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  1. Discount for second license?

    Is there any discount offered for the purchase of a second license? You can answer me via PM if it's more appropriate.
  2. User Geolocation Restriction

    Question for my app's users: 1. How many are there still on IPB3? 2. Are there any of the ones above running any version of my app other than 1.1.2? The apps update routine has become quite hard for IPB4, and I'm not planing to provide any update script from versions prior to 1.1.2, so everyone, who is running version 1.1.1 or earlier, is advised to update to the latest version (1.1.2) before updating his board to IPB4, as otherwise he won't be able to update my app to the new version 2.0.0 coming for IPB4. Of course in that case a clean installation of my app will still be possible, but you will lose access and registration control stats from your previous use of the app.
  3. Duplicate Members Logger

    It will be updated guys. I had to give priority to my other app which is a straight re-write for 4.1.x... On the other hand, this app will need to be redesigned to work with mobile devices as well where Flash isn't available. It might take a month or so, however, before you see it published!
  4. User Geolocation Restriction

    Guys, I had resolveip.info and another domain on godaddy, and all of the rest domains I administer on another registrar. So, 5 days before the domain expired I asked for a domain transfer to my other registrar (it takes 7 days), so in a couple of days we'll be OK again. This was something that I had planned to do since last year anyway, but decided to leave it for this year since last year I had other problems switching to a new server etc... Some patience please (again) and all will be sorted in a day or two. UPDATE: The transfer is complete. A couple more hours for the NS to be propagated and it'll be online again.
  5. User Geolocation Restriction

    Hi again guys, the server is up and running and the script is working fine finally. It was a driver error of MySQL that was causing the problems. Thanks again for your patience.
  6. User Geolocation Restriction

    Alright guys, the server is up again, I just need to fix some script details as the new configuration uses a newer version of PHP and the API produces some warnings. It'll be sorted out in a couple of hours! Thanks for your patience, but the last week was exhausting moving and configuring all my sites all over again.
  7. User Geolocation Restriction

    ​It's under update already. Can't give you right now a date though. @all: Yesterday night I received an email from the hosting company about a general file system error on the machine. I also host there about 10-20 websites, each of which is 500USD minimum, and the app's API. Unfortunately, the German hosting doesn't recognize their fault, as it's a failure on a machine level. Anyway, right now I'm recovering files/databases, and I'll have to figure out where I'll temporarily host them until they get it fixed. Once it's online, you'll notice it guys. Some patience please.
  8. User Geolocation Restriction

    Actually, there must be a problem with IPS Marketplace API for developers. Almost every time I refresh the appropriate page that mentions my key, I get a different key!!! So, surinp3, I had enough time to manually run the cron to fix expirations once, but it won't run again since my key changed till then. suspense, I'll change the key once more to quickly fill in the form to get your authentication key, and will PM it to you. That's the best I can do guys until IPS repairs their Marketplace API. Will keep you informed.
  9. User Geolocation Restriction

    Hello again, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have not idea how or why, but my IPS Marketplace API key was changed by Invision. I just had to update that key to my API so that it could validate purchases etc. Try now, it should be working now. @surinp3, this was affecting your renewal not being able to get confirmed. I manually ran the cron job right not and you should also be ready to use it again. Sorry for the delay in your case.
  10. User Geolocation Restriction

    Hi, first of all can you please remove your screenshot for security purposes? Second, you just filled in the form with your member ID, that is 526070 ? Can you please share via a PM some ACP credentials of your forum so that I investigate the passed URI for the authentication page? Or at least copy/paste just the URI in a PM, and I'll check the rest on my API.
  11. User Geolocation Restriction

    ​Have you been able to get this sorted out? ​ ​ ​Yea, there was a thunderstorm etc that night in Germany, and the datacenter was affected by the power failure, as the electricity was off for quite some hours... Guys don't worry, we'll not face again any server issue like it being suspended... I collocated a server in that datacenter with a friend of mine so it's semi-owned... ​Of course it will, I just don't know right now exactly when. I upgraded my dev board to v4 a couple of days ago. So guys, are there any additions you'd like to see in the app?
  12. Duplicate Members Logger

    Hello. Please PM me some ACP and FTP login info to investigate this.
  13. User Geolocation Restriction

    ​You either have changed your community's URL since you registered to the API, or you use an incorrect authentication key. Anyway, I'm sending you a PM with the correct URL and key in file. If the URL in file is not your current URL, let me know so that I erase the record, and you can register another URL. Accidentally, I sent your PM to Cheapy who probably now knows your authentication key. So, I'll just erase your record from my API, and you're ready to re-register for a new authentication key. Sorry for that. ​You are not even registered in the API. So, as the message you quoted suggests, you should fill in the form with your IPS member ID so that you're given an API authentication key. If you need help with that, let me know.
  14. User Geolocation Restriction

    Haven't the new NS propagated for you? Mine is back online!
  15. User Geolocation Restriction

    Issue is resolved! My stupid host decided after 2 years that the API was pushing the server to its limits... So they decided to simply suspend it without notifying me... Admirable, huh? Anyway, I moved to another company (VPS again, as the app's sales don't justify a dedicated), and I hope it'll be fine.