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    Neuro reacted to AlexWebsites in New: Downloads Index Page   
    Would be nice to have a few default images for file types and also remove file versions as an option.
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    Neuro reacted to nodle in Avoiding Google Security Warnings   
    I wish IPS would add this feature. Xenforo has it built in out of the box. So I know it's possible to go though your old posts and fix them. Yes it works for all the new posts, but we really need it to go through ALL the posts. Please add this feature guys.
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    Neuro got a reaction from motomac in New: Embeds and Integrations   
    All good, but still no support whatsoever for audio / mp3 links.
    Embedding in IPB4 is great for images and video, but what about audio? Surely embedding a basic HTML5 player is possible when someone posts an mp3 link?
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