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    DawPi reacted to Zhana in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    Dawid is my go-to programmer for any custom jobs. Simply the best.
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    DawPi reacted to xtech in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    DawPi, a great and much talented developer. I had a custom job done by him and i was very satisfied: delivered in schedule, even sooner than expected. Great communication. Your custom project will be in good hands with him.
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    DawPi reacted to pequeno in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    Always available, great comunication and adapts to what you need.
    He worked for me for a migration from another forum to IPB3.
    Now I go back for adapt/redone urls to IPB4. I'll tell you about. It is a great professional.
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    DawPi reacted to recifbox in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    DawPi is a great guy to do the job. So you can get works with him he works well and fast
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    DawPi reacted to PedroNL in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    Is quick to work on his stuff and makes great scripts.  If you need a developer that cares and wants his product to be effective and efficient then he is the guy you want.  A++ developer.
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    DawPi reacted to modman in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    Very good developer!
    Thanks you very much!
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    DawPi reacted to eGullet in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    We commissioned a mod from DawPi to replace one from our 3.4 board. The work was done very quickly, for a good price, with excellent support after installation.
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    DawPi reacted to ProSkill in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    DawPi did a great job! He completed the project on time, on budget, and it met all of the requirements. He was very quick to respond, and provided great support. The project that I had him do wasn't just some run of the mill feature request, It's a full fledged application that I've never seen implemented on this software before. I would highly recommend him, and I will be using him for any future custom work. 
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    DawPi reacted to KevinGrand in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    We've had a great experience working with DawPi to build custom functionality into our forum. He delivers quality work at great prices and he delivers on time or earlier than expected. I appreciate that he took the time to make sure our projects were working exactly how we wanted them to, even offering to make additional tweaks after the work was done at no cost. We will continue to work with DawPi on all of our projects for IPB going forward!
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    DawPi reacted to Piomar in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
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    DawPi reacted to Iwooo in DawPi (official: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron)   
    DawPi done some great work for my community. Not only provide usefull hooks and application, but also done excellent update and fixes.
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