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  1. +100! Please do this asap. :whistle:
  2. Hi, what's up? ;]

  3. In the same time i'm doing some other mods so please be patient. :) New releases soon! :)
  4. IP.Board 3.0.0 is out. Where is CCS? :P
  5. [quote name='ssaudio' date='10 June 2009 - 08:52 PM'] we will be able to upgrade our RC1 or RC2 to the final release correct? Yes.
  6. Wow! Final Release coming soon too! Great! :)
  7. Lol. Stop writing these bullfaecess. ;) Every updates will be for free for active clients. This is official statement wroten by Charles on Company Blog. :)
  8. DawPi

    IP.Converge 1.1

    Probably yes - but i don't know why.
  9. One more: you wrote in signature "available for freelance work". On my board one user want new skin. Also you know about other client. What about that work?

  10. LOTR? What it is? ?:)

  11. Hello my precious ! :)

  12. Hello my friend. ;]

  13. Why you don't work at IPS? What happened? :)

  14. You selling language pack to IP.Board? What a shame.. ;/ I'm making polish lang pack too but for free for all users.. I have support board too for Polish users and there are all for free. ;)
  15. Yes, but on invisionpower.com not a resources page.. :)
  16. Hello, i just wonder about create a new subpage on invisionpower.com where the could put some international support board links. I mean that page may help international users find the right board for ask help.. What do you think about this idea? :)
  17. Why IB don't work anymore? :>

  18. wow, now it's Vince ^^

  19. Hello, in first public beta files will be encoded (ioncube)?
  20. Nice to meet you. I am glad that you enjoyed in Poland :)

  21. Dzien dobry ;)

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