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  1. The IPS app is promising, I like certain parts of it and with everything there's stuff which could be better (yet I see this happening with time). I think once 4.5.0 goes final, further improvements will be made.

    Personally, I am pleased IPS have made such a huge strive to catering to what many of their clients wanted.

    It's encouraging, this said, I won't be using it but I might use the IPS site app to visit these forums. I have a solution already created by @Jon Erickson which I am more encouraged by. Nonetheless, I wouldn't take anything from the promising signs with the official IPS app(s).

  2. On 5/6/2020 at 1:52 PM, Matt said:

    It'll evolve as most products do. It's still pulling in millions of active users, it has ties with Instagram and WhatsApp so I can't see it going anywhere for a long while.

    This is how I feel.

    Facebook will adapt, they'll buyout competition or other means as a way to stay relevant.

    When Facebook realised that some people wanted a simpler social network and, that parents had started flocking onto the network. Instagram came round, most teens will use it because they're the generation to be glued to handheld device. Yes, I know older people use it and companies - yet everything seems geared towards social media influencers [+ branding companies].

    I think some feel that Facebook will simply disappear because sites like MySpace did.

    MySpace came around well before it's time, it had the right idea but didn't know how to adapt or change.

    Facebook have already done this several times, I remember when you could draw on someones wall and now it's adapting more of the popular ideas from elsewhere [including Instagram].

    Google+ thought they knew what people wanted but joined the race when really there wasn't a point, they tried using YouTube as a means to force people into using the platform and, this type of thing needs to come organically I feel.

    Twitter [despite from running up revenue and not being profitable to my knowledge] have been focusing on this which stands them out from the crowd, the fact people can tweet their favourite sporting heroes and celebrities easier, it gives them a sense of inclusion. I've never followed a page of a celebrity on Facebook, simply because I use it to connect with family and friends.

    I do, following local things and prefer to do so over Twitter because it's more natural.

    Facebook live is a great tool for them, as sports have heavily backed the feature and, this will only continue the research into features which will drive traffic to their network.

    The network appeals to young and old, I mean my parents have now joined in this last year to keep in contact with their friends and, grandchildren.

    Whilst they continue to find things which motivates users and, drives more people wanting to connect it will always be around. I find it quite amusing when people refer to social media sites as being "the place for the devil", really I find them to be useful to pulling in people into my community. Most of my site(s) traffic comes from Facebook, more so than Twitter and that's a huge model which works for them.

    Besides, when will the internet die? That's the biggest question to ask, when will people realise life is a way from a computer or mobile? 😂

  3. I haven't used Xenforo for a site myself, although the impression I have is similar those that buy Apple products and, state that it's better because of x, y, z (without naming anything of importance).

    I realise that people will mention every brand has some form of "fanboy", but I do feel Xenforo has this wrapped up as a gimmick.

    I do own a vBulletin, which I purchased because it fitted that project better and, the help I had was also more experienced with the software. I wasn't the biggest fan, I thought the ACP to navigate was a nightmare but on the front it was simple enough. Without waffling on to much, I feel IPS are moving forward whereas vBulletin looks dated now (quite badly) - Xenforo looks similar, somewhere in-between but it's never appealed.

    The sites that I frequent that use the software, always feel well designed but somewhat clunky.

    I would rather use SMF or MYBB and, figure out a way to make them responsive better within a CMS than use anything outside of IPS.

  4. @CodingJungle: I'm trying to create a simple menu for handheld devices, just to make navigating my site easier. I am using your MGM application as mentioned to you Michael on your site.

    Could you tell me how to remove the "v" arrow down, so that the menu responds when the title/tab is pressed?


    Also, would you please be able to tell me how to remove the hover elements.

    I just want a simple menu, which doesn't change colour when an item is pressed. Thanks to @newbie LAC the menu now only shows on mobiles and, it floats but I can't figure the rest out.

    I know you're busy but I would appreciate any help with this.

  5. @Pavel Chernitsky: I stopped using Tapatalk.

    Why? Updates seemed very buggy and rushed.

    They tended to take their time with releasing them, some was quick and others took quite some time. Neither made much difference, as it became a joke and I started having to put in support e-mails. I eventually called it "it" when the script caused issues with my VPS server.

    I am now using a webview app developed by @Jon Erickson.

    As he's also created a application which works with Firebase, so my users now get whatever notifications they would like and I can even send manual ones if I so wish.

    It might be worth reaching out.

  6. Just to mention, but @Jon Erickson has created an app to link IPS and Firebase together.

    I don't know what his plans are with regards to releasing it, however, it works flawlessly and Jon is a very good coder.

    Only reason I am mentioning this is due to knowing a few others who wanted exactly this solution, I'm looking forward to seeing the app released, as others should be able to take their IPS site more seriously with handheld devices.

    And, no disrespect to IPS - I feel their app is quite far from perfect for a site heavily built around IPS and third-party applications.

    Look out for the release folks. 👍

  7. It's starting to cause trouble with obtaining groceries. some people in the UK are panic buying and others are just acting selfish/greedy.

    That said, it's not something I believe will impact my family much as we can adapt to eating differently if there's something we can't get. For example, I haven't been able to get pasta for the last two weeks, but having worked as a chef I realise I can make other things. Toad in the hole is a popular one with my family, no fuss. Just a massive Yorkshire pudding with several sausages - jobs a good one.

  8. Just now, Bocar

    How many are we so far to want these two abilities or more in this plugin ?

    @Mike John, including my Personnal Message demand, you should seriously look at upgrading this plugin, don't you think ?

    Bocar; Mike has a lot of resources and, on top of this he's got a family. It's not for me to say anything beyond that, yet I think you should relax a little as your coming across quite bossy.

    This might not be your intention, but I would say patience and the right approach goes a long, long way.

    Give him time, I'm sure once his time frees up you will see things progressing.

  9. Just now, Adriano Faria
    16 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

    You can't update reviews?

    It’s tied to the group permission time to edit content. I guess they use 30 days here on IPS, if I’m not mistaken.

    I thought it might have been abused in the past, as I seem to recall updating some after purchasing.

    Still, it would be nice to move with updates and changes.

    Hopefully, it will be accessed and changed. 🤞🏻

  10. You can't update reviews?

    Unless I'm missing something, I find this a bit disappointing.

    Devs like @newbie LAC, @Mike John, @CodingJungle, @Adriano, @onlyME and others work hard on improving their plugin and applications, this can mean reviews quickly become redundant. I see the review as a way to say thank you, I try to review all of the items I enjoy and, that I believe would help other IPS customers in deciding if the purchase is worthwhile for them (as I try to be in-depth about my own usage).

    Can IPS please consider allowing us to update our reviews?

    I think sometimes it would help to make things clearer, as I have seen extremely harsh reviews and ratings requesting everything under the sun.

    That stays there as things stand, which seems a little one sided.

    Would every disgruntled buyer update their review? Probably not, but it could give developers a chance see their work more fairly accessed.

    In my case, I could speak more about the newer features, how often updates and bug fixes are released - which goes along way towards trusting people. As some just don't bother, or are busier with things that they feel deserves their focus, which is fair enough but if something changes for the better or worst, I would like to address it in my review.

    That said, I don't leave harsh or overly critical reviews.

    It's more me vouching that whatever the product is, is well worth your investment and time in using for your community.

    Please consider this... @Matt @Charles @Lindy

  11. 2.0.1 is a massive step forward, the extra features and improvements are now.

    I'll try to update my review so that it factors in what has changed and how useful I find the application as a project management tool. The calendar function is awesome, it makes a big difference.

    I have found some bugs, probably relating to my theme but I will head over to your site to report these.

    In the meantime, I'll leave some general feedback for you @CodingJungle - great job with 2.0.1 BTW, it's superb.

    Fixed it myself. 👍

  12. 2 hours ago, Ernest_Defoe said:

    Just curious if there is a way to change the icon used in the picture used by this plugin to something else? FA 5 has an American Football icon I would rather use since my site is about American Football and not soccer


    You can do it by CSS no doubt, however, I'm unsure how to switch it properly.

    Until Michael replies, you can simply edit the template if you wish.

    Core > Global > Plugins > Settings Link

    Look for....

    <i class='fa fa-futbol-o'></i>

    Change to...

    <i class="fas fa-football-ball"></i>

    This might not work, as I'm not sure if there is a Font Awesome icon for 4.7 which IPS uses - but the icon is found in the latest set.

    If not, at least you can still replace it for any of the ones featured here 


  13. 13 hours ago, Mike John said:

    It will be added, I just wasn't able to get to it in 2019. I don't want to provide another estimate as I haven't been able to keep my previous commitments.

    I’m sure everyone understands, you have a lot of resources and other things on your hands - I’m happy to wait.

    Its just nice to know that it will be added.

  14. 12 minutes ago, newbie LAC said:

    From application description




    I wouldn’t have asked otherwise, but judging by the comments posted it sounded plausible and I would have bought it as I no longer use the inbuilt method.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    PS. I realise this was built for the fields that ship with IPS, but, I wasn’t sure if you had added support.

  15. 1 hour ago, All Astronauts said:

    This is a quick guide to see what you need to do:


    All you end up doing, at least on your server-side, is flagging files with extensions such as .jpg, .png, .ttf, .woff, etc... as being cool being loaded from outside sites.

    When you get that server stuff patched it will look like this:

    I've added the recommended code to my .htaccess file, does it take some time to work? Reason I ask, is so far nothing has changed. I don't know if it requires time to resolve or something mind.

  16. I've upgraded to the 1.5.0, I was previously using a very old version but I have ran into an error which only goes away if I disable the app.


    [[Template core/front/global/widgetContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

    @Fosters: Would you be able to fix this for me please?

    PS. It happens with the default theme.

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