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New in 4.1.13: Personal Messenger Improvements

In line with our aim to make incremental improvements in each release, I wanted to go over a few of the small but useful changes to the personal messenger that you'll find in our next release, 4.1.13.


Read/unread filtering

The first improvement is that you can now filter the message list by read and unread, making it a little easier to browse through just the messages you're interested in.



Search improvements

Next up, the messenger search has been improved in a couple of ways; first, you can now also search the names of both the recipients and the senders, and second, we've added a menu so you can specify which fields in particular you want to search by.



Easier moving

Finally, we've added a popular request - the ability to use the mass-move tool inside the messenger. You can now check multiple messages, and the usual mass-action toolbar will appear that will allow you either move them to another folder, or, has been the case in the past, delete them.



While these are each small improvements by themselves, we hope the incremental changes in each release add up to a more pleasant experience for users. 


Recommended Comments

I've been expecting correcting the bug in the bulk mail ; however for the messenger it would be great if we can have the ability to to send the pm to as many members by activating selection criteria and filter say like the one in manage members or the one we use for bulk mail.

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On 7/7/2016 at 3:43 AM, bluejag said:

I just upgraded to and I cannot post on the forum,  I submitted a ticket as well.

go to admin cp and go to support here i give image for you help below click to Continent it will clear you cashes and will work fine site

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