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  1. DarkGizmo - strange. Did you enables this mod in settings?
  2. @Reitaksvk: i updated this mod. Please check it now.
  3. Error is okay - inform you that someone tried register without entered birthday date. Maybe i should think about lower error priority..: )
  4. Kfir: i think this is possible but require another file edits. :)
  5. Gimme link to your board? Did you all edits properly?
  6. File Name: (DP30) Birthday in Register Form File Submitter: DawPi File Submitted: 04 Nov 2009 File Category: Utilities Show birthday form on register page. User must select his birthday date. If not then he can't register on the board. Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1: Fixed logs error adding. Changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2:Fixed logs error adding - i think for sure now, Added ability to set minimum birthday date which allow to register on board. here to download this file
  7. Should work. Could you show me small piece from your changed code?
  8. http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/index.php?showtopic=37622 - zmień limit na ilość BBCode'ów w poście bo wywala takie 'błędne' posty. Potem usuń cache postów by zobaczyć zmiany. :P

  9. And this isn't all what they planning and doing. ^_^
  10. IP.Board has many roads to one end. :)
  11. Try this.. Open: ACP -> System -> Applications & Modules -> Manage Applications & Modules -> (edit app) Clear this field: Save.
  12. Yes. But firstly please tell me which version IP.Board do you have?
  13. Nice! Welcome in (almost) active users group! :)
  14. Where you read info that this app parse PHP tags, huh?
  15. Hi,
    what's up? :)

  16. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/297691-theregister-vbulletin-article
  17. Yeah, me too. I must finish my studied and finally Im done! :w00t:

  18. Hello, how are you? :)

  19. I'm not management but i think the answer is: no.
  20. Yhm, as Charles said - build RSS function.
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