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    DawPi reacted to Bakako in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    dude im not sure if its working or not staff told me we cant acceess ftp s so just make simple installation please i bought ur product and cant use it il wait for ur update please, best regards just make app work without ftp upload
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    DawPi reacted to JordanRash in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    Great for people selling license keys. Flawless app
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    DawPi reacted to TheSonic in (DP42) Export Lang per App   
    This Plugin works flawless.
    Helped my a lot creating the german language packs. Thank you.
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    DawPi reacted to Vahvel.net OÜ in (DP42) Export Lang per App   
    I change my review, its working fine. Somehow the plugin was not installed when i tried to install it. Thanks!
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    DawPi reacted to Maxxius in (DP42) Export Lang per App   
    Does what it says. Perfection!
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    DawPi reacted to PPlanet in (DP45) Watermark for Uploads   
    It works very well. It does exactly what it says it does. It suits me that you can use just for the applications you select, and not across the board if you don't want to.
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    DawPi reacted to GTAPoliceMods in (DP45) Manage Follow   
    Great plugin!
    Thank you for your hard work on this :)
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    DawPi reacted to jair101 in (DP45) Advanced Regexp   
    The price tag might look unappealing for something that does not add bells and whistles on the front end, but this app can literally pay for itself within a day. You can create your own viglink/skimlinks without giving them 25%.
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    DawPi reacted to Steve Bullman in (DP45) Ban from Topic   
    Simple to use and a much needed addition to my forum. With an old established forum you often end up good friends with members and can be in the position of having to ban them at some times. This plugin lets you remove them from an individual topic when they have overstepped the mark.....hopefully a good enough reminder for them to revisit the forum rules.
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    DawPi reacted to Dean_ in (DP45) Advanced Regexp   
    A must-have for any community looking to monitise their site without all the hassle of finding links posted by users and editing them. I personaly got this for Amazon. Now if I or anyone else posts an Amazon link my affiliate ID will be changed/added.

    Also had a question which was answered and resolved very quickly. Great support for an app that should be a core feature.
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    DawPi reacted to Steve Bullman in (DP45) Advanced Regexp   
    Does what it says on the tin with zero fuss
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    DawPi reacted to AlexWebsites in (DP45) Advanced Regexp   
    Works as described. Was able to add my amazon affiliates tag to existing amazon links. If you are an affiliate marketer, this is a must have.
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    DawPi reacted to Steve Bullman in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Good work. As usual Dawid has thought of everything
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    DawPi reacted to princeton in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Great app! It would be more useful if it had a click counter.
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    DawPi reacted to sousou in Other Files From File Submitter   
    I just saw I had a bad vision still sorry it's not bad as a plugin
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    DawPi reacted to EDDDDD in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    This is very good. I would recommend this plugin for any digital-code selling website. 
    The developer replys to pm quickly if you got a problem with the plugin and provides great service. 
    5/5 hands down
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    DawPi reacted to Brainy S. in (DP43) Events System   
    This app allows you to specify which user group(s) [in which Forum(s)] can create an "Event" tied to a particular forum and allow a certain number of people to sign up (with just a single click) for that "Event". People who click to sign up receive an SMS text message through integration with the Twilio SMS-gateway service on the back-end. (Note: these events are not related to the IPS Calendar/event system)
    A user's phone number must be defined with a pre-existing custom profile field as a telephone number that does need to be pre-populated (i.e. it won't ask you for a number if your profile doesn't have one yet). You have to add the widget to your forum layout. 
    The event can include something like a URL, password, or discount code for use elsewhere. The functionality is very basic at this point, but it definitely works as I describe it. 
    To be clear, it does not do anything more advanced like let you send later (bulk or individual) SMS reminders, nor see who all who signed up for an event (though you can see phone numbers on the Twilio management console side of things). Lastly, it does not use the Twilio API to verify international number formats are in the required E.164 format, but for US/Canadian numbers it does work without difficulty [e.g. the profile field must have "15551234567" not "(555) 123-4567" as neither Twilio nor this App reformats or strips down the phone number].
    It also does not support more advance features like accepting input (replies) from users sent an SMS.
    You can get a Twilio account phone number for $1/month, pre-paid ($20/minimum buy-in), and Twilio DOES let you control whether you want to automatically top-up or not, so that is really, really nice.  It only costs a fraction of a penny for each message sent. Twilio also let's you search for words as phone numbers, so that's nice too.
    Although the functionality is very basic currently (sort of a "usable proof of concept"), it's a great inexpensive option for some minimal one-way SMS event-notification integration into IPS, without needing to write your own custom code (which is the norm for Twilio), plus I'm pretty impressed with Twilio itself as the back-end service provider.
    Hopefully, if there's enough interest the author will decide to enhance it further down the road! But, even as it is right now it's a great addition to IPS.
    As the screenshot shows, you get a text message in the form of:
    "Hello <IPS Username>,
    You've sign on on event in <Topic Name> at <Date/Time>.
    Address: .
    Event code: <the data in the field you define goes here>
    <IPS Username of event creator> 

    Tested w/ IPS 4.4.4 running version 3.0.1 of this Events System app.
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    DawPi reacted to 403 - Forbiddeen in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Work fine. Only left to allow this on IP Downloads, tutorials etc...
    Another sugestion is don't crop the existent links example:

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    DawPi reacted to MrSvenne in (DP45) Topic Notes   
    This is going to help my staff team to keep everything organised when we have multiple reports open at the same time.
    Had a problem at the start and the creator was quick to respond.
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    DawPi reacted to Durango in (DP45) No Index Topics   
    Excellent plugin : GOOD for SEO, it can save your community from Google penalties as many users post small posts
    Many small posts (in words count) can harm your SEO badly 
    This plugin makes sure it wont !
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    DawPi reacted to JordanRash in (DP44) Bot Group   
    Works great, saw SEO improvements shortly after with more clicks.
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    DawPi reacted to Nebthtet in Polish language pack for Invision Community Suite 4.6.x   
    Of two translations available this is of a much higher quality. It deals with Polish grammar in a better way avoiding many artificially looking constructions which results in a more professional-looking streams and automated content.
    The only drawback is the change of icons in admin panel (why? it's useless and makes administration harder when you used the same icons for years) which luckily is easily removable though.
    Z dwóch dostępnych tłumaczeń to jest znacznie wyższej jakości, radzi sobie lepiej z gramatyką i nie generuje potworków stylistycznych np. w streamach i różnorakich treściach automatycznych. 
    Tylko po co zmieniacie znów ikony w admin panelu? I co dużą wersję na inne? Człowiek siedzi od lat na jednych i się przyzwyczaił, a tak trzeba toto usuwać 🙂.
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    DawPi got a reaction from GTServices in (GT) Login as User   
    You should make it as a plugin not as application. It's an exaggeration and it's like hunting a mouse with a cannon. 😉
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    DawPi got a reaction from alexxis in (GT) Login as User   
    You should make it as a plugin not as application. It's an exaggeration and it's like hunting a mouse with a cannon. 😉
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    DawPi got a reaction from SJ77 in (GT) Login as User   
    You should make it as a plugin not as application. It's an exaggeration and it's like hunting a mouse with a cannon. 😉
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