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    Joey_M reacted to DawPi in (DP43) Grid View per Forums   
    New version pending approval. 🙂
    fixed some theme issues, fixed bug related to default grid forums when user didn't choose anything.
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    Joey_M reacted to DawPi in (DP43) Grid View per Forums   
    Once I'll find a time to review this app. It's a minor due to this:
    As Joey said. ^
    I'm in touch with Joey, but I'm little overloaded by not good offline stuff. Will be better, I promise.
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    Joey_M got a reaction from DawPi in (DP43) Grid View per Forums   
    Are you getting the 500 page error issue? If so, try using the latest release in the marketplace as I don't have any issues with that. I had to manually toggle onto it though via the forum index button.
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    Joey_M got a reaction from Steph40 in Spacious ACP/Widgets   
    @All Astronauts: I don't think you really need to explain anything bud.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, I'm more than happy to wait. I am looking forward to it though. 👍
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    Joey_M reacted to DawPi in (DP43) Grid View per Forums   
    this plugin will be rechecked this week again. Sorry and please be patient. I'm here.
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    Joey_M reacted to CodingJungle in CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]   
    One of the biggest complaints about my support (other than my disappearances) has been that i chose to keep it all in one topic. I've decided to make a topic for each of the apps, and will be requesting this topic be closed/deleted.  
    CJ Duplicate Member Logger
    Keyword Tooltips
    Downloads Plus
    Menu Groups Manager
    Name 2 Avatars
    Nettoolkit Geo
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    Joey_M reacted to All Astronauts in Spacious ACP/Widgets   
    Nope. Still in their hopper. I did request to pull it (they did) so I could work around a small IPS oversight, but it was re-submitted recently. If we go another week+ with no approval I'll explain more.
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    Joey_M reacted to InvisionHQ in InvisionHQ 4.5 upgrades   
    True, after two weeks of pending review it will be rejected without any communication.
    Probably because the rules changed after sending.
    It will be available out of IPS marketplace at the moment.
    Customers can send me a PM.
    It come also with some new little features like new mood position to adapt to IPS badge:

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    Joey_M reacted to newbie LAC in (NB41) My Football   
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    Joey_M reacted to White Miku in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    I've found another problem in your Chat application.
    The application breaks user registration process and gives error EX0.
    The problem is in function "IPS\core\modules\front\system\chatapp_hook_RegisterHook::_createMember()"
    The function "IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register::_createMember()" requires 4 arguments but your hook passes only 3.
    To fix the problem you need to change the following lines in class:
    public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL ) { try { $parent = parent::_createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister ); To:
    public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL, &$form ) { try { $parent = parent::_createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister, $form ); I've fixed my installation by myself, but upload a fix for others ASAP, please.
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    Joey_M reacted to Stuart Silvester in InvisionHQ 4.5 upgrades   
    Badges is available for 4.5, but Moods hasn't been resubmitted yet after being rejected a few weeks ago.
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    Joey_M reacted to Fosters in Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]   
    That’s weird, none template or any other output was changed for the recent version. Could you send me a link to your site please to take a look.
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    Joey_M got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in Click to Mention - Support Topic   
    Fantastic plugin, oddly, I only just realised I had this as I have been using a different plugin which isn't supported with 4.5 - this works flawlessly. 👍
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    Joey_M reacted to newbie LAC in (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics   
    I see the separators on your forum (PON)
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    Joey_M reacted to MMXII in [4.5] Improvements for badges   
    With 4.5 we got those nice and shiny badges:

    However there is not much we can do with these. No way to edit the icon (I know it can be done manually, I am talking about AdminCP options...), to way to change the inverval for how long a "recently joined" member is getting a badge, no option to display badges based on usergroups (not just if someone has moderator permissions) etc.
    Also the "hand icon" for recently joined members has received quite some negative feedback. It is misinterpreted for restrictions being in place instead of a waving hand (what I suppose it should be taken for).
    Please add a usergroup-based options: Display profile badge YES|NO (If YES, then 2nd option:) Edit profile badge: Background color (color picker) Icon Remove badge from moderator permissions (not needed anymore with the above option based on usergroups) For recently joined members, please add an option to choose for how many days the joined-recently-badge will be displayed.
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    Joey_M got a reaction from sobrenome in Leaderboard ideas   
    This was released, it unofficially works with 4.5 as I use it and it's flawless with 4.4
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    Joey_M got a reaction from sobrenome in Leaderboard ideas   
    This is probably best as a plugin (if it's possible).
    I'd highly recommend you requested.

    I'd love to see this implemented!
    Also, I think the leaderboard should be a widget! I've seen this suggested more times than I have had chicken dinners.
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    Joey_M reacted to DawPi in (DP43) Grid View per Forums   
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    Joey_M reacted to InvisionHQ in InvisionHQ 4.5 upgrades   
    I will continuously update this list to let you know the progress of all 4.5 updates.
    Classifieds (Ready)
    Change Post Author (Ready)
    Member of the month (Ready)
    Improved Clubs Enhancements (Ready)
    Badges (Ready)
    Moods (Ready)
    Pre Defined Topic Fields (Ready - on revision)
    Who We Are (Ready - on revision)

    Now I'm working on iAWARDS upgrade
    If you are already trying some apps that are not on this list and you are experiencing problems report them in this topic.
    In a week I hope to be able to release all the updates. 
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    Joey_M got a reaction from breatheheavy in Updating your theme to 4.5 if...   
    Have you tried sending him a PM here?
    Sometimes e-mails can get lost, I'm self hosted with Google services and an issue caused at their end temporarily interfered with my exchange with a developer I was working with. Then again, he might have personal issues or, as many finding things difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic.
    I don't see why he wouldn't update his themes, I'd imagine it's a good revenue stream for him.
    Try to reach out again, I am sure he wouldn't mind.
    Best wishes to you bud.
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    Joey_M reacted to breatheheavy in Updating your theme to 4.5 if...   
    Yes! He’s actually amazing and I looove his work. But I’m not sure if he has plans to update to 4.5 or not. Usually he emails me back but it’s been a little while and nada so figured I’d start planning what I may need to do if he doesn’t respond.
    Brian, if you’re reading this, my topic was in no way meant to shade you. You’re awesomely brilliant and talented! 🙏🙏
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    Joey_M got a reaction from breatheheavy in Updating your theme to 4.5 if...   
    This is because most designers haven't released updates to their skins for 4.5.0, since it's only in beta [12th version] as I write this post.
    It's a risk on us if we choose to upgrade when apps/themes aren't ready.
    You could switch to the default theme for a short time?
    PS. @Brian A. is a good egg, I doubt he would have abandoned his clients without good reason (if he hasn't replied).
    It might not mean to come across like it, but this could be taken the wrong way.
    Brian has been around for ages - probably longer than most people in this topic itself. I have worked a few times with him and, he's a great designer. Very prompt, I can't help but feel patience is the best word to describe this all.
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    Joey_M reacted to Paul E. in COVID-19 in forums???   
    Just in case, I'm doing this after replying:

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    Joey_M got a reaction from Davyc in IPS vs Xenforo - For Australians   
    I haven't used Xenforo for a site myself, although the impression I have is similar those that buy Apple products and, state that it's better because of x, y, z (without naming anything of importance).
    I realise that people will mention every brand has some form of "fanboy", but I do feel Xenforo has this wrapped up as a gimmick.
    I do own a vBulletin, which I purchased because it fitted that project better and, the help I had was also more experienced with the software. I wasn't the biggest fan, I thought the ACP to navigate was a nightmare but on the front it was simple enough. Without waffling on to much, I feel IPS are moving forward whereas vBulletin looks dated now (quite badly) - Xenforo looks similar, somewhere in-between but it's never appealed.
    The sites that I frequent that use the software, always feel well designed but somewhat clunky.
    I would rather use SMF or MYBB and, figure out a way to make them responsive better within a CMS than use anything outside of IPS.
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    Joey_M reacted to Matt in Facebook - How Long Will It Live?   
    It'll evolve as most products do. It's still pulling in millions of active users, it has ties with Instagram and WhatsApp so I can't see it going anywhere for a long while.
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