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  1. 1 hour ago, wimg said:

    Hi Dawid,

    Are you planning on creating a version of Advanced Adverts and Global Sidebars for 4.x, and if so when?

    We need it desperately for our site(s), are prepared to pay a good price for these options (contact me backchannel if you like), and are prepared to beta-test as well.
    Currently it is the one major set of add-ons keeping us from moving to 4.1x.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards, Wim

    Hello wimg,

    about global sidebars - I affraid I cancelled it for IPS4, because there is build in 'global' sidebar feature - called 'widgets'. I can't rival with IPS.

    About advanced adverts - there is also great and build in feature for adverts, with custom sections etc. I must rethink it.


    I've changed all my activity for IPS4 and mods. I switched to custom work and it's main work with IPS4. I've made only few public mods for sell and for free. I'm working and doing mostly custom work for it.