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  1. Where is the menu on the mobile version? How do people log in?
  2. Hi Quick Question - With this version do members pay each other directly or does the forum owner have to be the middle man? Years ago there was an add on for classified where members sold directly to each other and the forum could charge a listing fee (similar to ebay) that was pretty handy... IP4 killed that though.. TIA
  3. Has anyone had an issue with the gallery where when you hit "submit image" (after adding the image) but then it just does nothing? Is there a step I am missing?
  4. I wish I had known that before I purchased.. I liked the previous classified where we just took a small listing fee without having to do double work..
  5. quick question- When someone buys an item the software is sending me(site owner) their money and not the seller. Is there a way to change this? Or Did I not select the right button somewhere? Thanks!
  6. warning! HTML illiterate forum owner here.. When I try and uninstall the old Andy Version (using your instruction on page 2 of the read me) After I type in: delete from ibf_core_applications where app_directory = ‘classifieds’ I get the following message: Unknown column '‘classifieds’' in 'where clause' ????
  7. can this work for images also? Im looking for a method to show extra ads on the sidebar? or will this only work for text?
  8. recently switched to 3.2.3 some members say they cant change there avatar / photo.. I have looked and looked and cant see where the member control planel is that had a "buton" that said some members cannot change personal photo? It was on older versions.. any clue?
  9. I am running 3.2.3 and a lot of members with IE 8.0 are having issues since downloading this skin, no problems or issues for firefox or google chrome users though? any other feedback about this from other users?
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