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IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

Since the very first release of IP.Board, those with a working knowledge of HTML and CSS have been able to alter the look and feel of the board to better match their site.

Over the years, we've made many improvements to the skinning system. For 3.2 alone we've added remote skin editing and more modular CSS to make editing much quicker.

Last year, we introduced the skin generator for customers with an active license. This has been a very popular service and quickly allows customers to produce a new skin that better matches their site colors. However, we felt that we could do better than this tool and do better than our competitors who allow you to 'blindly' change colors from the Admin CP without seeing the immediate effect it has on the board.

Wouldn't it be so much easier to just change the colors while browsing the board? We thought so.

Introducing the Visual Skin Editor
This brand new innovative new feature allows you to edit the board's colors right from the board itself! You don't need to know CSS, you don't even need to remember hex codes and you don't have to blindly edit oddly named CSS classes from the Admin CP.

Live Demonstration
As this feature is best demonstrated, I've recorded a short video in which I make a brand new red themed skin in about five minutes using this new feature.

The usual disclaimer applies: this is work in progress and contains some rough edges that will be smoothed out before release.

As you can see from this video, it's a cinch to create a brand new skin in IP.Board 3.2! If you can point and click and use a basic paint editor on your computer then you're able to use this tool.

We're thrilled to announce this feature and look forward to your feedback and questions.


Recommended Comments

After playing the the VSE for a little while, i've come to the following conclusions:

1) It's really neat
2) Colors cannot be changed in many places i would have expected possible.
3) Color options for links and text seems limited

Will these things be added?

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Now THAT is just what IPS boards have been waiting for! I tried under 3.1.x to create a new skin, got the colours any everything okay, just managed to lose half the tabs and ended up giving up as it was taking up too much time.

Can't wait for this to be released, thanks all involved

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[quote name='Ryu Leon Heart' timestamp='1309561101']
I strongly suggest this feature is also for the Blog / Visual Theme Editor as well. One of the disadvantage of the Blog is, the users cannot make their theme easily and they have no knowledge about CSS.

I also agree with this post, each user should be able to use the visual theme editor to customly create their own blog themes! This would be a huge advantage to the blog app!

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Just a quick reminder for everyone: this is a blog entry and posting here you have issues won't help.

If you have questions or troubles please submit a ticket or post in the support area of the forum to get help :)

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I love this, except for one issue ... I cannot change the text for posts from the dark gray ... so making the background black makes all posts hard to read
...and there's no option to change the background for polls ... the poll text is white on a white background, also unreadable

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I like to create a new skin and I found it ease to replace colors on existing theme.

But i was not ableI change the header are and put the search box on a new position?

Can I create a skin from scratch with the editor?

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