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  1. IPB Content Purchase

    Ok thanks brandon I was beginning to think I was asking a stupid question :smile:
  2. Just renewed support for IPB perpetual licence and also renewed gallery.but hey I want to spend more money folks and buy IPB content. So what the difference with my situation with this selection when purchasing Associate This Package IPS Community Suite () or IPS Community Suite
  3. New Gallery How is comment moderation achieved I only see 5 latest comments listed no link to view more

    1. P-Kin


      nevermind I found it, thats not very good for non savvy members imo

  4. Just installed and the little dinger flashed me a red report and the first multi was caught with his pants down within 30 minutes of installing. It was 100% accurate because I'm also running another multi account hack not released by the developer, one which he upgraded from the 2.x.x series. Alas it has a few bugs and the guy has lost interest I think, which is why I'm looking to latch on to another. I look forward to your next release and appreciate the time and effort spent on a valuable addition to my board. :thumbsup:
  5. [EN30] Presents: Free Video Chat

    It wasn't an assumption I was asking for clarification, besides wasn't IPB free at one time, you've heard of the saying "a sprat to catch a mackerel" surely. I didn't mean it to offend and your reply that advertisements will cover the cost for the service as is will put my mind at rest at least, so thanks for that.
  6. [EN30] Presents: Free Video Chat

    I've read the whole thread and no one has mentioned the future of Tinychat. How is the cost of providing Tinychat going to be met? Its easy to to disable chatrooms by killing the api key so my worry would be a squeeze to make forum owners pay in the future. If this is planned I would prefer to know the policy now so as not to upset members should the future cost be prohibitive. If advertising is an optional method that's fine, only there must be a business plan somewhere surely.
  7. Very similar to one I used to use called members snoop which I used for unsubscribing members to watched topics albums etc when their email address died. Thanks this will be very useful.
  8. IP.Gallery 3.1.0 now in testing

    Good news and well worth the long wait and belief that one day, one year us gallery owners would see some development. Lets not leave it so long, keep the ball rolling, this is a valuable addition to many boards
  9. Custom Friend URL

    If your asking can the forum title be combined with the topic title the answer is no with the onboard IPB Furl rewrite. Where have you seen this then :unsure: You can alter the furls slightly but the forums and the topics are two separate urls. If your starting a board from scratch and if I was you then I would stick with the default furl settings in 3.0.x to save any issues with future upgrades.
  10. Who was it who sang Furl's a singer oh yea Elkie Brooke