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Status Updates posted by DawPi

  1. Hi, maybe you know what happen with Jaggi? He isn't a dev anymore..

  2. (DP31) Referals System is updated now! Wohooo

    1. PSXHosting Ltd.

      PSXHosting Ltd.

      When will the Advanced Adverts be updated?

    2. DawPi


      Sure.. Now I'm in mod mood so all important bugfixed and new functions will be released, soon. ;)

  3. Congratz! :)

  4. dreaming about work for IPS.. :-)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Martin A.

      Martin A.

      You're in my dreams every night, Alex. Should I still seek help?

    3. Alex


      Nah, that's cool ;) Keep them xx

    4. Martin A.

      Martin A.

      Actually, most of them are triple X's, and NSFW ^^,

  5. Woah, misterious, guy.. Heheh. :D Best wishes.

  6. so who are u? I think you're one of 'old' members.. Don't you? :P

  7. Hello, thanks for this kind comment. Yes, I'm doing also paid job.

  8. DawPi

    Hello! :)

  9. I have small windmill! :D

  10. hello! It's too hot to think.... :(

  11. Wohoo, nope IPS Staff anymore? :(

  12. Hi, you should update your sig.. :P

  13. DawPi

    New Hidden Supporter? :P

  14. Hello, what's up? :)

  15. almost back to active modding.. Please be patient. ^_^

    1. Calvin39


      I hope Custom Pages will be first please.

  16. Not IPS Staff anymore?

  17. View New Content Bugs are very annoying..

  18. have headache.. :(

  19. You have to much free time, Im' sure. :P

  20. says hello to everyone! :-)

    1. Ciwan


      Hello Mr DawPi.

  21. Hello, how old are you? :)

  22. Hello, I think comments aren't good place to custom questions. :P Feel free to send me PM.

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