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    SoloInter reacted to Maxxius in Has member title been removed?   
    Why not just leave it in? It's already built in. Why we can't have both? Just make it turned off as default for new installations. Why it can't be that simple?

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    SoloInter reacted to Charles in Has member title been removed?   
    The old ranks and such were merged into the new Reputation system.
    If you want to maintain the ability for people to put some text below their name on the post bit, you can use custom profile fields to do the same thing.
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    SoloInter reacted to marklcfc in Has member title been removed?   
    New ranks and achievements is good but the ability to edit Member title and have it below your username needs to stay.
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    SoloInter reacted to Pavel Chernitsky in What's going on with the app?   
    So, the "communities" app has been out as a beta since september - that's more that 5 months now. But since it's launch there were no updates on it regarding when to expect it to be "stable", we've had a completely "game breaking" bug with it (screen turns white once you log in) and there has been no fix, ETA on a fix, or any communication on the matter since our ticket was closed with a resounding "It's a beta".  
    Having an app that can push notifications to members' mobile devices was one of the major reasons that made us choose to move our community to IPS instead of other platforms. And for quite a while it feels like we're being toyed with. 
    Can we get some answers, updates, ETAs, or any kind of information regarding that very central and meaningful part of the service you guys are charging good money for? Or are we just going to stay in this loop of you making promises, us spending money, and then endlessly waiting for an implementation that never comes?
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    SoloInter reacted to RunInRed in What's going on with the app?   
    I can live with the explanation that you guys are a small team and the mobile app was an experiment, but the way you handled the situation is the way to kill your brand.   
    You guys published this in 2019 ...
    Why not a PWA (progressive web app)?
    Invision Community 4.4 already supports several PWA features. However, until iOS supports Push Notifications (and other features) in PWAs, we don't feel they are a fully-rounded solution to using communities on a phone. Building native apps allow us to experiment with new interfaces and approaches. As PWA support improves in the years to come, we'll feed what we learn back into the main product for the benefit of all users.
    Then to turn around and point to a blog post about how you have moved to PWA over the mobile app when iOS doesn’t support push notifications on iOS? 
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    SoloInter got a reaction from Guy Shimon in Header sticky   
    I think it will be better to have the header bar (menu, notifications) in a sticky header.
    Like that we don't have to scroll scroll scroll to the top to go to our notification or menu. Mobile need that more than desktop.
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    SoloInter got a reaction from rodege5389 in Member can hide/move a block   
    It would be really cool to be able to have an additional option when we create a block that would allow members to click on a cross which would be at the far right of the block title and which would hide the block from members who clicked above. Or something like on the forums, with a arrow you can minimize the box.
    In the same vein, that of being able to move certain blocks if we have checked the box allowing members to do so.
    This would allow members to customize the configuration of certain pages a bit more.
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    SoloInter reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Awaiting approval by IPS team.
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    SoloInter reacted to bfarber in "ignore member" function improvement   
    That's what this feedback forum effectively is 🙂 
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    SoloInter reacted to bfarber in "ignore member" function improvement   
    That behavior has not changed in 4.5, no.
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    SoloInter reacted to opentype in Enhanced Commerce Views (Support Topic)   
    It’s not intentional. I can improve that in the future. 
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    SoloInter reacted to ZLTRGO in Pages templates   
    ACP -> Pages -> Templates -> Page Templates -> Page Builder ->
    <div>     <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone'>         <div class='ipsGrid_span4'>         </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span4'>         </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span4'>         </div>         <div class='ipsGrid_span12'>         </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span6'>         </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span6'>         </div>     </div> </div> Would give you 
    3 columns in the first row
    1 column in the second row
    2 columns in the third row
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    SoloInter got a reaction from Jirinex in Header sticky   
    I think it will be better to have the header bar (menu, notifications) in a sticky header.
    Like that we don't have to scroll scroll scroll to the top to go to our notification or menu. Mobile need that more than desktop.
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    SoloInter reacted to TheJackal84 in Sports Betting App ( Members Shop Add-On ) ( Support Topic )   
    Thank you 
    I think this might have something to do with your language pack and the number values, Someone else had a problem a year odd ago with the decimals and it was their lang pack, I will check through my old support requests and see if I still have it there to check the completion of it and let you know
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    SoloInter reacted to Michael.J in Auto Welcome Support   
    I've released a new version of the Auto Welcome application that includes some bug fixes and better integration with social media signups.
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    SoloInter reacted to IndianaJoe in Sports Betting App ( Members Shop Add-On ) ( Support Topic )   
    #1 is the easiest, it's standard betting
    Team A vs. Team B
    Choices for the bettors are Team A or Team B
    Choices for admin would be A, B, or a draw(no one wins money refunded)
    Admins can set the "line" such as Team A wins by 5 or something like that within the bet
    Odds would be the same for each option.
    Currently I would have to create two separate bets, one for Team A winning and one for Team B winning. I'd like to condense it so that it is one bet. 
    #2 is like horse racing
    Horse 1- odds 3.2
    Horse 2- odds 2.7
    Horse 3- odds 3-10
    and so on
    Personally for what I would do I'd like a max of 16, but even 5 would be good for now
    Also while I have you on the line, is there a way to set a max bet? If not could there be? I might want to give people an easy win, but want to limit what they can make off of it.
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    SoloInter got a reaction from Ambulance in Quick request if you have 2 minutes...   
    Cela fait plus de 10 ans (2006) que notre site, fondé en 2005, repose sur la technologie IPB. Au départ il s'agissait d'un blog from scratch associé à un forum IPB qui deviendra le poumon de notre site. Aujourd'hui c'est devenu un ensemble complet qui est entièrement articulé sur cette technologie. Depuis la dernière mise à jour majeure et depuis que nous avons associé Page & Forum, nos visiteurs se font plus nombreux, restent plus longtemps et participent beaucoup plus. 
    Ce n'est pas pour rien que c'est depuis 13 ans le seul et unique site francophone au monde sur ce magnifique club de football qu'est l'Inter Milan. Invision à sa part de responsabilité dans cette belle aventure. Merci d'avoir pondu un tel produit et merci encore plus de continuer à le faire évoluer aussi brillamment. 
    >> https://www.internazionale.fr 
    Google Translate  (not very good, if necessary I will write that in better english) :
    It has been more than 10 years (2006) that our site, founded in 2005, is based on IPB technology. Initially it was a blog from scratch associated with an IPB forum that will become the lung of our site. Today it has become a complete package that is fully articulated on this technology. Since the last major update and since we have associated Page & Forum, our visitors are more numerous, stay longer and participate much more.
    It is not for nothing that it has been for 13 years the only French-language site in the world on this magnificent football club that is Inter Milan. Invision has part of responsibility in this beautiful adventure. Thank you for laying such a product and thank you even more for continuing to make it evolve so brilliantly.
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    SoloInter reacted to Joel R in Bulkmail Template   
    It's okay, we still 😍 you.  
  19. Haha
    SoloInter reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in Bulkmail Template   
    There is - it's the Emails link in the ACP Menu.

  20. Thanks
    SoloInter reacted to bfarber in Bulkmail Template   
  21. Haha
    SoloInter reacted to opentype in Pages SuperGrid support   
    Sure. Have I claimed something else? No! I said it myself, when I pointed out that the proper apostrophe is not printed on standard keyboards. So why bring that up as an argument? My arguments don’t hinge on that fact. They are valid and sound in spite of this fact, because this fact is logically irrelevant in regards to my arguments. If you would try to understand my arguments, you would see that and not go around in circles all the time. 
    Your argument boils down to: whatever similar looking character can be most easily reached on the keyboard, must be the proper one. If the French speakers you know use ', than that is the proper one. That is wrong. If you don’t know how to reach © on a keyboard, does it mean that this is not the proper sign anymore? Of course not! If you don’t know how to reach a German ß, does it mean B or β are a proper replacement? Of course not. Similar look doesn’t make it the proper sign. Your logic is fundamentally flawed. Take a French grammar book and look up the apostrophe. Do they use ' or ’ as the proper apostrophe sign?
    There are over 100,000 encoded characters today. Of course they don’t all fit on every keyboard. But just because they aren’t printed there, doesn’t mean that you can make up replacements and call them the proper character. 
    By the way: it’s really interesting how you quote mine this one section of the article, when the rest of the article clearly proofs me right and proofs you wrong. What about this sentence: 
    Why do you ignore that part and just repeat from the article what was never questioned?
    Sure. And I understood that from the beginning, so there was nothing to discuss. What I objected to was your characterization of ' being the proper apostrophe. That is untrue. If you didn’t know it before, you know it now. You have learned something. Great. We can just move on with our lives. But it’s a waste of time and kind of pathetic do continue to deny it and even laugh at my face, and ignore and misrepresent everything I say. You really rather stay wrong just so you don’t have to admin that you were wrong about that? Why not be happy about having learned that there is actually a proper apostrophe on your keyboard you could reach with a shortcut? I mean, you don’t even have to use it. But you can at least accept that it is there and that it fits every definition of “proper” in terms of grammar, typography and text encoding. Because that’s a fact. 
  22. Haha
    SoloInter reacted to opentype in Pages SuperGrid support   
    No, thanks. I will continue to correct false statements as I always do. It is up to you to stay ignorant about these matters or decide to learn something new. 
    For other, more open French speakers I repeat the link again:

  23. Haha
    SoloInter reacted to opentype in Pages SuperGrid support   
    That has nothing to do with the language! What I said is true for every language, including French. Feel free to research it yourself if you don’t want to trust an expert typographer who writes books on this subject. 
    Everything I said is factually true. Reacting with “Haha” to the truth is just ignorance. 
  24. Thanks
    SoloInter reacted to bfarber in Bulkmail Template   
    It's set in the globalWrapper email template
  25. Haha
    SoloInter reacted to opentype in Pages SuperGrid support   
    It’s not printed on you keyboard. But that doesn’t mean that a different character becomes the “proper apostrophe”. That was your claim. It is not true, so I corrected it. 
    That is also not true. 😉 You have the choice to learn the shortcut for the proper apostrophe, which exists for every operating system and every (Latin) keyboard layout including AZERTY. On my computer it’s ALT + Shift + ' for example. 
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