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4.4: Increase visitor registrations with Post Before Registering

It's very easy to focus on a single metric to gauge the success of your community.

It's very common for community owners to look at page hits and determine if their SEO and marketing efforts have paid off.

Getting traffic to your site is only half the equation though. The most valuable metric is how many casual visitors you're converting to engaged members.

Invision Community already makes it easy for guests to sign up using external services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

However, there has to be a conscious decision to click that sign-up button. For some, this may be a barrier too many.

Invision Community 4.4 reduces this barrier by allowing guests to create a post to a topic they want to engage with.

Once they have posted, they are asked to simply complete their registration. They are more likely to do this now they have invested in your community.

This will be incredibly valuable when you consider how much traffic a forum receives from inbound Google searches. With Post Before Registering, you'll increase your chances of turning that inbound lead into a registered member contributing to your site.

Let me take you through the feature and show you how it works.

When browsing the community guests will see the ability to submit a post, with an explanation that they can post now and complete registration later. The only thing they have to provide in addition to their post is an email address.

Posting Form.png

Posting as a guest

This works in any application for new content (topics, Gallery images, etc.) as well as comments and reviews. It will only show when a newly registered member would be able to post in that area - for example, it will not show in a forum that only administrators can post in. 

After submitting the post, the post will not be visible to any user, but the user will immediately be redirected to the registration form with an explanation to complete the registration. The email address they provided will already be filled in.

Registration Form.png

Registration form after posting as a guest

At this point, the user can either fill in the registration form, or use a social sign in method like Facebook or Twitter to create an account. After the account has been created, and validation has been completed if necessary, their post will automatically be made visible just as if they had registered and then posted.

If the user abandons the registration after they've submitted their post, an email will be sent to them to remind them to complete the registration.

Registration Reminder.png

Email reminding user to finish registering


Some Notes

  • Invision Community already has a feature that allows guests to post as guests without registration if granted permission. That feature has not been removed and so if you already allow guests to post, the behaviour will not change. This new feature is only available when a guest can't post in a given area, but a member would be able to. The entire feature can also be turned off if undesired.
  • If the area the guest is posting in requires moderator approval, or newly registered members require approval of new posts, the post will enter the moderation queue as normal once their account has been created.
  • Third party applications will require minor updates to support this feature.

Once your casual visitor has invested time in your community by crafting a post, they are much more likely to finish the registration to get it posted. If you have set up external log in methods, then registration only takes a few more clicks.

This blog is part of our series introducing new features for Invision Community 4.4.


Recommended Comments

9 hours ago, MATIS FLORIN PASTOREL said:


Congratulations to the team for the work that you have done, will we be able to update to the new version?

At this moment it´s available only BETA. U can update at your own risk of wait for the oficial/gold release

Edited by SammyS
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This doesn't seem to be working as described:

"After submitting the post, the post will not be visible to any user, but the user will immediately be redirected to the registration form with an explanation to complete the registration."

I made a test post as guest and I was not redirected to complete the registration.

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8 hours ago, Redmak said:

In the less than two hours since we upgraded my site got spammed to hell through this new feature, also all staff were getting spammed with alerts to approve or deny those posts.

Why your captcha is not working???? or they manage the pass captcha?

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