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  1. On 11/24/2018 at 6:47 AM, newbie LAC said:

    I can't reproduce.

    Check plugin settings on ACP for Spotify

    You might want to mention to other users on the app page that Facebook wants people to jump through a verification process and require approval now.

    Any chance we can have the ability to manually enter the amount if required?

    Facebook is very bad with rejecting the permissions required.

  2. It's quite slick, but as mentioned, most of these functions are open on the first page.

    This is also the menu, not the profile (not being funny) but I do agree that some enhancements to the user area would be nice. The drop down menu is very nifty and practical, yet I suspect this could be a great plugin rather than core features.

  3. @Mike John: Would you be able to take a look at my site when you get a chance, I haven't used the live topics for a while as the football season ended, but now I'm approaching a new campaign - the automatic updates seem a little timely/inconsistent with 4.4. It might be related to changes I had a few months ago to my server, I don't know but it used to be pretty quick. One update didn't show at all during 30 seconds, I had to manually refresh to show it.

  4. @TheJackal84: The application is generating an error on my site, this was found and pointed out by Newbie Lac.

    SELECT * FROM `chatapp_chatrooms`  LEFT JOIN `core_permission_index` ON core_permission_index.app='chatapp' AND core_permission_index.perm_type='chatroom' AND core_permission_index.perm_type_id=chatapp_chatrooms.id WHERE (( FIND_IN_SET(2,perm_) ) OR perm_='*' )
    Unknown column 'perm_' in 'where clause'


    #0 /REDACTED/system/Db/Select.php(373): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\core\\exte...', Array, true)
    #1 /REDACTED/system/Db/Select.php(436): IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery()
    #2 [internal function]: IPS\Db\_Select->rewind()
    #3 /REDACTED/applications/core/extensions/core/Sitemap/Content.php(205): IteratorIterator->rewind()
    #4 /REDACTED/system/Sitemap/Sitemap.php(102): IPS\core\extensions\core\Sitemap\_Content->generateSitemap('sitemap_content...', Object(IPS\Sitemap))
    #5 /REDACTED/applications/core/tasks/sitemapgenerator.php(35): IPS\_Sitemap->buildNextSitemap()
    #6 /REDACTED/system/Task/Task.php(255): IPS\core\tasks\_sitemapgenerator->execute()
    #7 /REDACTED/system/Task/Task.php(224): IPS\_Task->run()
    #8 /REDACTED/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(326): IPS\_Task->runAndLog()
    #9 [internal function]: IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard->__destruct()
    #10 {main}


  5. On 5/11/2019 at 4:44 PM, onlyME said:

    Edit your slider, set order by = id, order = a-z

    Then run Get Support to clear cache.

    My purchase has disappeared, I'm unable to download it now.

    I have just seen via my ACP that there's an update, but I can't access the downloads.

  6. On 3/19/2019 at 7:46 PM, Dean_ said:

    Wonder if you could theme it to make it look like the old and nostalgic MSN Chat Rooms 🤣

    Great work Jackal, impressive. Can see this being popular!

    I would like to see a message displayed when a user enters or leaves the chat room, as well as seeing chat mods/admins at the top.

  7. 16 hours ago, Pete T said:

    this how tested added image via article option add test in article box and saved, then clicked clear cache, checked article and image still there have missed any steps.

    With articles, they're usually quite old.

    The background tends to virtually all the time, perhaps a core bug?

  8. 11 hours ago, Pete T said:

    That very odd if losing images when running this tool as does same as support tool part from loading the form up but I take look later today ontest site.

    Thanks Pete, I don't know why, but I always do.

  9. @TheJackal84: I'm not kidding you when I say this, I became that impressed with your chat application that I went ahead and purchased it. Not only that, however, it made me want to upgrade to IPS 4.4 something hadn't wanted to do until I saw this.

    On 3/23/2019 at 4:43 AM, kmk said:

    Hello, can add voice feature? 

    This is a great idea.

    I run a fan site for my local football team, the match chat used to be very popular, but CometChat lost their heads and became bloatedware. One thing, however, I liked, was the ability to send voice updates. I would give the thumbs up to this idea, especially if you added settings that would enable only certain members to use the function. I or someone trusted could then give updates on the game as it happens (like commentary). 😍😍

    9 hours ago, kmk said:

    2. Can you add posibility of using the phone camara to post a picture?

    I also like this idea.

    The ability to attach/upload images from a smartphone or tablet would be awesome, I often shared pictures throughout games similar to the above voice function. It's useful outside of that as not everyone these days has a desktop computer and otherwise they might not be able to share images.

    My suggestions:

    • A dedicated chat room moderator(s) - (Allow us to choose who mods the chat rooms and pin them to the top of the online list).
    • Chat room logs - (very useful to read through incase anyone does something they shouldn't, otherwise without proof it becomes he said, they said).
    • Report chat messages - (like the above, if members could report comments live it would allow for better moderation and quicker action to be taken).
    • Disable sounds and notification alerts inside the chat room(s) individually.
    • Member statuses (Availible, Away, Busy) - (Useful to know if someone is absent, as it marks them and during a long conversation it allows people to notice easily).
    • Invite members (this would send a notification out asking a member to join x room).
    • Show who has seen each message (much like Facebook Messenger does).
    • -Ignore if it does- Does this block filtered bad words? If not, please support the default feature.

    I think this application is wonderful, I almost considered buying an option mentioned earlier, however, I couldn't justify the price and I felt it wasn't quite right for what I needed. I can see this working well straight out of the box - yet I am seeing a lot of potential to improve it. Seriously, thank you for releasing and already taking on improving it by adding our suggestions. I hope it replaces the whole that IPS left when they disbanded their chat system as I feel this is perfect.

  10. I have no plans as of now, however, I have been thinking about it a lot since I first read this topic.

    I'm hopeful my family would continue my work, I own two fantastic sites and a few minor ones which use Wordpress. However, I am very proud of the IPS ones I have and I feel the content produced is by far above the typical standard of a hobbyist such as myself.

    Since the age of 30, my health has rapidly declined. I look healthy to the eye, but I'm in a lot of pain.

    I suffer from a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes me to dislocate my joints very easily, among pain (related to my joints), fibromyalgia (parts of my body), arthritis, irriatablebowl syndrome and other things.

    I'm now going through a stage whereby I might have kidney failure, so I am thinking a lot about what if.

    My son has seen me do my sites from a very young age, he knows what it takes and he does have some interest in them. I'm hoping as he becomes a teenager, he will get more and more interested, as he's recently decided he wants to become a graphic designer. He's actually spoken about learning to design sites and code so I think one day he might be messaging @ehren. and@newbie LAC for advice.

    It's a grim topic, but something that should be considered, our time spent on the things we do shouldn't stop when we die.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    That's how raffles/giveaway layout will show up on IPS 4.4:


    • Cover photo
    • Prizes at the top, listing up to 6. The other prizes can be seen by clicking in a link
    • Participants: 6 per line. New setting to you decide how many to show and if you want to show the member name below the photo.

    There are, so far, 2 more new features that I will talk about them later.  👍

    May I suggest the ability to style the raffles?


    If you sell to x amount of people or x tickets, they can choose a number and their username gets shown on that. In pubs in the UK, they used to do fundraisers called guess the number, spot the ball, etc.

    Fun little games.

  12. 6 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

    Field when adding/editing a raffle/giveaway:

    $return['price'] = new \IPS\nexus\Form\Money( 'raffle_price', $item ? json_decode( $item->price, TRUE ) : array(), $priceRequired, array(), function( $val )......

    $item->price is the cost of the raffle. And it saves same way:

    		/* Ticket Price */
    		if( \IPS\Request::i()->do == 'submit' AND isset( $values['raffle_price'] ) )
    			$this->price = json_encode( $values['raffle_price'] );

    So there's no way to, somehow, it shows the user account credit there.

    Everything related to account credit only appears in the Commerce extension tied to a setting to allow pay for tickets using Account Credit:

    	 * @brief	Can use account credit?
    	public static $canUseAccountCredit = FALSE;
    	 * @brief	Can use account credit: according to the app setting
    	public function __construct( $memberOrGroup=NULL, \IPS\nexus\Money $price )
    		parent::__construct( $memberOrGroup, $price );
    		static::$canUseAccountCredit = \IPS\Settings::i()->raffle_use_account_credit ? TRUE : FALSE;

    So let me know if you know how to reproduce because it seems impossible to me.

    I think the issue is related to the Commerce app, sorry.

    If I credit any account via the ACP, my own account gets the money also. Weird.

  13. I think I've found a bug and it's pretty random, so I am unsure as to how it's triggered or how can be replicated. However, I keep getting account credit and it's always in the region of what I put my raffle tickets to cost.

    It starts at the lowest amount but can build to an alarming total.

    Reason I say it must be connected, it's always in the region of the ticket prices and grows in the same number.

    One thing could be that I'm the raffle creator? I don't know, I am checking other accounts and haven't noticed the same behaviour yet. 🤷‍♂️

  14. 2 hours ago, mrbowers said:

    I don't understand why people don't get it? The app maker asked you to do this... if you don't like the answer then don't use the app or buy it. As you see below the app maker has topic's which you can make a suggestions. OR maybe ask on that forums if you can have a custom job done to this app.  Thank you have a great day everyone.  

    Adriano Faria thank you for all hard work you put in to your projects. My community enjoys the Raffles System the way it is.



    And please do as I request in the file description, if you want to get some attention to your requests:

    Suggestions and Bugs report:

    What I don't get is your response.

    Selling 40 places could mean I take far more from doing 1 raffle, than I would doing 2 with 20 raffle tickets. If you operate under strict guidelines, BTW I am registered with my areas council and I operate under gambling laws (hence the suggestion to limit per ticket). You may actually be required to sell tickets to a certain amount, something which we have no control over currently.

    Just because you and your community likes this setup, well that's great.

    However, my comment was a mere suggestion and I shouldn't be forced to register elsewhere in order to make this possible.

    I never said I didn't like or appreciate the application, so your comment 'if you don't like the answer then don't use the app or buy it.' is pretty irrelevant. Clients of IPS should be fully allowed to post feature suggestions within the support topics, after all to request something generally includes some form of support. What makes me laugh is how some people can't respect other people or understand that people won't have the time to register elsewhere.

    Besides, most devs I've worked with refuse to register accounts on clients sites in order offer adequate support - how is this any different than asking us to join theirs?

    Anywho, I have no issue with Adriano knocking back the suggestion but I did want to squash this "40 people and 1 ticket per people will do what you want." as limiting to one ticket would naturally make any raffle harder and again, depending on your local areas rules or countries gambling regulations you may be required to limit the tickets. I don't expect you to understand this.


    Be aware that may have local laws regarding paying for the tickets unless you are registered as a non-profit organization, or have special authorization to do so. Some sites like Paypal usually shut accounts down or even can take actions against the accounts of people using their site in that manner.

    Indeed they do.

    If you can't make a valid request I won't purchase, my suggestion was very valid but again I accept Adriano's decision.

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