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  1. I'm using it, which is why I find it funny that he said it didn't work on latest version..
  2. What LAC was saying is if you haven't installed it, then just edit the xml and translate the wordings in there. If you have installed it, then go into Admin CP > Look and Feel > Manage Languages > Select the language you're using > look for the string and change it
  3. Looks quite useful, will have to test it out :)
  4. That'd be cool yes! Instead of having to go into the moderator logs to see who moved the topic, it'd be cool to have it feature within the message or something.
  5. It says I have 8 Queued Item(s) but when I click on it there's nothing in any of the tabs (Topics, Posts, Events). The only thing I have anything left in is removed content, but that has nothing to do with this mod, besides there's more then 8 topic or 8 posts in that.
  6. Take your time, I'm not in a hurry as it seems I'm the only one whom have noticed it so far :P
  7. I've send the link in a pm to you, but you can get the same "error" your self by making a custom bbcode (admin > look & feel > Post Content > BBCode Management) then make a picture for it to use in the editor, and upload to correct folder (public/style_extra/bbcode_icons) and enter file name into the image field of the bbcode (bbcode.gif). If you do all that you'll have an empty spot in your editor too, but I guess that's because it doesn't have a converted "image" which your mod uses!
  8. If you move a topic that has the template in it, to another forum then it loses the template bits. I thought they would be added into the actual topic content and not be something that's from outside hooked into the topic content. If you then move the topic back to the forum that uses the template then it gets readded to the topic. Is there any way to make it stick to the topic no matter what?
  9. In the "Ask member every x days" you say that it'll ask a member even tho they had updated the email at day 88 out of 90. You could add a database field that adds a date when they last updated email and then make a checker that checks and compares that field with the current checking process. So say member A updated their email at day 50, it gets added to the database field, then come day 90 it runs the checker, and finds that 40 days ago the member had updated their email, so it ignores member A till next time it's run as it'd then be 130 days since last update.
  10. When you make a custom bbcode then under the image section it says: so that's where I've uploaded my gif/png images to. But in the forums they don't show up: " alt="miss_bbicons_zpse9eb132a.png"> It's the same in the default theme, they don't show up. Is it because it has to be a specific file type to work with your mod?
  11. How can you make custom images work with this addon? Ex. BBCode images don't show up
  12. let me guess it was the Unique Custom Profile Fields by rct - '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I have that mod installed and if your mod is above this one in the hook order listing then the fields won't show, if you move yours below it then they show up.
  13. Poosted so I have this tracked in my content for future purcash ;)
  14. Yes but that's still only for a new topic. I was also asking if it was possible to do it, you said no so it doesn't. Working on a mod that does? That's what I just asked on the other page. I'm looking for the same thing a reply template that could be used on selected topic(s).
  15. Is there any way that you can select a topic that could use a certain topic template? So not all new topics in a forum has the template but only replies in a specific topic? Say you setup a template and then select a topic to use it in, then instead of a topic template it'll be a reply template? My community have some topics where people need to post the same content in the same structure. It'd be a lot easier if there were a template for them to use in the reply instead.
  16. Perhaps my previously questions was better suited for the topic template system instead, so I'll go post it there too.
  17. If you know where about the code should be for it you could use winmerge to compare the 2 mods codes, just a thought. Anyho thank you for this mod every useful!
  18. I was wondering, the ads "post" the "posters" name, and group can be anything? I mean you could call it what ever you wanted and the group doesn't need to exist at all? At least that's what I get from the picture..
  19. Is there any way that you can select which topic should have a certain reply template? So not all topics in a forum has the reply template but only specific topics?
  20. Are you going to add support for attribute options so we could set rowspan, colspan, width, height etc.? Would be sorta done the same way as the quote system works now a days. It has 3-4 attribute options you can set and I bet the same way could be done with the table/tr/td/th in this bbcode! So for TABLE you could have the ability to set width, height, border. For TD and TH you could have rowspan, colspan, width, height, align maybe style. What do you think?
  21. I see what you mean, I've switched the bbcode to yours instead of the other one :P O btw. I have an correction to your readme: shouldn't that be table.php instead of Table BBCode.xml? ;)
  22. doesn't this do exactly the same thing as this mod: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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