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Post Color Highlight

Often when you are reading a topic, comments, or other posts, you will see team members replying. Although IPS Community Suite already allows groups to set up custom images and member titles, these replies can get lost in the noise.

Version 4.1.13 now allows you to switch on post highlighting per member group. This makes sure the reply stands out from the rest of the replies.



Of course, this feature works everywhere; from calendar comments to article replies.



The feature is switched on via the Group form in the ACP.



You can edit the look of the highlighting via the theme’s settings which allows for different color schemed per-theme.



We have also ensured that theme designers can get the most out of the system by embedding a data attribute noting the group of the author. This means that you can add custom CSS to use different colours per member group.





We think post highlighting will be a simple way to bring attention to member posts in groups that you define.




Recommended Comments

Clever, but in all honesty I can't see the actual point of this, sorry! You normally only include features based on high enough demand and this seems more like a mod in the MarketPlace as opposed to a being stock feature. 

Sorry to sound ungrateful. Would much rather see improvements like being able to toggle open/close categories of smilies, to make reordering via drag and drop in the AdminCP less painful due to excess scrolling, for example.


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Just curious about this......I noticed that in the Sidebar "Recent Posts" block that it doesnt do the hilight there.  Personally I think that would be one place where this new feature should show since many members of sites actually use the Recent Posts block first before going on a tour of the forums.




I really think this should be addressed.

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Another thing that I have noticed is that while I get the nice border color change it also defaults the background of the post window to an off-white color and if you have a dark theme with white text you can understand that this is not a good thing.

Im not changing my theme so I have had to disable the feature for now and until something, if anything, gets done about it.  I like the feature but it is still in a "beta" state in my humble opinion.

Edited by Steve-Ray
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On 5/7/2016 at 2:07 PM, Adriano Faria said:

Makes the color option as a theme setitng isn't a good idea, which makes all groups enabled to use same colors, not differenting them. I also understand that each skin will have a different background, etc. So, useless, for me. But nice addition for those who will use it.

Yea, it would be cool if you were able to set a different color for the different groups, but then again if you have multiple themes then that could make it look bad. I guess a mod would be in place for that. The ability to set post color based on group. Ex. have admin 1 color and mods another color.

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It needs the ability for a check box in the editor so you can decide if you want the specific post highlighted or not if enabled for your group. Staff often take part in much of the debate and for the main wouldn't want to stand out. 

When making a moderator decision to get back on topic etc then it would be great to highlight but not on every post.

Edited by Police Community
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