accounts created by OAuth - but an account is created in their database so I would assume it's possible.

  9. 9 hours ago, Archimed said:

    We can use differents categories ? Keep the category that all members know and add the others new that you did ?

    Yep! When you enable Emoji, the normal Emoji categories (Smileys & People, Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Activity, Travel & Places, Objects, Symbols, Flags) just get added - the system for setting up categories for your own custom emoticons hasn't changed and they'll be retained alongside the Emoji categories.

    In all the screenshots in the blog entry, I have one custom category, called "Default".

    6 hours ago, liquidfractal said:

    Yeah, I should say very nice work @Mark.  Although I think emojis tend to do for human communication what Jim Jones did for kids' flavoured drinks in the 1970s, these updates won't be for me but for my users, and I admire the work you've all put into what looks to be a major update to the suite in terms of platform and social media integration.


  10. 6 hours ago, jair101 said:

    Is the upgrader taking care of conversion to utfbm4?

    Up until now I was unable to convert via the link in ACP->Support and I wonder if I will be able to do it now.

    The upgrader does not handle it automatically. If you are not already utf8mb4-reader, you will be prompted to do the conversaion before the system will allow you to enable Emoji.

    6 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

    Will this help with people posting from an iphone and me seeing the little square instead of what they intended to display?

    Yes, if you set your community to use either Twitter or Emojione styles.

    4 hours ago, crmarks said:

    Great work @Mark! I wonder if it might be possible to use native emoji but fall back to Twitter or EmojiOne for devices that do not natively support emoji?

    Not currently, no. Detecting support is quite intensive on the browser (you have to make an invisible area and attempt to draw the emoji, and then check if it looks like a square or other symbol the platform might use to indicate a non-displayable character), so there would be a noticeable delay in rendering if a fallback approach was taken. Since the majority of modern platforms support Emoji, I would recommend using native unless your community's demographic is particular, or if you prefer the style of Twitter or Emojione.

    3 hours ago, BomAle said:

    ❤ are them translatable?

    Not through the normal translation system (there's a lot of Emojis) but all the data is contained a single json file which you could replace with a translated version and it would work.

  11. 4 hours ago, Netherlord said:

    Yeah. It's ok to add it. I just have a personal issue with this whole thing with institutionalized formats being disseminated. I think highlighting a skin tone difference between people causes racism by making sure the gap between peoples is always visible.

    Alas this is a software forum and my opinion does not count on things like this nor would I expect it to :)

    I'm not mad or hating either. *shrugs*

    It wasn't our decision either - you should check out any modern smartphone or social media site ;) 

    For what it does matter though, I think the addition of different skin tones and genders to many emojis is great... all the emojis representing professions being white and male was a bit ridiculous. 

  12. 6 minutes ago, tjk said:

    Added the line to the constants.php file, it tells me there is an upgrade, but when I put in my creds, it just comes back to the same screen, no error about wrong creds or anything.

    Tested on the live and TEST install, same thing.


    Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

  13. Yes, to clarify, you can have multiple forums (or downloads categories, or calendars, etc.) but they're flat, so you can't have subforums, etc. If you look at the screenshots shown, each will get it's own tab.

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