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    DawPi reacted to Adriano Faria in (NB44) Translate. Filter By App/Plugin   
    A must have if you need to translate the suite! 👏
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    DawPi reacted to Christopher Saylor in (DP43) Prevent Login Same IP's   
    Thank you for the quick response, excellent service.
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    DawPi reacted to SULINK in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    Thanks. Look PM
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    DawPi reacted to olegm in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    This is the best way to force guests to register, thank you!

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    DawPi reacted to DJ_Tomcat in (DP43) Prevent Login Same IP's   
    Works like a charm! :) A quick response from the author!
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    DawPi reacted to JordanRash in (DP45) PM Viewer   
    Another great release from a great developer. Would reccommend
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    DawPi reacted to Fred Krugger in (DP45) PM Viewer   
    Hi .. I am trying to update the published version and this error is presented. The current installed version is 1.0.5.
    The folder where current where it is installed has 777 permissions

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    DawPi reacted to Durango in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Excellent APP
    Well done , keep up the good work :)
    This app is perfect to automatically put a link on any word >> good if you want to put a link to a page of your website related to the word, good if you want to add an affiliate link etc etc
    Great for your community
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    DawPi reacted to iVuo in (DP45) Referrals System   
    What's the point of adding points if you can't see the points listed somewhere?
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    DawPi reacted to LiquidFractal in (DP45) Referrals System   
    Contrary to the developer's advertisement, this app does not integrate with "any points system."  After purchasing this, I was told by the developer that it in fact cannot be integrated with Kevin Carwile's Points Economy as the latter is "too robust,"  Quite frankly, this misleading advertising, along with the name restrictions of the app, makes its purchase less than worthwhile for me.
    EDIT: I've changed my rating because the app as such functions without difficulties, so I think the first rating was a bit harsh.  But the aforementioned issue is clear: if you're going to advertise that an app is compatible with "all" points systems (which is stated in the file description), then you have three choices:
    update your app to work with all points systems which come out (which is, well, "all" systems)' Edit your description to state that it works with systems X,Y,Z Remove the line entirely and let prospective buyers ask their own questions In response to the author: The screenshot settings don't in fact say anything one way or another about whether or not the app supports "all systems" or any specific points system which might fall within the "all."  It doesn't make sense to advertise that an app supports "any" points system and then say that some are too robust to be integrated.
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    DawPi reacted to trananhls in (DP44) Fluid Forums Widget   
    Thanks for your great plugin ?
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    DawPi reacted to Ludificor in (DP44) Fluid Forums Widget   
    Choosing between traditional view or fluid view... why not both? ?
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    DawPi reacted to Ramsesx in (DP45) Messenger Pagination   
    Thanks for delivering of a missing / removed  and vital function for users with a large amount of personal messages, in my case 16 thd. messages for example. I don't understand why IPS has removed it. Works fine on 4.3.1 
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    DawPi reacted to MeMaBlue in (DP45) Custom Bad Words Filter   
    Its very useful, invisions own in-built filter does NOT include already posted words, 
    so this plugin is filing an important gap there -   with it you can remove any  given bad word (or other word you need removed for legal or other reasons)  within all of your already existing content. 
    This should be a core feature!
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    DawPi reacted to 4WDMech in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    I have been using Version 2.0.1 for six weeks on an IPS hosted website with a Commerce store.  The program works seamlessly with Commerce and enables guests to view a fixed number of topics before deciding whether to purchase a forums subscription.  This is a very well-conceived and focused program for this purpose.  Guest View Limits is user friendly, easy to set up and very stable.
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    DawPi reacted to SeNioR- in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Userful App! Works very well. 
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    DawPi reacted to ChrisTERiS in (DP45) Referrals System   
    Very good addon but is missing a widget for easy usage by members.
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    DawPi reacted to Stormlilly in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    This app has literally tripled my daily registrations.  Unbelievable!!!  Highly recommend.
  19. Haha
    DawPi reacted to Leon@rdo in Polish language pack for Invision Community Suite 4.6.x   
    Tego właśnie było trzeba, Polskiego developera zajmującego się Polską sprawą i to jeszcze Managera z invisionize
    Wszystko działa i wygląda przejrzyście, tak jak kolega po angielsku napisał. Brak wykorzystywania translatora i to jest poświęcenie.
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    DawPi reacted to LiquidFractal in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    A great app which really helps control the flow of your guest traffic.  Allows for a great deal of granular control over what guests can browse and how long they can browse it for.
    Where there are specific developers in this community whose plugins are overpriced in terms of unwarranted renewal fees, @DawPi's Guest View Limits is a bargain at twice the price!  Great work!
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    DawPi reacted to Qubabos in Polish language pack for Invision Community Suite 4.6.x   
    The best quality translation, no google translator involved . If you respect your Polish readers, there is no better:) 
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    DawPi reacted to Virgo81 in (DP43) Hide Messages Content   
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    DawPi reacted to nodle in (DP45) Limit Topic Posts   
    This plugin works great. A great way to encourage people to sign up.
  24. Thanks
    DawPi reacted to Virgo81 in (DP45) Manage Follow   
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    DawPi reacted to SRFA in Chatbox FREE   
    Great app! works perfectly fine, very well integrated with the suite. Thank you for the good job, and for making it free!

    Before upgrading to IPS4, I would use the IRC-like BlueImp AjaxChat, customized with a personal hack with IPSconnect for minimal login integration, but it didn't work anymore after the upgrade. I didn't feel in the mood of spending more time coding on a deprecated solution. My users LOVE the chat functionality, I would have had a riot if no chat had been available after upgrade. You kind of saved my life
    I have a number of questions / suggestions (and would be happy to contribute to code if you're interested)
    is it possible to have several, distinct chatboxes ? (Not the same chat appearing on different places in synchronized boxes - I know how to do that - but really two different chatboxes ? typically, one for all members, and a private one that would only appear on a page which would have restricted access to some group? if so, would it be possible to include such a "subcommunity chatbox" box as a feature in a club? would it be possible to develop IRC-like actions, like the good old /me, /kick for moderators, etc? would it be possible to add a chatbot with customizable reactions like triggers (someone says "hello", the chatbot automatically answers "hello, welcome on the chat" for instance) as other people, a list of online members viewing this page (not the online standard box with all connected members) would be really great! I don't request all of this of course, just wanted to know if @onlyME thinks it would be possible with some work on my side (or if it's already possible and I just didn't find how).
    Thanks again
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