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4.0 - Calendar Stream

IP.Calendar has a few primary important views: the monthly grid view (i.e. a typical calendar table), the weekly view which lists a calendar week and any events occurring during that week, a daily view which lists all events occurring on a given day, and the actual event views where you view details about a specific event. All of these views have their usefulness, however we felt that there was a missing piece to the puzzle. During planning meetings we discussed adding a popular feature request known as an agenda view, which basically lists all events between a given time period (or from a given date forward) and while we liked the idea, we felt we could accomplish the end goal while taking the interface a step further.

The calendar stream

The new "stream" view is what it sounds like - a stream of calendar events listed in order of date, from oldest to newest. This calendar view is based upon a given month and will show all events occurring within that month (including recurring events). You can view the calendar stream for each month individually if you wish, just like you would view the calendar "month" view.

The events are displayed as small blocks of event data.

This is a general idea of what the stream looks like

As you can see, events are listed from oldest to newest in a "stream", i.e. a grid of blocks showing event details. The stream is an option for end users to choose from, and the admin can set it as the default viewing method for Calendar if they wish.


We believe this new stream will accomplish the same end goal an agenda view is designed to accomplish, but in a more robust and stylish manner. We look forward to your feedback on this new enhancement to the calendar product.


Recommended Comments

This looks good, but... well: In my opinion a calender should display dates/events etc. in a way that can be perceived at a glance. Maybe I am kind of "oldschool", but those blocks of event data are not my world.



The stream is an option for end users to choose from, and the admin can set it as the default viewing method for Calendar if they wish.


This however sounds great! If there are different options to display calendar events, I am fine with this stream view, since I don't have to use it. :smile:

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A stream/list view was missing. Thanks!


I don't like that it is cutting off the event name, though! It's seems to be done for purely stylistic reasons. Maybe you can come up with a solution where the header grows with the name of the event. There might be important information in that name that shouldn't be cut off. Not every event is just called “gym“. ;-)

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It's a good idea, but I believe that the events would read better if they were stacked vertically and horizontally (list format one column) rather than 3 columns with the most recent at the top and the last at the bottom; this is the way most people would format a list of events.  It looks very disorganised and chaotic from the screen shot.

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Reminds me of the Google+/Pinterest feed too. But I agree with the others, my eye has no clue where to go.

I made notes on the screenshot with what the chronological order should be (according to start date). Definitely not in order.... not to mention the one with an end date before the start date?


Edit: I guess 4 & 5 should both be 4 since they have the same start time/date, like #6.

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I like the concept though I agree that the screenshot in isolation left me slightly confused, but far more interesting is the inclusion of location maps. Please tell us more about these...  Does each event have its own location or can you create a set of locations and then add events to them?

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Also, I am confused about one feature: why would you have a review of a calendar event?  I can understand comments, sure. But reviews?

We use the calendar mainly for various conferences and meetups. It would allow users to rate & give feedback for those items.

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This is the first item in V4 that I don't think I like at first glance.


As has been pointed out the events are not in a logical order and so the user has to search the screen. If said user suffered any reading/learning related disorders, like dyslexia, this is even worse.


I would suggest, as has already been suggested, that the most recent events should be at top and read from left to right.


Question: Can those date formats be changed? I cannot tell you how hard it is for a thick-headed Brit to read that date format. :)

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To be clear, this doesn't replace monthly/weekly/day view. It's another way of viewing what's upcoming this month.

But it still doesn't give users a "list/agenda" view that's been missing. It looks beautiful, but the data is just all over the place. This would work well for blogs or gallery or even forums, but personally I think it just doesn't work here.

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Thanks for giving this idea some thought. I've been asking for this for a while!  It's nice to see it being implemented.  Although I do agree with other's comments about the confusing layout.


Does this view only work with upcoming events? What about past events? I don't want my past events lost because my users like to go back and comment on them (or "review" them), etc.  If the answer is that you can view either upcoming or past events (i.e. two different pages), then it might make more sense for past events to be in reverse chronological order. Or even better, let the admin specify a default order and/or let users save their own preference (on a per-calendar basis).

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