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    I hope you update this to work on 4.6 soon.
  1. File Name: IBStore 3.0 for IPB 2.0 File Submitter: djbob2 File Submitted: 21 Mar 2006 File Category: Major Modifications This is a store and points system for Invision Power Board 2.0. It allows your members to acquire and trade points for items that enhance their account, such as bolding their name in topic view. This mod was made by Outlaw, and all credit for making it should go to him. He has given permission for it to be resubmitted to the database. Please note that he does in no way provide any support for this modification - do not contact him for support. Please note that by downloading this mod you are not obligated to free support. I will support this mod to the best of my abilities, but support is in no way guaranteed. Also note that this mod is no longer being updated. The demo link is to the newest version for IPB 2.1. Click here to download this file
  2. Your score is 5 out of 8. It looks like you are ready to take the Zend PHP Certification exam.Schedule your test now at one of over 3,500 test centers worldwide. bfarber: What percentage do you need on the real test to pass? I've been preparing for it for a while, I actually ordered the Study Guide ;)
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