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    DawPi reacted to insp in (DP42) Export Lang per App   
    Very useful plugin for translators. Thanks
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    DawPi reacted to 33andrain in (DP45) Referrals System   
    This is a very good add-on. One request is to please make the default invite messaging customizable.
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    DawPi reacted to AndyF in (DP45) Limit Topic Posts   
    (Speaking as a client) Works very well and just as described. An ideal method to encourage registration by allowing guests to view a number of posts in topics without limiting their overall total views.
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    DawPi reacted to TDBF in (SD) Newsletter   
    If I knew that this Application was plastered with the developers copyright notice and domain name, then I would never have purchased this application in the first place.
    I have no issues with copyright notices, if the script's are open source and free as I believe in giving something back (long time open source developer). But, I am certainly not  going to pay to advertise your domain on my site just to help your Google ratings, sorry.
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    DawPi reacted to M Deborah Beris in (DP45) Exif Gallery Images   
    Works perfectly and as stated and I could not happier!
    This installs simply by uploading in the plugin section in admin cp.
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    DawPi reacted to loccom in (DP45) Custom Links   
    great little app. Small issues
    1. Grouping does not work on IPB 4.1.19
    2. Needs no_follow option.
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    DawPi reacted to ikoNske in (DP41) Collapsed Stream   
    Thanks for doing this, have been after something like this for ages! Works great.
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    DawPi reacted to karl-os in (DP41) Collapsed Stream   
    For me, this is an absolutely essential plugin. It makes the activity stream almost bearable. Thank you for making this!
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    DawPi reacted to ipb4user in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Very useful app - thank you very much.
    I would like to suggest 2 features:
    an option to mark links as "nofollow" - especially important for affiliate links a way to have more than one search phrase correspond with the same link; rather than having to create separate links for things like 'widget' and 'samewidget' for example, it would be great if there were a way to just list these words/phrases under the same link. Would make link management easier. Either way, an excellent app. Nice work!
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    DawPi reacted to TVplaneta in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    All good!
    What about search bots?
    and other?
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    DawPi reacted to Gnuru in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Perfect for increasing members
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    DawPi reacted to Alexander Scott in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Amazing application. Recommend if you wanna restrict content so people join and interact. 
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    DawPi reacted to Simon Westmore in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Super simple, works well. :-) 
    Many Thanks! 
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    DawPi reacted to Stefan Johansson_72643 in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Works great. I wanted to restrict page views in all apps (blog/pages/forum/calender etc) and this plugin made it possible. Thanks!
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    DawPi got a reaction from BomAle in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Well, I'll concider it base on how many copies I'll sell.
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    DawPi reacted to Kjell Iver Johansen in (DP45) Custom Links   
    This is a excellent app - and the support from the author is superb. 
    I have a lot of discussions about different online shops - about trekking equipment - and now it is easy for me to add affiliate links into the posts when they are mentioned.
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    DawPi reacted to Angel Costa in (DP45) Custom Links   
    This is great for affiliate links. Cannot run a board without it.
    But if you not set the anchor it will show the link instead of the search phase.
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    DawPi reacted to kkucharsky in (DP45) Custom Links   
    It could be better if it included content from all service: IP. Content, IP. Download etc. 

    Can you add this? 
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    DawPi reacted to Larry in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Works perfectly!
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    DawPi got a reaction from SJ77 in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Well, I'll concider it base on how many copies I'll sell.
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    DawPi got a reaction from AndyF in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Well, I'll concider it base on how many copies I'll sell.
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    DawPi reacted to jcdesign in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Thanks for this DawPi, working great!
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    DawPi reacted to eGullet in (DP41) Collapsed Stream   
    Thanks, DawPi, for developing this for us! We've got it installed at our test board and it works perfectly. 
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