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  1. Patreon connect?

    It sounds like they are hoping for API integration via Nexus? https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206525646-Does-Patreon-have-an-API-
  2. Classifieds System

    No, what I was asking is if you can look around in my IPB config and make sure that I didn't screw something up in the way that I have the Classifieds app configured.
  3. Classifieds System

    My users are still not receiving any email alerts from Classifieds and I switched to SendGrid and can confirm that it is delivering with a good degree of success for all other forum emails. Adriano, could I open a trouble-ticket and provide AdminCP access to allow you to look at my settings for me?
  4. Classifieds System

    Very good possibility. Thank you for bringing that up. I've toggled over to Send Grid based on other feedback I've received from some of my forum-hosting colleagues and so far it seems to be sending emails. I think you're right that the Classifieds emails were getting sent into an anti-spam black hole of some sort.
  5. Classifieds System

    My users claim that they aren't receiving email notifications about anything related to their Classifieds ads but that they are receiving other forum emails. I've checked and the Notification settings in the AdminCP are set to allow them to choose email as an option, and the ability to edit their settings is enabled as well. Email on my community is distributed through SparkPost. Any ideas?
  6. Classifieds System

    Thanks for adding the Guidelines feature to the current release!
  7. Classifieds System

    Thank you, sir!
  8. Classifieds System

    @Adriano Faria, as a possible suggestion: It would be nice if we could define a text block of "Guidelines" per category that are shown when a member opens the form to submit a new advertisement. Perhaps something like this, just a text block that the forum admin could enter the contents of.
  9. Classifieds System

    I began using the Classifieds app about two weeks ago on my community and the members really seem to love it. We're about 27,000 members strong and this app replaced several special-interest sub forums that we have used for the past 10 years allowing members to buy/sell/trade privately.
  10. Agile by IPS Themes

    @Tom Christian, is this ready for 4.1.17.x yet?
  11. Name 2 Avatars

    Simple and ingenious! Many thanks for releasing this to the community free of charge!
  12. Classifieds System

    Thank you!
  13. Classifieds System

    Does the Classifieds system provide a feature for "discussion" threads to be created automatically or is that an add-on? I have seen a feature on a few installations where there is a button within the classified itself to go to a Discussion Topic but I don't see where that is mentioned in the description of the system here in the IPB marketplace. Thanks!
  14. Agile by IPS Themes

    Has any of you running the Agile theme upgraded to 4.1.17 yet? Any issues?
  15. (NB41) Ads Widget

    I want to add my voice to the request that we be able to stack multiple ads vertically in the sidebar. I bought the plugin thinking that's how it worked but was surprised to see that you cannot do that currently. Not a big deal, I don't mind $10 to support the efforts of the developer, but that feature would be VERY nice to have. Thanks for considering it.