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Status Updates posted by DawPi

  1. Offline 10.7-25.7.

    Holidays! 🍹 🌴

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    2. alex.1096@yahoo.com


      Good job thanks for explanation!

    3. .Ian


      connection timed out

    4. Hennet


      imo the concept is nice but the layout isn't so much, it looks weird to see a topic list within a topic.

  2. http://pieron.pl - like my new site?
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    2. DawPi


      Thanks AndyF - changed. ;)
      AK: thanks.. Template was cheap, though. ;)

    3. AnthonyKinson


      oh you cheater lol

    4. Olivier Turbis
  3. On 15.07.2019-31.07.2019. delays in customer service may occur. Critical tickets will be processed as a priority.

  4. I'll be offline until 2-3.V. Wedding!

  5. ..and your board is..? :)

  6. "Formally Known on IPS as ComRadKeL & Kel-F. " good to know.

  7. (DP31) Referals System is updated now! Wohooo

    1. PSXHosting Ltd.

      PSXHosting Ltd.

      When will the Advanced Adverts be updated?

    2. DawPi


      Sure.. Now I'm in mod mood so all important bugfixed and new functions will be released, soon. ;)

  8. (DP31) Referrals System - new main version is available now! Time to update few more mods! :)

    1. Gaffney


      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '*' in /home/celticta/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/referrals/setup/versions/upg_1100/version_upgrade.php on line 3

    2. DawPi


      Ouh! Updated, send files again! Thank you!

  9. 2,222 posts! Yay!

    1. Planetby


      Spammer lol congrats m8 :)

    2. Gaffney


      only if you done it on the 2/2/2011 or 11:11 11/11/2011

  10. 3.IV-10.IV - was on Ibiza.. Fun!!!!!

  11. All buggy free mods will be updated! ALL! But I need time for everything! :)

  12. almost back to active modding.. Please be patient. ^_^

    1. Calvin39


      I hope Custom Pages will be first please.

  13. Anyone is interested in Songs in Profiles mod?

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    2. Beck Brady

      Beck Brady

      You should update the one that uses playlist.com so that it uses Grooveshark instead, and offer it on here. :)

    3. ♥ Adam ♠

      ♥ Adam ♠

      Update to work with Mixpod.com and with Invision 3.2

    4. TheRevTastic


      I am really interested in this.

  14. Change this soooo gay color! :P

  15. Christmas sale for all my top mods! :)

  16. Computer crash! Will be soon! Sorry for any delay!

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    2. DawPi


      No no, I have two independent copies! :)

    3. AndyF


      That's good news :)

    4. DawPi
  17. Congratz! :)

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