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  1. Just wanted to add to the request to also allow emoticons to be displayed on about me (profile) pages. I still do not quite understand why it is necessary to prohibit emoticons in signatures/about me pages.
  2. Thanks for the information. I still don't want this to fall off the radar again. It was brought up in 2009 and even then no one really knew why it wasn't supported. So emoticons in signature by default please :)
  3. I'd like to bring this topic back around again, is there any reason why we cannot have emoticons in signatures? Or why it is not currently supported in the current version of IP Board?
  4. I hope the ability to set the time becomes easier with AM and PM as selected buttons instead of having to type in 16:00 to get 4pm. And to set recurring events that fall on staggered days. I look forward to reading more.
  5. Hi, I downloaded the hook, but the zip file is asking for a password. Did I miss that information somewhere?
  6. Really I wouldn't waste the money on it even if there's going to be a version 3. It'll probably cover things you already know right now or things that already in the Knowledge Base. The book really did not cover the components of IPB so it probably wouldn't cover IP Content either. In any case, looks like providing feedback on the articles here is enough to get some updates and changes. :D
  7. Just wanted to add, as someone who bought that book linked above, it is not going to help you much because it is referring to the 2.0 version of IPB. Most of the things it covers are basic and it doesn't go into that much detail on all the things IPB can do. I did learn the admin interface with it, but if you never worked with 2.0 and are starting IPB with 3.0, I would not bother getting that book. I do think that when I was a first time user, I did have trouble finding the documentation for the products, but that wasn't because it wasn't provided, it was just newbie-ness. This was back when there were two sites, ipsbeyond (I think it was) and the company site, which added to my confusion. In its current status, it seems to be very easy to find the information. I hadn't checked the new knowledge base until I saw this article...I just learned a couple of things I had questions about :D
  8. If you use the Clean Cut skin the Back to top button is available on each post. :) Clean Cut skin is available to view on this forum.
  9. Congrats to all the skin designers! :) Awesome my favorite one, won! WOOTS!
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