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Entry Comments posted by Joey_M

  1. On 6/29/2020 at 7:45 AM, Boris_ said:

    I haven't had a chance to upgrade a device to iOS 14 to test with yet, but I did watch the WWDC session on it and under-the-hood it is using WebAuthn so it is probable that my WebAuthn plugin will work for this, or I will be able to update it to do so.


    So, would your plugin allow people on 4.4 to add the option to sign in with Apple?

  2. 33 minutes ago, socceronly said:

    When you are in an individual product, go to the Store Setting tab and scroll to the bottom.  It is the second panel from the bottom.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.  Haven't been on the computer much the last few days.

     No worries, I managed to track it down but the helps appreciated.

  3. @Mark: Can we please have the ability to store multiple options within a product?

    So we can list different colours available for purchase, patterns, personalise them etc? Rather than having to create separate products per each one.

    Like this...


    It would also be handy if we could disable which nations we ship too, I only want to sell to the UK right now but I have no way of limiting the products to this area. I just have to avoid adding shipping fees which seems very counter productive, as people may e-mail me saying 'I can't buy this item' when they don't read the description which means we only deliver to x places.

  4. 15 hours ago, mdmx said:

    Currently it is not included in the Topic Feed widget, maybe it will appear in version 4.4?


    It's there, I just fail to remember how to enable it. You might need to check the templates and remove a few // before it. I know it's there though.

    This is a great read Joel and thanks for posting it Matt.

    [Secretly I wanted to unearth more hidden gems as I was surprised when I triggered the emoji one). 😄  

  5. @Matt

    I was typing the other day and I made a mistake, I pressed : and typed two letters, then my post field/box was invaded with emojis. I thought it was a cool feature but I have struggled to trigger it since, I know how too now and I have seen the "shortcut" feature on the ACP.

    However, I am certain there are things we can learn about the front end that people might not be aware of.

    A future idea for this section?

  6. Just now, Stuart Silvester said:

    Can you clarify what you're looking for? Invision Community has supported Browser Notifications since 4.1. - If you go to the notifications options page, it will tell you if you can use browser notifications, or if they're enabled - https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/options/

    For example,

    If I publish a new article via IP.Pages, can a browser notification be sent to those who have approved the options? I'm not sure this is currently available.

  7. Will 4.2 be like upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1, or will things break?

    I know some plugins and stuff did when upgrading from 4.0, though it was still manageable. 4.2 looks like a pretty big upgrade in terms of changes, so I am hoping that it won't break everything or mean I will have to spend on having all my custom work upgraded.

    Not a negative, just useful to know because I would have to hold back.

    Love the new features, I haven't been this excited since you guys first introduced the gallery and blog apps! Oh wait, I was with 4.0! :lol:

  8. I'm having nothing but issues since this release, I do hate to moan but there's more noticeable bugs for me. The discover pages are broken, articles don't seem to appear in them for certain members (including other admins).

    You can't define your 'unread' items because refreshing seems broken and on occasions you get errors.

    When reading a topic or PM and someone replies, it doesn't automatically update when you click to on the notification - it refreshes. This happens on this site - sometimes manually refreshing works fine, other times you get an error that states the content cannot be found. It's very frustrating, I realise you guys will be doing your best but there's always issues and they tend to be the ones which breaks important areas. :(

    I struggle enough to get people to post due to my niche topic and the fact its a depressing area but the errors of this version is really making people moan.

  9. Amazing!

    I'll be honest I'm not a fan of how the layouts changed, I wasn't convinced either when version 3 came about but it grew on me. This will no doubt help those like me who feel it's to bland and lacking the professional feel IPB has. Just too Modern for me but awesome work on the editor :)

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