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4x4 What Do Visitors See When They Visit?
4x4 is a new power series that focuses on four items in less than four minutes. They're designed to cover everything from quick maintenance checks to community tips to help you make the most out of your Invision Community.
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The State of the Internet: Mary Meeker at 2019 Code Conference
Mary Meeker delivered a rapid-fire review at the 2019 Code Conference of her latest Internet Trends Report, widely considered to be one of the most influential and comprehensive reports on Internet trends.

Joel breaks down the big trends and what it means for community owners.
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The Power of Influence: Building Trust and Governance in a Community
In the June edition of his "2019 Year of Community", Joel takes a deep dive into how influence can build trust and help govern your community.

"Have you seen communities where the moderators take heavy-handed actions and do things without prior notice? Or they assume you know everything? It feels rude, unwelcoming, and very cliquish. On the other hand, I’ve also seen communities where the moderators and community managers take the time to explain every response."
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How to grow your community with Facebook Ads
In the first of our expert series, we invite Martin Jolly-Jarvis to give us an overview of how Facebook ads can help drive traffic to your site.

"The purpose of this post is to give you a short introduction, so you know roughly how to make profitable ads.

It’s not going to turn you into an expert, but it might stop you digging in the wrong spot and spending BIG on things you should avoid."
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How I Started My Community - Part 3 Growth
When I wrote my last entry, The Dogly Mail had just reached the 100 member milestone but since then things have grown impressively.

The photo competition has proven very successful at encouraging new signups and we are now at around 1400 members picking up 15-20 new members a day. This is far better than I could have hoped for but there a few caveats…
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The 3 things your community needs to succeed
A successful community only needs three core elements to flourish and begin producing results.

Your community will require some care and effort to flourish, but with the right strategies in place, you'll ensure that the value your community produces continues to increase as time goes by.

Let's take a look at the three elements that make for a successful community.

Work smarter with 5 of our best time saving features

Have you ever found yourself muttering "there has to be an easier way" when managing your community?

If you have, it's likely that you are not the first person to think that. Invision Community has been refined over nearly two decades, and in that time we've received a lot of feedback from clients running very large and busy sites.

We love a short cut, especially when it makes our clients lives easier.

There's plenty of time-saving features throughout Invision Community, and here are five of the best.
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Boundaries & Identity: Building Membership in a Community
Cultivating a strong Sense of Community is a clear goal for community builders. Develop a strong sense of community, and you’ve built a community experience that sparks a more meaningful and connected community that your members will love.
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What lessons can you learn from a discount fashion retailer?
Two headlines caught my eye today as they appeared side by side in my newsfeed.

On first glance, they seemed contradictory.

The first was that the UK lost nearly 2,500 shops and stores last year and the second is that discount fashion retailer Primark has just invested £70m in a new store in Birmingham.

This new store covers 161,000 sq ft over five floors and features a Disney-themed cafe, a beauty studio, a gents hairdresser and a Harry Potter themed section.

If the UK is closed thousands of stores, and a recent department store has just fallen into administration why would a brand invest £70m in a new store?
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Master your community's lifecycle to increase your growth
We all seek success with our Invision Communities. For too many of our communities, however, we yearn for success but we don’t plot the correct navigation to get there. We haphazardly pursue our strategies, trying new ideas and hoping one will stick. It’s time to take a step back and assess your goals in context to your growth. It’s important to understand the stages of the community lifecycle, and to strategically match your goals with your growth sequence.
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Why did Lush quit social media?
"Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed. So we’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to some of our social channels and open up the conversation between you and us instead."
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How I Started My Community - Part 2 Building Engagement
We catch up with Helen for a progress report on how her new community "The Dogly Mail" is faring.

"We recently broke the 100 member milestone and that all came from word of mouth. We’re not talking huge numbers but I’m very encouraged for the future. My focus is now on building interactions with four main areas of the site."
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Case Study: Building Safe Spaces for The Trevor Project
Every day, LGBTQ young people from all walks of life log into TrevorSpace, the world’s largest moderated safe space for LGBTQ youth online.

TrevorSpace is a service from The Trevor Project, the foremost suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth in the world.

TrevorSpace is growing by over a thousand new members every week.

Here's how they use their Invision Community.
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6 Degrees of Separation
We do love a parlour game at Invision Community HQ and we were playing "6 degrees of separation" recently.

You've probably heard of the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon". This is where you try and connect any actor with Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less.

So let's try "6 degrees of Invision Community". This is where we try and connect a person with an Invision Community.
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Why I try and avoid the F word in public
I've had this similar conversation dozens of times in the recent past when someone has taken an interest in what I do.

Person: So what does Invision Community do?
Me: We develop and sell an independent community platform.
Person: Oh. Neat.

I used to say the F word. But this used to cause some confusion.
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How To Create Value from an Online Community
For too many communities, strategy revolves around two simple pillars: content and engagement. You inform. You engage. And you think your job is done. However, you’ve barely scratched the surface of offering value.
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Podcast with Matt: Facebook or Forums?
I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak on the Expert Focus podcast,  hosted by experienced community manager and public speaker, Claire Dowdall.

Claire has significant experience in managing and developing strategies for increasing Facebook Group engagement for high profile speakers and entrepreneurs, while my background is with independent communities.

This set us up nicely for a lively conversation to really pull apart what makes for a successful community, and what platforms to consider when starting out.
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10 Tips For Converting from vBulletin to Invision Community
I interviewed 6 former vBulletin admins who are now Invision Community clients.  Most of these vBulletin admins have 10+ years of experience running successful forums, so their input was especially insightful.
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Don't hide your community away!
One of the first things I do when visiting a site that I know has a community is to try and find it.

More often than not, it's hidden away in the footer links or buried in several sub-menus and labelled something relatively obscure like "Fans" or "Support".

This is a massive lost opportunity.
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How I started my community
In this new series, we hear from new community owners and follow their journey from opening the site to nurturing the fledgling membership.

In this article, we hear from Helen who shares her experience with opening a site catering for dog owners.
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4.4: Converter updates to make migrating to Invision Community even easier

We want to ensure that converting from your existing community platform to ours is as seamless as possible.

While we do have a migration service available where we take care of everything for you, we do also offer a DIY option.

We took some time to overhaul the conversion process for those opting to convert using our free tools.
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How to beat your competition
The Internet is a fierce battleground for users, clicks, attention, and audience. Competition surrounds your community from all angles and new threats constantly emerge.

The Internet has leveled the playing field for local businesses, solopreneurs, and small organizations which means more people than ever are competing for users. Online communities are no different, and as companies realize the growing power of communities, you too may face more challenges.
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Team Talk: Your favourite 4.4 feature?
Release parties at Invision Community are a fairly tame affair. You'd think after months of planning, coding and testing we'd want to cut loose and dance the night away.

The reality is we send each other a few amusing GIFs in Slack and then wait for support tickets to start appearing while our developers crack their knuckles and prepare for bug reports to be filed.

We did manage to find five minutes to ask the team what their favourite feature of 4.4 was.
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Welcome to Invision Community 4.4!
We're thrilled to announce that Invision Community 4.4 is available to download now.

After months of development, over 1650 separate code commits and quite a few mugs of questionable coffee you can now get your hands on the beta release.

The incredible power of anonymity when growing your community
When you allow your members to take back control of their privacy, you are empowering them to make decisions about what to share.

Given how eroded our privacy is in our modern always-connected world, this is a precious gift.
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