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iOS & Android Apps: Open Beta

Since we announced native Invision Community apps for iOS and Android, the response has been incredible.

Hundreds of customers registered interest in joining the testing process, and for the initial round we selected around thirty users, roughly split between iOS and Android. Thank you to those testers for their work in reporting issues and providing feedback over the past couple of months.

Open Beta

I'm pleased to report that we are now ready to begin an open beta of the app, allowing everyone to install it and test it. See below for information on installing the apps.

As this is still a testing process, we'd welcome any bug reports or feedback you have. Instructions on doing that can also be found below.

The app going into open beta today is essentially a 'white label' version for our own community here. This enables us to test the basic community functionality more widely before we release the free 'multi-community' app that customers will be able to use with their own communities.

Already signed up for beta testing via our survey? Thank you! Once we begin testing the multi-community app we will select a new group of testers from those that signed up, and invite them to offer the app to their own users on their own communities. This stage will come once Invision Community 4.5 is released later this year.

Installing the app


iOS users will need to install TestFlight from the App Store. This is an app provided by Apple that allows developers (such as ourselves) to issue test versions of applications.

Once installed, sign up for the beta test by going HERE  on your iPhone.


Android users should go HERE on their device to sign up for the beta.

Reporting issues/providing feedback

If you would like to report an issue with the app, we are managing issues via a special GitHub repository. You will need a free GitHub account to report new issues, if you don't already have one. Click the Issues tab, then the New Issue button and follow the steps. Please provide as much information as you can.

If you'd like to provide feedback via a private channel, or if you have a sensitive bug to report, please email us at a dedicated email address: mobilesupport@invisionpower.com


The app you will be installing is a beta version and we offer no guarantees with it. If you are not comfortable using beta software and the inherent risks in doing so, please don't install the app yet. We reserve the right to suspend testing or exclude individual testers at any time if necessary.




Recommended Comments

Excellent step considering 70% of my users are on mobile.

It would be excellent if it could be white label, so we can have a custom app logo / shortcut if possible and other branding.

Also maintaining monetisation is important.

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Will there be an ability to only allow certain member groups to use the app? (I.e paying only members who have a specific product in the store - premium membership)

Is it also possible to hide specific forums from the app?

First option would be great and would allow me to use the app on my forum in the future. The other option could be a temporary solution until that ability. 

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So... if I understand where this is heading correctly...

Invision Community will be joining FB and Twitter as a social media "app" company where we as admins basically run groups within their app.  (to have ads in their app we would need to forego ads on our own website domains)


This could be profitable in the long term.

Facebook should just pay me directly then.... ... since I already have private groups in there with hundreds of thousands of users.

Can we buy stock in Invision community?

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