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  1. Need help with the rewrite rules for htaccess.
    RewriteRule .*-t(d+?).html(.*)?$ http://www.domain.com/index.php?showtopic=$1 [L,R=301]
    gives internal server error

  2. Using TomTom traffic on the iPhone. I didn't think I would ever try it again after being so impressed my navigon, but it has worked good.

    1. AlexJ
    2. Lee Craven

      Lee Craven

      I still love Navigon over TomTom :) - TomTom have been around a very long while and they still charge fees.

  3. Michael definitely wins best #ipb profile page. http://is.gd/aWwHH

    1. AtariAge


      Yeah, I love that background image!

    2. goodfella_uk
  4. The Issue: I get reply emails all day long in the mail account that sends out board emails even though I have implemented to following changes. 1. I have edited the language sting of the email and added this to the top: 2. I also added an auto-responder to the account that says: 3. The account is named: do-not-reply@domain.com My Suggestion: I suggest just letting people respond to PMs by email. IPB could monitor the SMTP email account grab the message and forward it to the intended recipient via PM. You could add unique identifies to the subject of the email and have the system look for those. My proposed email example:
  5. So many hooks, not enough sidebar.

  6. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Useful updates to feed blocks

    Maybe now I can pull total topic replies instead of total forum replies in my topic feed block. Looking forward to this update.
  7. Freshwater. I have a turtle so I went out and bought a 55 gallon rubber maid which I am going to use instead of paying an extra $250.

  8. Freshwater or saltwater?

  9. Mobile skin eta?

    Yea, Tinmans iphone template is amazing. He provides great support too. Highly recommended.
  10. Movable Skin List

    Agreed! The should have been implemented a long time ago. What a pain to have to reinstall them just to move the order around. Especially when everything else in the admin panel is drag and drop.
  11. CJOIN-0 error :: Please Read

    No more cjoin errors for me. :)
  12. IP.Chat help!

    I had a zero issues installing and it is working beautifully.