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  1. I'll open a ticket and gladly give you access to my test installation if it will help you, Stuart. Just been a bit busy with work today and haven't had a chance to set things up. Edited to Add: Opened a ticket. http://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/tracker/issue-396-error-in-formphp-on-line-110-when-submitting-feedback/?view=findpost&p=1054
  2. I can confirm that I am experiencing the same error on my test installation where I've upgraded to IPB 4.1 Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /home/*****/public_html/test/forums/applications/feedback/modules/front/feedback/form.php on line 110
  3. I've got a custom activity stream setup now that sort of mimics the old "New Content" search and am trying to warm up to it.
  4. My users are going to revolt if there's not a quick easy way to search for new content. We used to have a "New Content" button prior to 4.1 ... am I just missing it now?
  5. That worked perfectly! Many, many thanks!
  6. Tom, I'd like to put a background image behind the logo. I'm having a really difficult time finding the right CSS entry to modify to make this happen. Can you point me in the right direction? Adding the 'background-image' CSS tag to the "ipsLayout_header.nav-full-width .nav-wrapper" CSS entry doesn't seem to work, or at least not for my forum where I opted to set the option for Navgiation Layout to equal "Traditional Full Width".
  7. As others have indicated for their communities, this is the only thing holding me back from 4.x right now. I'm ready to go whenever this is released!
  8. Stoo, any word on progress?
  9. Hooray!!! I'd be happy to help test it. My IPB 4.x instance is still a test instance, so it wouldn't impact my users.
  10. Well, this may stop me from pushing forward to upgrade my community to 4.0 anytime soon. This would be instant death for my business.
  11. I'd be glad to kick in some extra money if lack of resources can be addressed and aid in developing for 4.x
  12. ​Awesome - thanks Charles. I'll give it a shot!
  13. I just noticed that with IPB4, we no longer have the ability to toggle the "Upload" permission per forum. In IPB3 we had the following permissions per forum per user group: Show ForumRead TopicsReply TopicsStart TopicsUploadDownload But with IPB4 we only have: See ForumRead TopicsPost New TopicsReply to TopicsDownload Attachments Can we please get the permission back for Upload? This was pretty critical to my forum as I only allow folks to Upload attachments to the forums in our "Trading Post" (classifieds) area and instead ask them to rely on remote-hosting their pictures for other areas of the community. This keeps my database and file-system footprint smaller.
  14. ​Like I said, it's always entertaining to watch people propose giving away other people's money. I suppose you'll make up the difference in lost revenue for them, personally? No?
  15. It's always entertaining to see people propose giving away other people's money in the form of discounts. "Congratulations on releasing your new product! Now go make half as much as you could have made otherwise by capitulating to our demands for reduced pricing!" Meh. Congratulations to the developers. May you reap the hard-earned spoils of your labor by enjoying many new sales and renewals at full cost, and may that success drive you to innovate further and release new and better products for many years to come.
  16. For what it's worth - my background processes on a 23,000 member forum with ~1.2 Million posts completed after about four days. I have a mid-weight VPS running the community. I could probably have sped it up by doing all of the conversion offline on a dedicated local VM.
  17. Sometime overnight the Rebuilding Post Content (or at least I think that's what it was called) completed along with a few of the smaller tasks. Now I'm watching a 0.12% completion status bar on the Reindexing Posts task and suspect that one is going to take at least a week to complete. Anything you guys can to do help speed those things up would be appreciated. It sounds like what you were saying, @Lindy, is that the code is throttled somewhat to make it work on the widest range of server configurations possible. If so, my idea of doing my conversion locally on a dedicated "monster VPS" wouldn't really help me any would it?
  18. Are you guys running your sites on virtual private servers or dedicated hardware? I'm seeing this behavior too on my 1.3M post forum and it's taking well over 30 hours so far to get to about 71% complete. I am thinking very seriously about spinning up a Linux VM on one of my home VMware ESXi hosts and throwing a ton of vCPU and vRAM at it, and do my conversion THERE, then dump the MySQL database and move it over to my hosted VPS when the time comes to do this for real. Hoping that would speed it up some.
  19. ​Thanks. I'll open a ticket and we can go from there.
  20. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  21. So I did the UTF-8 conversion as recommended to get ready for IPB4. The conversion completed successfully but now my forum is horribly, horribly slow. My server load averages went from sub 1 second to 20 seconds and climbing, all thanks to the UTF conversion it seems. What gives?!? I had to restore my database from backup just to get performance back. This sucks! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Well, I am eating my hat. It was a permissions conflict. I found where my account had been added to another Member Permissions Group in the AdminCP by a test I had run months ago in Nexus. Mea culpa. :)
  23. Nevermind... root admin is working fine, but my personal account isn't despite being only in the exact same group. Doesn't look like a conflict of permissions.
  24. I am having a very similar problem with 1.4.2. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. REALLY looking forward to the new version!
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