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    DawPi reacted to Gregsta in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    A great app thanks a lot so happy with it
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    DawPi reacted to cwade12c in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    This is just what we needed to boost registrations, while also giving potential new users a "preview" of content on our forums. I was going to code this utility if it did not exist, but I searched on the marketplace and found it. You went above and beyond, it works perfectly. Easiest purchase of my life, thank you! I also had to make some slight template/CSS related changes to get rid of the error code, but it was simple, so you still get 5 stars.
    If anyone reading this does not want to go through the "trouble" of making some CSS related changes, you can alternatively look in your Language settings in ACP and find the string for "Oops!" and change the value to a blank character. Hacky, but will do the trick if you aren't comfortable making template/CSS changes.
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    DawPi reacted to ZLTRGO in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    Pretty useful plugin, could use some additional features but still, very nice addition to your forum.
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    DawPi reacted to kcmesca in (DP45) CSE Google   
    Great.. Much better results than native search. 
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    DawPi reacted to BN_IT_Support in Elections System   
    The Elections System app is brilliant. We use it annually to run our elections for the Executive Committee. It saves us $$$hundreds every year.
    Admittedly, we have our own elections plugin to tweak things a little bit (for example, we don't want the running total of votes to display in case it influences voters so we have a plugin to hide that).
    I've installed on IPS 4.5 and the app is broken. It appears to be a simple fix...
    I included the following line into 3 files:
    public static $csrfProtected = TRUE;
    The affected files were in applications/elections/modules/admin/elections and were:
    That appears to work - only time will tell!
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    DawPi reacted to Wiebke Wagner in (DP45) Referrals System   
    Very good add-on. Are Contests possible? Referrer of the Month with overview of the referrals in the actual Contest?
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    DawPi reacted to SUBRTX in (DP45) PM Viewer   
    Great app.
    Wishing the "Search- by receiver" option would come back soon! 😄
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    DawPi reacted to Kellen Deming in (DP45) Grid View per Forums   
    Very good plugin, does exactly what it says
    Developer very active and responded very fast and updated problem
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    DawPi reacted to Interferon in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    Works perfectly for Steam or other keys.
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    DawPi reacted to MegaBoosting in (DP45) Single Use License Keys   
    Flawless work.
    The only thing that would make this 5-stars is the ability to add keys to customer/user accounts (without an actual purchase).
    I'd love to add some license keys to my users if they didn't originally purchase from our online store via IPS.
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    DawPi reacted to MythonPonty in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    The app works as described. User requests for optimization are rejected.
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    DawPi reacted to Unleashed2k in (DP45) PM Viewer   
    Evening out the reviews for this one. Great mod on 3.4, even better on 4.
    Thank you
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    DawPi reacted to Noble~ in (DP45) RodoGDPR System   
    I have used this for more than a year now, No issues at all and very easy to set up.👍
    Its worth the purchase.😁
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    DawPi reacted to DC23 in (DP45) Referrals System   
    The mod does not support Basic Points. The mod is not easily installed or configured.
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    DawPi reacted to SC36DC in (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    This plugin has really increased the amount of registrants I've been getting since I first activated it. Works perfectly. I did have to use some custom CSS to get rid of the error codes that displays on the message page, but other than that, it's been incredible.
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    DawPi reacted to Gabriel Torres in [IPS 4.4] Custom Language Strings   
    Not needed for IPS 4.5+, as it already comes with a similar function.
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    DawPi reacted to BankFodder in Show Edit and Report Links Under Posts & Comments   
    Oh my god!

    This plug-in simply introduces visual clutter, and distracts from being able to focus on content. It is retrogressive and backwards-facing (both at the same time).  
    on the other hand, it makes it easier for your site team to do their work quickly, it makes the forum functionality more accessible to people who are vulnerable or under-confident when using a forum platform. It helps to prevent the software getting in the way of the message. And of course, dare I say it, it gives you a choice either to use it or not.


    Thank you
    Edit: if you want to restore post numbers to your new upgraded version 4.5 then go here---
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    DawPi reacted to IP-Gamers in (DP45) CSE Google   
    A great solution that makes it easy to search the community.
    On the site  https://cse.google.ru/ you can set up a special search for your site. Then, without changing the code in your styles, you paste your search id into the settings of this plugin and google search works on your site.
    Why is this necessary:
    A Google search takes into account errors and typographical errors. For example, I have a user with the nickname Blutsauger (a good friend of mine who has always supported me). If you enter their nickname with a typo in a regular search from a community, for example "Blytsouger", then the standard search will not find anything. If you do the same with a Google search, then Google will tell you, "Maybe you meant "Blutsauger" and then you will be shown the correct results. By using this search you will be motivated to submit new pages to Google's Search Console. After all, this search displays exactly the pages that are in the Google index. On the site cse.google.com you can set up additional ways to promote links. And also make a search in other communities, which will be displayed on your site. An additional opportunity to earn extra money promoting other people's communities. In a Google search, you can search for pictures!
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    DawPi reacted to abobader in (DP45) Mod Action Notify   
    Good plugin and do what it suppose to do, I just hope it add section at Notification to chose as well notify or email/pm, all in all, it great one and indeed recommended.
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    DawPi reacted to Scrinn in (DP45) Mod Action Notify   
    Great plugin for notifications for users when their content has actions taken on it. With the addition to be able to choose the author of the pm makes it perfect for me.
    If you want a feature that informs users upon moderation actions done on their posts I definitely recommend this!
    Great plugin and great/fast dev!
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    DawPi reacted to misfit76 in (DP45) Custom Links   
    An absolutely amazing tool. We do not use it for affiliate links, but we do use it to crosslink pages on the site. A phrase in an article will lead to another article about this phrase. This saves a ton of time!
    thank you! 
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    DawPi reacted to Qubabos in Polish language for Invision Community   
    Pracuję nad tym plikiem dłuższy czas, poprzednio na ize, obecnie na ipsbeyond. W pracach nad tłumaczeniem wspomagam się narzędziami ale zawsze zachowuję poprawny kontekst i składnię naszej ojczystej mowy. Korekty wprowadzam na bieżąco, błędy usuwam ad-hoc. Więcej informacji w Support topic, w zakładce Additional Information. 😉
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    DawPi reacted to Semenedar in (DP45) Cleanup Members   
    A very useful plugin, especially when cleaning up after Users who have requested removal of all their content or when the account is deactivated.
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    DawPi reacted to Clover13 in (DP45) Advanced Regexp   
    Works great!  Easy install and setup for Amazon.  Was tired of manually seeking out and updating the Amazon links my members would post just to add my affiliate tag.  This app automates all of that and not only ensures you don't overlook updating any links, but that you don't miss the most important first wave of views and clicks!  Nicely done @DawPi!
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    DawPi reacted to Gauravk in (DP45) Groups View Limits   
    Brilliant plugin designed to restrict the free-loader after certain page views so that they sign up (Try for free).
    And then restrict those free members after certain further page views so that they pay (subscribe).
    If your community content is bullet proof and non replaceable you will start monetizing from the first day of use of this plugin.
    Highly recommend this plugin and friendly support of the developer.
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