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  1. Archimed

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    Bravo pour ce travail remarquable, impatient de mettre à jour notre site !
  2. Archimed

    Header sticky

    Yes default theme or all theme based on this one. They should do something like "annoucement" that we can have on top on all pages and when we scroll annoucement stay on the top of the screen.
  3. Archimed

    Header sticky

    I think it will be better to have the header bar (menu, notifications) in a sticky header. Like that we don't have to scroll scroll scroll to the top to go to our notification or menu. Mobile need that more than desktop.
  4. I needed to do it but without possibility. One member commented twice on one of our articles within 5 minutes. I have selected his 2 comments but it is not possible to merge. It's a shame, especially since this feature exists for the forum.
  5. Archimed

    New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    Ça fait 2 ans que ça doit sortir "très bientôt".
  6. Cela fait plus de 10 ans (2006) que notre site, fondé en 2005, repose sur la technologie IPB. Au départ il s'agissait d'un blog from scratch associé à un forum IPB qui deviendra le poumon de notre site. Aujourd'hui c'est devenu un ensemble complet qui est entièrement articulé sur cette technologie. Depuis la dernière mise à jour majeure et depuis que nous avons associé Page & Forum, nos visiteurs se font plus nombreux, restent plus longtemps et participent beaucoup plus. Ce n'est pas pour rien que c'est depuis 13 ans le seul et unique site francophone au monde sur ce magnifique club de football qu'est l'Inter Milan. Invision à sa part de responsabilité dans cette belle aventure. Merci d'avoir pondu un tel produit et merci encore plus de continuer à le faire évoluer aussi brillamment. >> https://www.internazionale.fr Google Translate (not very good, if necessary I will write that in better english) : It has been more than 10 years (2006) that our site, founded in 2005, is based on IPB technology. Initially it was a blog from scratch associated with an IPB forum that will become the lung of our site. Today it has become a complete package that is fully articulated on this technology. Since the last major update and since we have associated Page & Forum, our visitors are more numerous, stay longer and participate much more. It is not for nothing that it has been for 13 years the only French-language site in the world on this magnificent football club that is Inter Milan. Invision has part of responsibility in this beautiful adventure. Thank you for laying such a product and thank you even more for continuing to make it evolve so brilliantly.
  7. Archimed

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Hello @Fosters Some members told us that there is an issue with medals / trophies : For example, this member : https://www.internazionale.fr/forums/profile/60780-arnaldomi9 +144 messages Debug criteria from your app : YES But no medals and no trophies on the profile.
  8. Except if I'm wrong, it is not possible to create a list of the latest messages posted on the forum combined with the list of last comments posted on the articles of a database Page, is not it? I tried various things using the blocks to create, but without success. Is there a way ?
  9. Archimed

    Group Mention

    Exactly the same that @liquidfractal said
  10. Archimed

    @Admin @Moderators

    Thanks a lot @Kjell Iver Johansen
  11. Archimed

    @Admin @Moderators

    I did not found that on the forum. Is there a way to notificate a group with "@groupe_name" ?
  12. Archimed

    Member Map

  13. Archimed

    Auto Welcome Support

    Same for us
  14. Archimed

    Member Map

    @AlexWebsites where ? here ?
  15. Archimed

    Member Map

    @Martin A. You can try. Go to our website with a computer https://www.internazionale.fr/forums/membermap/ If you want to see the map, you have to scroll a little. But if you scroll on the map, the page will stay at the top and the map will be smaller but it's not very friendly. If the scroll is disabled and you need to double click for instance, it will be better I think.