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  1. don't know if (by not intentional) you was speaking of not showing the description or of still showing something on mobile version, but don't show the description at all is perfect, we have it after on the tabs.
  2. Hello @opentype, Thanks for this plugin, he is very nice. There is something that I didn not understand : When I turn off "Show truncated description", the description just after the price is not showed. That's fine. But if I reduce the windows, to see the mobile version of the page, the description is back : Desktop : Mobile :
  3. Can’t wait ! Come on release the release
  4. Oh sorry I was thinking you was speaking about the menu when you are on mobile phone.
  5. It’s something we have on our website ? internazionale.fr
  6. This is a ducking great new add ! I love it ❤️
  7. Thanks, I bought the News Ticker and put it on our website. I just changed some stuff to use it with the events on our calendar : https://www.internazionale.fr/
  8. Nice ! Is a part of the template or it's a plugin or what ?
  9. @TheJackal84 Hello, your app is very nice. I have a little issue here : If I put "2.5" or "2,5" on the field "Cote", the system save "2,0". I can not put a cote with a decimal, the system take only "1,0" or "2,0" or "3,0", etc...
  10. Other problem : When you create a new bet, it records the odds in the database but it does not display correctly on the site afterwards. Example: 4,5 becomes 4 / 2,5 becomes 2 / ... It does not keep the number after the decimal point.
  11. When we won a bet and collect points, there is a notification "You won x Points". This notification is hard write on the code ? Because it's impossible to translate. @TheJackal84
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