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New: Default Warning Notes

When a moderator is warning a user they can already input a reason for the warning. However, on busy sites this can get quite tedious plus you also may want some content in there such as your Terms of Service to highlight the member's reason for a warning.

We have added a new default warning note for the warning actions. This allows the admin to setup these notes to pre-populate for the moderator when they select a warning reason. So you might input an admin-approved message, highlight the section of the rules your member violated, or for corporate clients you might include some notice from your legal department.

Warnings 2016-11-14 4vjei.png

Admin Configuration

On the front end the moderator will see that content as a pre-filled area in the notes box but the moderator can still edit it to the specific situation.

test - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-14 c8rce.png

Moderator Warning Panel

We think this will streamline moderation particularly on busy communities. Admins will be able to define how to approach certain member situations to balance keeping your community running smoothly with the importance of looking professional and polite when you do have to take action on a member. Moderators will also be able to speed up their work by simply clicking a post, selecting a reason, and submitting the warning. No typing needed.


This change will be in version 4.1.17 which is scheduled to be released in early December 2016.


Recommended Comments

Just now, Berg. said:

@Charles Will the warn REALLY expire on this update? Because even after it 'expires' it continues counting as warn, and goes adding up until the user is banned

It should already do that. If you are having a problem please submit a ticket and we can look at your settings and help you configure it do that :) 

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