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  1. Had to disable it on my community also.
  2. Michael, I can set up access for you on my site. I assume you'll need access to the AdminCP. Let me work on getting an account set up for you and I'll private message you the login details. 🙂
  3. As a suggestion, could you add the option to choose which themes this is active for? Example: I have two themes that have their own footer system, but I'd like to enable this for the themes that do not. It would be great if we could even just feed the plugin a comma separated list of theme ID #s that it will be shown on.
  4. Are you using the Dimension theme also?
  5. @Michael.J what James101 said is accurate for me as well. Here are a few screen shots showing what happens when Messages is activated and I am using the IPSFocus "Dimension" theme vs when I use the IPS Default theme and a semi-customized version of IPS Default. The latter two work just fine with Messages, so I suppose it's entirely possible this is a theme compatibility issue. Sorry for the blur effect. This community is somewhat political in nature and it's possible that some members might take offense if I just post screenshots with their names listed. Stock IPS Default Theme Slightly Modified IPS Default Theme IPSFocus "Dimension" Theme
  6. Had this happen on my 4.5 community using the IPSFocus Dimension theme. Ended up disabling the theme and making my own, to regain compatibility with the Messages app.
  7. I just paid the $15 fee out of ignorance because I was scrapping one project and using my license to start another. Had I realized that I could open a support ticket for this, I'd have done so. I feel a bit chapped about this, but I'll remember it next time. 😡
  8. I hate to bring a comment back from the dead, but by using Mail Bouncer over the years I have accumulated 42 pages of member accounts, mostly with 0-10 posts, that have failed email validation. I would like to clean that up by deleting them, or at least deleting the oldest of them. Any tips or tricks on how to do that?
  9. Running the support tool in the Admin CP didn't do a thing for me this morning, but all of the invoices for those memberships had expired anyway. It sucks that there's also no way for an admin to "un-expire", resurrect, or re-activate an expired invoice too. Unless I'm missing that somewhere. I had to manually create "Paid" invoices for the 20 or so members that had botched PayPal transactions.
  10. This situation has been a major pain in the ass for me tonight. One of my forum's customers (paid member) alerted me to the fact that his recurring PayPal transaction had processed a few days ago but his account still hadn't been updated on the forum. When I investigated, I found that not only was he affected but some 20 other members whose paid memberships had renewed since I upgraded to IPB version 4.4.9 back on November 26th were affected as well. They just hadn't noticed or complained yet! Then I found this thread after searching for anything involving "PayPal" on the forum here, and learned that a newer copy of 4.4.9 dated December 2nd had been posted in the Client Area since the one dated November 26th and that it included fixes for PayPal issues. Not cool, Invision Power. Not cool at all! If you're going to release an updated copy of the software, increment the damn version number and let us all know. ESPECIALLY if the new update has fixes related to commerce! I can tolerate quite a few inconveniences, but when it costs me lost revenue and lost customers, I start getting pretty upset.
  11. I thought that was an option but I'm not able to find it in the Admin CP. Nevermind, I figured it out. Had to toggle the content type in the stream, and then set the exclusions.
  12. Oh. I really need to be able to mark a forum as "ignored" and then allow the users to decide if they want to see it in their activity streams or not.
  13. @Adriano Faria, Am I understanding correctly that the admin can set certain forums to be ignored, by default, for everyone? If so, I'll order immediately. Thanks!
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