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  1. How long for fix this issue ? 1 week ? 1 month ? 1 year ? I post a review because if I saw that before, that there are still some bugs on the app, I would not purchased it right now. I think, people who spend money in these app need to know if it's not working correctly. Don't worry, if you fix bugs, I will write something beautiful and delete my last review.
    Very nice plugin. Very quick answers from great @Fosters if you have some trouble or question. You can purchase it, it's very easy to configure and it's look like very nice. Love it. Our Members love this feature
  2. An other issue finded when I click this link : https://www.internazionale.fr/forums/index.php?/topic/91-bienvenue-aux-nouveaux/&page=125&tab=comments#comment-1224037 OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /var/www/internazionale.fr/www/forums/applications/trophies/sources/Trophy/MemberTrophy.php(86): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load(24) #1 /var/www/internazionale.fr/www/forums/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php(307): IPS\trophies\Trophy\_MemberTrophy->get_item() #2 /var/www/internazionale.fr/www/forums/uploads/template_16_29022196a31af0d1392014b921f5828b_global.php(175): IPS\Patterns\_Activ
  3. I get a new issue. This is what I did : 1. Go on a topic who just have 1 post. 2. Tried to merge the only one post of this topic with an other topic. So I copy past the url of the topic. 3. I also check the box to have a link in the old category. After confirm all of that I get a crash : Désolé, il y a un problème Quelque chose s’est mal passé.Veuillez réessayer. Code d’erreur EX0 Cette erreur est probablement causée par l’application Trophées & Médailles. Si le problème persiste, désactivez-la et contactez son auteur pour obtenir du
  4. Great ! When ? Something else but not important. First time I choose FA Icon. After that I would update for a PNG file but nothing to do, uptade never work. So I deleted and create again trophy. Same things if I want to update trophy and say "ok now you replace this one" it's doesn't work correctly. Trophie still present in profil. But it's not really a problem. I create some trophy several times because I deleted it each time I need to update. I think also you can go on that :
  5. Just purchased this item. It's nice, but I was waiting for more possibilities than just basic stuff like "number post". - answer at least at 1 poll - created account between 2 date or before a date and not just since x days - created a post in a specific forum category - Profil complete (with all specials fields we had created) - if member give some stars for at least 1 topic
  6. How will it work? It will be an app that we can publish on the app store with our logo, our publisher information?
  7. @Unlucky Thank you For all the stuff like this slider, the menu on the sidebar, tags on the home, ... I use Pages for IPB. I created different blocks that contain PHP code. For the slider it's a slideshow as another. PHP Code get back lasts topics from a forum's category.
  8. At the beginning it was just a blog, then a phpbb forum, convert into ipb, then a full stack website and a forum ipb 2.7 for a loooong time, and 6 month ago we converted all of this on a ipb full website 4.2.6 This is the only one french community about an italian soccer club. IPB you are a part of this so thank youuu >> https://www.internazionale.fr / https://www.internazionale.fr/forums/
  9. Archimed

    So long 2017!

    Good job guys, we are proud to have made a complete redesign of our site using only IPB.
  10. Do you know there is more than 1 league on a football season ?
  11. No possibilities to have teams who can be used on different league ?
  12. Complètement d'accord, c'est inutile de surligner tous les messages des administrateurs. Ils ne postent pas que des messages qui méritent d'être mis en avant comme çà.
  13. With your actual system, it's not possible to manage other competition with the same team right ? For example, Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup. There are always a championship and a cup, but it's not possible to use the same team for different league right ?
  14. In the classification : Equipes : Teams Pts : Points J : Played G : Win N : Draw P : Lost P : Goal for C : Goal against Diff : Goal Difference G : Win P : Lost N : Draw Bubbles : Last 5 matchs. The bubble on the right is the last game. The bubble on the left, first game of 5 last game.
  15. The arrow symbolizes the evolution in the classification from last match. Gain of place in the ranking, stagnation, loss of place. The bubbles symbolize the results of the last 5 matches (victory in green, draw in gray, defeat in red)
  16. Ok I got it. It's ok. Something will be cool, it's crosses like that and bubbles who show Win Draw Defeat
  17. Edit : Sorry, Table is not ok also. I just saw that. 1 win = 3 points not 1 point.
  18. Do you have a date for the next release ?
  19. Cool Ok I will do that. I'm not sure to understand, but ok. I was waiting for other things than "0" for the team "AS Roma" because there is a fixture and score (Atalanta 0-1 AS Roma). But honnestly, I don't think so I will use this box. So doesn't matter.
  20. For the Position : 1. At the beginning, i will add the first place for the first team added. 2nd place for the second team, ... 2. If there is one or more fixtures existing, yes I will calculate the position based on points. More specific : ORDER BY points, goal difference, goal for. Like that, if two teams are equal, the goal difference (or goal for) make one of these first You ask when we add a league, how much for a win, draw, lose (points). So it's easy to calculate. :smile: Other things, I disabled "Logo" because they are in a very big size
  21. Thanks a lot for this update !! I created a league and added all the teams. I created a fixture. There are some issue : Do you see Atalanta and As Rome ? Why "Pos" is "0" for everybody ? Why on the box "TEAMS" to the right, there are only "0" and doesn't update ?
  22. Hi, About Promotions, the block should be more friendly user on mobile phone. We have to tap the button to slide in. It will be muuuuch better if we can do that with a simple swap left or right on the screen.
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