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  1. [HQ] Awards

    It works! Thank you!
  2. [HQ] Awards

    I do exactly the same, but just the normal awards not displayed, all achievements still showed up. I tried make opacity=0 in Styling to use for dim, but still a big space left.
  3. [HQ] Awards

    How do I remove achievements that a member doesn't get? (not dim), just display achievements they get only, if they doesn't have any achievement, how to hide achievement tittle under their name?
  4. Report Troll Or Spam Post

    Thank for your great mod! Just bought it Could you tell me how I can replace Troll/Spam by an image button? What I need to do to put it near the Like This button? Thanks!
  5. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    Does it work on 3.3? Just bought one, not tested yet
  6. Super News Feed

    It would be great if you support RSS so we can export to any html file
  7. I love Friends function of IPB, and I have a feeling that it's not really a "friendship", someone add you like friend and you just become friends! My first question is there anyway to require an approval when someone add friend as default function? I think a function like Follow a member (become a Fan, a follower...) will make IPB much more social, so members can follow any update of people they follow. Also they can see who follow them. And a member when he add someone as friend, if not accepted, he still can follow him/her to see updates. What do you think about this function?
  8. It's very nice to have a live update feeds from my friends or everyone on the board like Ning, or Discuz home (a chinese board software) Demo: hxxp://www.discuz.net/home.php hxxp://www.ngoinhachung.net/diendan/home.php Thank you