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  1. What's New in Version 1.0.5

    • changed parse order. Right now the longest phrazes would be parsed first. For example two phrazes "google" and "google analytics" will be parsed from longer - "google analytics" first (if occured) and then only "google".
    • changed anchor if no title is provided. For example, users could type the word as "Ferrari" or "ferrari" or "FERRARI", among others. For example, if they enter "FERRARI", the plugin will display it as "FERRARI". But if they enter it as "FeRRaRi", the plugin will display it as "FeRRaRi".

  2. This modification allows to change group of search bots from guests to another.

    It's do not affect logged in members (even if they change the useragent with a switcher or anything else). Works only for a guests recognized as a spider crawlers.

  3. With this mod you can allow your members to view moderators logs on the front page. Various options:

    • enable/disable,
    • choose groups which will be able to see the logs,
    • optional allow moderators access even if they won't in the allowed groups,
    • live sorting,
    • live searching.


  4. 33 minutes ago, Netherlord said:

    Notifications for content that is Merged, Moved - (maybe a toggle to notify would be better), I would find it helpful to inform my members when content is moved or merged. I think this is possible with third party apps but I believe it should be part of ips as standard. Reason for needing this is that I am always finding myself answering where a topic has been moved. Or questions about where content has gone.

    You can use this mod: 


  5. INFO:

    Commerce will generate a licence key upon a purchase whereas Single Use License Keys app can pre-generate a key "ready to use" either with or without a sale item.


    A new product (or editing an existing one) via Commerce app and choose to use the Single Use License Keys licence method. The next step is to view the Single Use License Keys application itself and select 'Import Keys' and the product. You then add the keys (copy/paste recommended) and click to complete. Single Use License Keys will then adjust the stock levels to ensure that a client cannot purchase the product if there are no licence keys available for it.


    The overview page in the Single Use License Keys application will let you see the total number of keys that have been already issued and any remaining (free) keys. You can also from this page choose a product and examine its key status too.