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Status Updates posted by Mark

  1. Working on exciting things....

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    2. AndyF


      Argh. It double posted a status reply, I deleted one reply and it killed the other when I refreshed :( , oh well. Anyway " * likes * " :)

    3. este7777


      looks like you are working again on something exciting: 4.0

    4. Mark


      I wish I could remember what I was working on what I posted this...

      But yes, now I'm working on 4.0 :)

  2. I have been kept up all night by my phone going off every 10 minutes with a "Happy Birthday" Email from assorted random forums. *Please* never do that on your forums.

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    2. AlexJ


      Should have just created auto delete filter.. :P On the side note, Happy B'day :)

    3. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

      I get hundreds every year. This is why I have a dedicated email for my phone. :P

    4. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      I use my birthday as "Unregistration" day. :P

  3. I'm visiting Lynchburg tomorrow - exciting!

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    2. AndyF


      Have a great Holiday Mark :)

    3. .Ian


      Jack Daniels :) It is a dry county as well. Must return one of these days... Enjoy :)

    4. Brandon_R


      Hey Mark. Can i have an Aplha Preview of Azalahbb?

  4. Test test test test

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    2. Alex


      No, it's me.

    3. MijailR


      can you answer support tickets?

    4. AndyF


      You turned your profile comments off :( , so I could not leave you any amusing messages :P

  5. Just testing...

    1. L@Z


      hey mate, sorry but can someone activate my account please? ;)

  6. Mark

    Yeah, I'm unwilling to put a picture up where you can actually see me :)
    I'm standing on the Millenium Bridge just across from the Houses of Parliament, btw,

  7. Mark

    Oh, was I supposed to? :p

  8. Happy birthday =)

  9. Hang on a minute... MANAGEMENT!? When did that happen? :D

  10. Hey, it's Mark :)

  11. Mark

    Thanks, it is crackable, but I've asked a ew people to try to crack it and the only person who I've come across is me. And I coded it!
    But, that does mean it is breakable - but it's difficult and easy to quickly patch if someone does crack it.

  12. Mark

    Where abouts in Essex are you Rikki?
    Anywhere near Colchester?

  13. I gave you 5, but looks like you're stuck on 4 ;)
    Silly people - just don't see how brilliant we really are, do they?

  14. lmao!
    I was on 5 before that little incident!
    Thanks, Fus! ;)

  15. Updated picture now ;)

  16. Thanks!
    That was actually taken last christmas (shh!)

  17. Your old avatar was much better

  18. Yeah, it's pretty cool!

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