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    darkidan reacted to Adriano Faria in User Groups in Registration Screen & Account Settings   
    Yes, it works.
    IPS 4.2 IPS 4.1
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    darkidan reacted to Morrigan in More Clubs stuff!   
    Now that I can mess with it a little more (have more time) there is some more functionality that is missing that needs to come in a future version.
    Ability to turn off (hide)/delete features.
    Currently once you enable something on a club you are stuck with it. If I create too many topics tabs I can't delete one. Ability to create moderator/owner permissions only features
    For most places they need a "staff" like area to discuss changes/issue etc. So being able to create/add features that are "club staff" only would be ideal. I'm sure I'll think of more as I continue on.
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    darkidan reacted to MADMAN32395 in Allow groups to be sorted   
    I know it's just a graphical thing, but it would be nice to rearrange the member groups in the ACP. instead of just alphabetical. Allowing us to manually arrange how they are displayed (similar to how plugins and login handlers are displayed). Personally I would like to see Staff ranks on top and have the hierarchy top down but overall just allow manual sorting/placements.
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    darkidan got a reaction from theblackelk in online users   
    i tried that too, but after 1 hour it comes back to 20 minutes, so i think there is a limit from IPS or something.
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    darkidan got a reaction from BN_IT_Support in control timezone..   
    hello, why isn't there a way to control time zone like in 3.4? when you could set a timezone and how it will be shown in the forum- like- today/yesterday, one hour ago, or just the date.
    is it possible to add this function?
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    darkidan reacted to Lindy in Post count   
    The content count will remain as a global count, but we will be adding per-app counts to the profile. 
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    darkidan reacted to Andrej in Admin Logs ipb 4.0   
    They are still there.
    Admin CP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators -> Moderator Logs
    Admin CP -> Members -> Staff -> Administrators -> Administrator Logs
    Admin CP -> System -> Support -> Error Logs / System Logs
    There is a search bar in top right. If you enter 'Error Logs' for instance, it will find it if you cant. 
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    darkidan reacted to xert77 in Status Updates   
    Please IPB guys, make everything alright, heal our status wounds
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    darkidan got a reaction from LaCollision in language edit in 4.0   
    hello, when i added a new language and i wanted to translate it, i saw that it isn't organized at all (like 3.4)
    will you organize it to sections like forums, admin cp etc..?
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    darkidan reacted to eden buganim in language edit in 4.0   
    Join the question.
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    darkidan got a reaction from eden buganim in language edit in 4.0   
    hello, when i added a new language and i wanted to translate it, i saw that it isn't organized at all (like 3.4)
    will you organize it to sections like forums, admin cp etc..?
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    darkidan got a reaction from zzzithrommax in IPB 3.0.3 is released!   
    can you give us an upgrade Package- i mean what files should we transfer if we have 3.0.2 ?
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    darkidan got a reaction from spyngamerman in Download: Shoutbox   
    i have a problem with the editor in the forums- creating or editing new topic or reply.

    i am showing the hook in every page.

    it started after upgrading to 3.2.0.

    thanks for the quick reply.
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    darkidan got a reaction from spyngamerman in Download: Shoutbox   
    Hello Michael,

    I talked with IPS in the client area (with Giuseppe Casagrande - Developer / Advanced Support ) and he said that my problem is connected to the shoutbox.

    my problem is that after enabling the hook Shoutbox (Global) v1.2.0 i got a problem with the editor- when i press on inserting an image and then i post ok the screen remains grey- i have tested it without the hook and it worked fine.

    Bottom line- he told me to contact you and let you know about this.

    thanks + i hope you will get a fix for this soon, thanks.
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    darkidan got a reaction from Alan in Download: [mm31] Staff Online Sidebar Block   
    can you add a tab to the admin acp so we can decide whice group can see this block?
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    darkidan got a reaction from EDPEER in Download: SubRanks Mod   
    you forgot to put your images in the download.. fix it, and can you explain how it will choose every image for a certain group?
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    darkidan reacted to TrixieTang in IPB 3.1.0 features   
    What I want to see in 3.1.

    Thread Tagging Option for users to ignore/hide threads based on tags. Option to make it so that when moderators ban a user the user's group is changed to the banned group. it is so annoying having to log into the admin CP and change a member's group manually. And it makes it extremely hard to make a system where banned members can view an appeal forum, because if they're banned by a moderator then there's no way to give them access to an appeals forum until the admin changes their group. No more hard coded special permissions for super moderators. I don't want my mods (or admins for that matter) mass deleting posts, but if I have super mods they're automatically allowed to mass delete and there's no way to set it so they can't. This seems so stupid when you realize that you have pretty much complete control over admin permissions yet all these super mod permissions can't be changed at all...
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    darkidan reacted to devee in IPS Hosted Communities   

    This is the most devestated change Invision Power have made since the beginning of IPB3. First time I looked on the "Hosted Communities" I was speechless. All those limitations!

    I've used the hosted feauture by IPS for a long time and I like it alot. Before the release of IPB3 I was planning to upgrade my existing site and had some more projects that I was going to launch. I was going to use the IP Hosted Communities for those but now it won't be possible.

    I contacted the staff asking if my existing board was going to be affected by any change in their hosting plans. They told me that my board was going to remain the same, and I thank you for that!

    I want to explain to you what would have happened to my existing board if I had to move to the new hosted plans. I'm going to go through each step.
    My existing board uses the old Hosting: Basic Forum for $10/month. It's perfect for my site, some months I have to buy some extra bandwidth because my traffic is very dependent on what's happening.

    This is what would have had happened if I had to change from the old Basic Forum for $10/month to the new Basic 10 for $10/month.

    Average Online Users
    What?! My forum is depending on what's happening daily. Some days I have 5 users online, some extreme days I have 300. If I had this limitation it would be a very serious problem for us. We wouldn't be able to have such a limitation, impossible! Period!

    File Storage
    Change from 100MB to 50MB! A 50% change!! I have IP.board and IP.Blog, occupying 60MB. Change won't be possible!

    Maximum Posts
    Change from unlimited to 10,000!!! What's going on IPS!! You can't be serious! When I go to a board, the first thing I'm looking for is how much posts the users have made. 10.000? I would probably close the page looking for another forum.
    We have 150.000+ posts, does this mean I need to change to the Plus 35 for $29,99/month?! Now I pay $10/month and the change would be $29,99/month, 200% more expensive!!
    And they suggest to delete the posts? This is irresponsible to do such thing to your lovely users! And as I mentioned before, many people chech the amount of posts on the board before registering!

    In conclusion, if I want my existing board to be hosted by the new hosted plans by IPS, it would cost $29,99/month. And in some time we're going over 250,000+ posts and then I would have to pay $44,99/month for something I'm paying $10/month today! 350% more expensive!

    This is just very sad to me and all the users. You make wonderful products and you have a great team but this is like a tumor that you have to take of. Your hosting plans was so healthy before!

    Thank you very much,
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