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IPS Community Suite 4.1.18 Available

Version 4.1.18 is now available in the client area!

Two large changes include Two Factor Authentication:

And changes to make Google less jumpy about password inputs:

Some smaller changes include:

  • Pinterest share link has been added
  • Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility
  • The Approval Queue page now has a "Hide" button to hide content (rather than only being able to approve / delete)
  • Disabling Profile Photo uploads will now also disable importing from a URL
  • The Admin CP will now indicate whether or not a member is connected to a social network
  • The Admin CP will now display more information for a user who has been banned
  • imgur embedded is now supported

Check out the Release Notes for a full list of changes.



Recommended Comments

I'm having nothing but issues since this release, I do hate to moan but there's more noticeable bugs for me. The discover pages are broken, articles don't seem to appear in them for certain members (including other admins).

You can't define your 'unread' items because refreshing seems broken and on occasions you get errors.

When reading a topic or PM and someone replies, it doesn't automatically update when you click to on the notification - it refreshes. This happens on this site - sometimes manually refreshing works fine, other times you get an error that states the content cannot be found. It's very frustrating, I realise you guys will be doing your best but there's always issues and they tend to be the ones which breaks important areas. :(

I struggle enough to get people to post due to my niche topic and the fact its a depressing area but the errors of this version is really making people moan.

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Just now, kar3n2 said:

@Joey_M does this also apply to the latest update ?

Yes, honestly this occurred the most issues for me.

It's that problematic that I haven't bothered upgrading one of my other sites to 4.1.18 (.1 or .2). It's just casing so much hassle, the amount of members who are saying that things aren't working etc.

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Hello, me of then this update, I have a big problem: (the members have difficulty in connecting and when they manage to connect, they are not with the good pen name, but that of another member(limb) (not terrible for the private life) of the blow several members pass from an account to an other one and I find no solution to this grave problem!: (

Saddened for my English!


Bonjour, moi de puis cette mise à jour, j'ai un gros problème :( les membres ont du mal à se connecter et quand ils arrivent à se connecter, ils sont pas avec le bon pseudo, mais celui d'un autre membre (pas terrible pour la  vie privée) du coup plusieurs membres passe d'un compte à un autre et je ne trouve aucune solution à ce grave problème ! :(

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