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Status Updates posted by DawPi

  1. 15-30.7 lack of support due to:

    Beach Day Fun GIF by Sésamo

  2. Offline 10.7-25.7.

    Holidays! 🍹 🌴

  3. On 15.07.2019-31.07.2019. delays in customer service may occur. Critical tickets will be processed as a priority.

  4. I'll be offline until 2-3.V. Wedding!

  5. I'll be back. No worries everyone! :)

  6. New photo. :-)

    1. Jakub W.
    2. DawPi


      Here. :P Refresh your browser cache and you'll see. :)

    3. Jakub W.

      Jakub W.

      Yay, Polish flag. :D

  7. Just wrote mine 60 000 post on my board! :o

  8. Working on new PC - preparing to work. Support will be limited.

  9. Should I start encoding my mods by Ioncube?

  10. Don't try to happy everyone. You'll be chided.

  11. Sick! Again. :(

  12. teraßyte what happened!? :o

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. • Jay •

      • Jay •

      People come and go.

    3. teraßyte


      Just got back, I've been 11 days without connection at home. As you've seen I'm not longer working for IPS :(

    4. DawPi


      Yeah, I meant your work not your absence.

  13. Now we can officiallly transfer the licence to the other account! :D

  14. Sick.. Again.. :(

    1. DawPi


      Much better now.. :)

  15. Ha, got ya! :D

  16. Hello, what's up? :)

    1. AndyF


      Hey :)
      Not a lot really just much busy these days. Hows you ?

    2. DawPi


      Busy all the time.. I should change nickname to "BusyPi".. :D

    3. AndyF
  17. I like you guys :-)

  18. Support for my mods 24.12.2011-3.1.2012 will be limited. Sorry for any disadvantages.

  19. Like and unlike my post. :P

  20. flu.................... :-(

  21. working on new core sections for the Advanced Adverts system :)

    1. DawPi


      19 new sections are ready!

  22. Christmas sale for all my top mods! :)

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